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English Dissertation

The canvas of the English literature is too vast to be able to summarize in few words. Thus, writing an English dissertation is too big a task to be handled by students like.

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Then hire our services now. Our professional dissertation editors are proficient in writing English dissertations. Let’s discuss the reasons why you need English dissertation proposal writing help?

Let’s comprehend the basics about English dissertation that mostly disturbs students like you.

What is Main Purpose of English Dissertation writing?

The main purpose of an English dissertation is delved deeper into the themes and concepts that surround English literature. Further these ideas are conceptualized through the various factors like cultural or political movements that were instrumental in influencing the literature. Literature is the reflection of array ideas that influenced writers, novelist, poets, and dramatics and so on.  These influences may be purely academic like the philosophical or psychological or sociological influences or it may be the religious inclination of the writers.

English dissertation could be about anything but make sure that topic you choose in intriguing and interesting to you else it would become difficult for you to research on it extensively.

In the next section we would concentrate on how to narrow down this vast arena of English literature into a precise research topic.

How to choose an English dissertation topic?

Broadly we can categorize English literature into various ages in order to have comprehensive glimpse of the evolution of English literature. So we would go through all the ages, their influences and some of the potential topics that could be extracted from them.

The history English literature is divided into following segregation:

  • Old English literature (450-1066)

The inception of old English literature could be traced back to the settlement of the Anglo-Saxons (Germanic tribes- Saxons, jutes and angles) in England. Every tribe has its own sets of influences that transformed English and also enrich the essence of the language. The literature also gets influenced and the reflection is evident on the works that belong to the age of old English.

Anglo-Saxon age encompasses array of genres like epic poetries, legal works, riddles, chronology and Biblical translations. Beowulf is the most prominent work that managed to survive till date. The authors of that era were mainly anonymous. Only four authors are known by their names and their works are also recognized.

Following could the proposed topic on this era:

  • Morality is the driving force in Beowulf like any other heroic folklore.
  • A comparative analysis between the heroic heroes- Beowulf, Hercules and Perseus.
  • Middle English (1066- 1500)

The influential themes and ideas that reined the English writing in this era mainly hailed from French and Celtic literature. The most celebrated name was Geoffrey Chaucer. His contributions in introducing the iambic pentameter line and the rhyming couplets were significant. Some of his momentous works are “Troilus and Criseyde” and “The Canterbury tales”. Other than Chaucer no noticeable writers peeped in this age because majority of the works are by anonymous.

So the questions that might be formulated for this age would be:

  • The influence of symbolism in the middle ages literature.
  • French influence on Chaucer
  • Canterbury Tales and medieval rhetoric
  • A comparative study on the seven deadly sins and one of The Canterbury Tales
  • Masculinity in the fourteenth century
  • Analysis of the idea of “quitting” in The Canterbury Tales.
  • English renaissance (1500-1660)

Renaissance is a French word that means “rebirth”. This era witnessed an array of transformations that changed the perspective of the world forever. The most prominent change was evident was the acceptance of science which had immense influence in the literary works of the imminent writers of that age. The major influences were the ideas of renaissance in the field of art, politics and religion.  Greek and roman literature also heavily influenced the writers of this era.

This age has given birth to some profound writers that are bound to admire forever. Names like Sir Philip Spencer, Christopher Marlow, William Shakespeare, John Donne, John Lyly and Thomas Kyd are associated with this age.

This age is further classified into following

  • Elizabethan period (1558-1603)
  • Jacobean period (1603-1625)
  • Late Renaissance (1625-1660)

Thus the research topics or questions that can be extracted from this age are:

  • A comparative study on the similarities of Milton and Bible.
  • William Wordsworth and his perception of nature from the prism of his poetical imagination.
  • An analytical study of the Shakespearean drama and the involvement of murder, ambience and politics.
  • A comparative study of the geographical imagination on the love and loss in the poetries of John Donne
  • Restoration Period (1660-1700)

The main aspect that distinguishes this age from other ages is the dominating influence of politics on literature. This is also called the age of Dryden as his contribution dominated this whole age. His satire and realistic approach was marvelous and his heroic couplets were spell-bounding. This age is etched in the history as the age of realism and also for its dry humor. Comedy of manners is the invention of this era which openly criticized the elites of the society and their mannerisms in a comic fashion. John Bunyan was another author who marked his presence with his work The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Research topic:

  • An analytical study of the comedy of mannerism in perspective of the works of Dryden.
  • Augustan literature (1700-1750)

Augustan age is also known as Neoclassical Age and the age of realism. The major poets of the age were Alexander Pope and John Dryden and major prose writers Jonathan Swift and Joseph Addison. Dryden was the connection between the restoration and Augustan period. His verse satires were highly appreciated by the poets who succeeded him. The tone of the age was dominated by the wit and intellectual conceits. In the eighteenth century satire and parody were unrestricted popularized because prior to that there were fears of defamation. The philosophy of empiricism was pioneered and mustered by John Locke which is clearly evident in his celebrated mock-heroic narrative poem, Rape of the Lock.

Research topics:

  • Women as the central character in “The Rape of Lock”.
  • The role of “gnomes” and “spirits” in “The Rape of Lock”
  • Age of sensibility (1750-1798)

This age is interlinks the Augustan age and romantic age. In this age the writers, authors and poets concentrated on the emotional and intellectual quotient in their writing. These writings were intended to invoke emotions and get reaction on the distress or tenderness of the character in the readers.  Sometimes they ignored the significance of flow of action and the plot in their writings. Some of the eminent writers were Oliver goldsmith, and Richard Brinsky Sheridan. Another major on this age was the French Revolution that dramatically changed the writing style of this age.

Research topic:

  • The spontaneity in the writing of the romantic age.
  • Analysis o the themes of supernatural and emotion in the writing of the romantic age
  • Romanticism (1798-1837)

Romanticism is a movement that witnessed the transformation of the artistic styles and practices particularly in paintings, music, and literature. Romanticism focused on the emotional and imaginative inspiration and improvisation. The writers in this age were more concerned with religion and nature and their relation. The poets immersed their writings in the description of the pristine nature and its beauty, and condemned the growing ugliness due to industrialization.

Major romantic writers were William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Lamb, john Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelly.

Research topics:

  • Analysis of the “homelessness” in the romantic literature.
  • The portrayal of mother-daughter relation during the romantic age.
  • Victorian age (1837-1901)

Victorian age is the age that witnessed the exponential growth of the industrialism. This industrialism had transformed the social matrix which benefitted the middle class but adversely affected the lower class. This drastic change compelled the literary people to ponder upon and the writings of Dickens and Hardy were highly saturated with such evidences.

Apart from them the prominent writers were William Makepeace Thackeray, Emily Brontes Robert browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Rudyard Kipling.

Research topics:

  • An analytical study of the themes of love and loss in the poetries of Thomas Hardy
  • A comparative study on the theme of love in the poetries of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • The symbolic significance of the costumes in the works of Dickens.
  • Rustics: an undercurrent theme of Victorian age
  • Political influence on the works of Victorian era
  • Modernism (1901-1922)

With the inception of the 20th century it was considered as the Modern era. The canvas of its extent is huge, dynamic and diverse. There were many writers emerged in this that were influenced by a diverse range of events that happened in and around the writers. With the advancement of science and technology people were growing conscious of the accuracy of what they were reading. Both the world wars shook the grounds of humanity which largely reflected in the writings of that era. The impactful writers were D.H. Lawrence, E.E. Cummings, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, John Steinbeck, Joseph Conra, Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, William Butler Yeats, and William Faulkner.

Simple steps involved in writing a dissertation

  • Search a research topic.
  • Formulate a research question.
  • Writing a dissertation proposal.
  • Start researching for the dissertation.
  • Decide on the best suitable methodology.
  • Formulating a hypothesis.
  • Finally, writing the dissertation.

Just the way you delved into the various ages and eras, through which the English literature evolved, we need to further delve into specific topic that you have finally decided. Only in this way you will be able to carry out all the steps in that are mentioned above to complete a dissertation.

Structure of a dissertation

The understanding of the structure of the dissertation is very important while writing the dissertation. Let’s focus on every aspect of the structure of the English dissertation.

  • Abstract

Abstract is the brief description of the overall dissertation. It basically encapsulates the core idea of the dissertation. Brevity of words is the key to a crisp and succinct abstract that would act as the summary of the whole of the dissertation. Abstract should outline the purpose of the research and explain the importance of the dissertation. 

  • Acknowledgement

In the acknowledgement page you thank all those people who provide help and support to let you complete the dissertation successfully. Some acknowledgments are small and are focused at thanking only a handful people. On the other hand there are acknowledgements that can continue to two or may be more pages. Acknowledgements are not compulsory but it provides you the opportunity to be thankful of those people who have been instrumental in the successful accomplishment of your dissertation.

  • Introduction

Introduction again is a summary of the dissertation however it is an elaborated version of the abstract. As the name suggest the introduction is significant because it introduces the dissertation. It also helps to establish the context of the research. In the introduction the problem statement (that is under consideration) for the research is included. It clearly states the research objective. It presents a clear and well defined outline of the dissertation.

  • Literature Review

Literature review provides a comprehensive and all-encompassing foundation for the dissertation.

  • Methodology

 Methodology is designed to the course through the study is carried out. A good methodology is that incorporates various subheads that explain the various aspects in details. These subheads should explain the philosophy of the research.

  • Results and Analysis

This section states the result that is derived by the methodology section. The result section clearly articulates all the raw data derived in the course of the research and does not ponder upon any interpretation.

  • Discussion

Discussion section includes the detailed discussion of the research results in the context of the literature review. The discussion analyses whether the hypothesis stated at the being of the research have been met or not. All the evidences are analyzed and interpreted on the basis of the literature review and the methodology.

  • Conclusion

In this section the whole research is summarized and states all the main findings of the research. It also tries to highlight the contribution of the research in particular field of study it was conducted. Drawbacks and future recommendation are also included in this section.

  • References

References list is formulated according to the particular reference style that has been recommended by the university. There are various reference styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Oscola and so on.

  • Appendices

In the appendices section al the questionnaires, graphs, tables and other statistical representations are included.

General tips to Remember while Writing an English Dissertation

  • Your research should be extensive but you should where to stop.
  • Create a timeline that you would religiously follow to timely complete your dissertation.
  • Start writing early. It is better to start early so that you will be able make changes if required after the completion of your dissertation.
  • Dissertation cannot be written in a flow. It cannot follow the pattern of first sentence first and last sentence last.
  • The moment you start making notes for your dissertation, you have actually laid the first step of writing your dissertation. Thus makes notes in such a manner that it simplifies your vision on paper.
  • Focus on your aim and theme that are to be incorporated in your dissertation.
  • While making notes, you should follow your natural style of writing later while writing dissertation you can easily change it to fit the academic style of writing.
  • Constantly refer to you timeline and the planning schedule.
  • Pin point the questions that your dissertation is aimed to answer.
  • Always concentrate on answering the questions. The main aim of the dissertation is t answer the questions. If your dissertation fails to answer the question then it fails the ultimate aim of English dissertation writing.
  • Understand the intricacies of the structure of the dissertation.
  • Abiding by the structure is as important as the research or the content.
  • Reference is very important.

Signs of a good English dissertation

  • A good English dissertation should be reflective of your comprehension of the topic you are dealing with.
  • The implications of the dissertation should be clearly considered and explored.
  • An extensive and in-depth evidence of the research and textual reference. This would testify your foundation of the dissertation.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the range of literary references used to build the dissertation.

English Dissertation writing style

A fine quality of a dissertation is determined by the following parameters:

  • Use of formal language.
  • Well organized and logical.
  • Referred to secondary sources.
  • Completely referenced.
  • Strong analysis.
  • Distinct comparison and contrast.
  • Definitive description.
  • Balanced arguments.
  • Well structured.
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