dissertation   Good dissertation proposal presentation

When asked to present dissertation proposals, many students get panic-stricken, while the sole purpose of the presentation is to boost up their confidence level by enabling them the opportunity to present their work to their fellow students. Keep in mind that you are not expected to present your final output in this proposal presentation; thus, there is absolutely no need to panic! Now the next question which will pop up in your mind is, what to include and what to exclude in this presentation, which is enlisted below: 

  • The purpose of Your Dissertation: Include the research problem definitely in your presentation.
  • Why the student does aims to put forward the problem: Explain the emergency of the problem and the relevance.
  • The methodology of research: How you are planning to execute your research.
  • The Research Plan: This is a rough estimation, of the total number of days you might need to complete each section of your total dissertation.

All of these four elements together represent a perfect dissertation proposal. 

What Happens After The Presentation?

As soon as you have finished your presentation, the dissertation committee of your University, might ask you an array of questions, before you proceed towards the next step. You should try to defend your proposal successfully and once you can acquire the approval of your project supervisor and the dissertation committee, you can carry on with your proposed topic.

Thus the proposal presentation plays many roles by:

  • Saving the students from extra research work, or changing the research proposal or the objective in the last minute.
  • Including valuable opinions if the fellow students, professors as well as the dissertation committee members, which might open up a completely new perspective for the researcher.

Thus, in order to gather approval from the committee, your presentation must be clear in representing exactly what you have been thinking. Thus, the expectation of the committee and your project supervisor will also be pre-determined in your research paper. 

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