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How to Write Good Dissertation Methodology?

The methodology section of the dissertation is the section, where you need to choose and analyze the methodologies you intend to utilize during your research work. Here you need to explain candidly, the process which lead you to your discovery and denote clearly the reason why one can rely on them and how they will help you in answering your research questions or cross-examine the hypothesis of your research content.


Here are four vital points that you must keep in mind while writing your Methodology:

  1. Demonstrate the procedure you are planning to use while researching on your topic and creating the report.
  2. It is better to follow a detailed description, in order to clarify research methods you tend to use for gathering data.
  3. Avoid using questionnaires or interviews, in the methodology section as these should be included within the index.
  4. Consult with the project guide regarding the depth of the topic and the details required. The original research work must contain a detailed analysis rather than a project, which is based only on secondary research.

Format of the Chapter Methodology of Your Dissertation

Part I Philosophy

 This sectiondeals with the basic philosophy which underlines your research.

Part II: Approach

This section requires you to refine your research context, the limitations and answer whether you are employing qualitative or quantitative analysis for your research.

Part III: Research Strategy and Design

This is an area where you mention the process of data collection for your dissertation.

Part IV: Data Collection and Analysis

Here you must explain the information collected and the tools and techniques you intend to use for analyzing the data. Alongside you will also mention how you have arrived at your discovery and state why those are reliable and how they will contribute in answering back your research question.

Part V: Ethics, Genuineness, Validity, and Limitations

The following things must be included at the end of the methodology section, which will consolidate the previous sections.

By following proper format, you can easily write this section of your dissertation paper, when guided properly by your project supervisor.


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