dissertation   What is MBA Dissertation?

A work submitted by a MBA student in order to gain a degree in business management is called a dissertation. It should be an original piece of work consisting of an introduction, chapters, conclusion and bibliography. It has to be preceded by an MBA dissertation proposal which has to be passed by the dissertation committee. A doctoral student may choose a topic from an array of subjects like finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, business organization study etc.

Methodology of an MBA program is not really different from other branches of social sciences such as economics, sociology, psychology and pure sciences like mathematics, statistics and econometrics. A student is supposed to use the theories from these sciences and utilize them in the thesis. Finally, thesis submission is followed by an oral interview in front of the dissertation committee.

Why MBA students need help to write a Dissertation?

PhD Degree in management studies require the submission of a well worked out MBA dissertation or thesis in order to gain employment in the academia. For those of you who are looking for a career in teaching and research, a nicely written dissertation, will be the first step you take to achieve your goal. Further, many universities in the US, especially the good business schools, will not even consider you for a full time teaching position if you are not a PhD degree holder. Business school ranking often depends on the number of PhD holders in an institution and their publications.

The life of a doctorate will, however, be very different from the life of an MBA graduate. An MBA graduate will get a job in the corporate sector; however, a PhD degree holder can aim for an academic life. While corporate jobs are definitely high paying, professorships are usually secure, safe and come without work pressure of a corporate life. There are plenty of holidays to be enjoyed and respect to be gained.

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