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How Does Procrastination Leads To Disaster in Dissertation

Dissertation is extended piece of work which is interpreted through your writing skills; it is a detailed examination of certain subject that you choose on. Dissertation is originated from a Latin word, ‘dissertare’ which means ‘to debate’. So a dissertation should be argumentative, where you produce your stance with evidence of your findings.

Grab sand in your hand

Dissertation can take thousand of lengthy hours in writing, reading, researching, facts finding, and it takes some extra measures to accomplish the task, and fist and foremost criteria would time management, without focusing on that part dissertation can lead into fiasco. Many doctoral candidates are under the impression that dissertation writing more or less similar to their prolonged term paper, and this is the root of starting procrastination in dissertation writing. This is not the only source of procrastination, on frequent cases last year’s selection of topic seems obsolete on current year, and you will hesitate to start the venture.

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Some resolutions to take on

I. It is now or never, if you are thinking I will start tomorrow, starts now. If you want to cry over the time you have already lost, you will not help you in any way. So top worrying about what has lost, should concentrate on what has to gain.

II. Set achievable goals, which can be easily attained, divide your work according to that, and attend your work on daily basis, if this seems overcrowded to you, then at least try focus on alternative basis, if it is out your sight it will jump out of your mind too.

III. Conduct meeting with your advisor on regular basis, don’t forget your peers or fellow mates, May they can help you or assist you in the step of dissertation writing.

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