dissertation topics hr   Analysis of Motivational Factors for Employees in Organization: Coles

1. Introduction

As mentioned by Mowday et al. (2013), employee motivation plays important role in Coles supermarket working. The Coles supermarket is one of the famous retail company in Australia and other region. And the numbers of employees are also from different region in their stores. Employee motivational factor is the main focus point of this study.


1.1 Aim of research

The main aim of this study is to analyze different motivational factor in Coles supermarket retail organization. In addition to this, the aim of research study is also to analyze the importance of motivational factor.


1.2 Objective of research

The objectives of research study are as –

  • To evaluate different motivational factors used by Coles for their employees.
  • To analyze the importance of motivational factor in Coles working style.
  • To analyze impact of motivational factor all employees and Coles performance.
  • To analyze the reason behind usage of motivational factors

1.3 Hypothesis

H1 – Coles uses motivational factors to motivate their employees

H0 - Coles do not use motivational factors to motivate their employees 

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

As mentioned by Pinder (2014), employee motivational factor are dependent on various factors, that is, age, gender, beliefs, thoughts and other. In addition to this, employee can be motivated with the help of flexibility in working time, monetary terms and others. Every employee can be motivated with different factors and these factors are dependent on their age, beliefs and others. In context to this de Jesus et al. (2013) stated, Coles turnover is also dependent on their employees performance. The performance level of individual is also dependent on the workplace environment and other similar factor.


2.2 Different motivational factor adopted by Coles to motivate their employees

As mentioned by Goetsch and Davis (2014), some of the major motivational factor on which Coles employee performance is dependent are, communication, positive environment, reward system, leadership style, management style. In addition to this, coordination style opted by top level managers regarding employees and others. The motivational factors are classified on both parts, that is, from organizational side and from manager’s side. Apart from this, motivation also helps in improving the performance level of employees. As stated by Cerasoli et al. (2014), the performance level and job satisfaction both are dependent on motivational factor. In case of Coles, employees present in each and every store are from different region and their beliefs are also different. So, the motivational factor opted by organization should always be done taking into consideration their age, beliefs and other similar factors. In context to this ŽuperkienÄ— and Žilinskas (2015) stated, one of the best motivational factor opted by Coles regarding their employees are monetary factor. That is, they motivate them by giving them monetary form of rewards and incentives.


2.3 Importance of motivational factor in organization

In context to this Ford (2014) stated, motivational factor help in improving the performance level of employees. It also helps in improving the productivity and profitability range of Coles. On the other hand, with the help of different motivational factors managers try to increase their team performance also.


2.4 Summary

As Coles is one of the best own supermarket and retail shop, the motivational factor plays very important role in it. Some of the major motivational factor opted by Coles regarding the employees are related to monetary.

3. Research Methodology

3.1 Research approach

As mentioned by Pinder (2014), the research philosophy helps in determining the relation among different principles and theories. The research method approach opted for this research study is qualitative and quantitative method.


3.2 Research Design

The design of research study is based on experiments, qualitative, quantitative and other methods. The designing of research study help researcher on representing complete research study.


3.3 Research Philosophy

In context to this Ford (2014) stated, the research philosophy help in collecting information from all related theories and others. The research philosophy adopted by researcher regarding this study is constructivist and others.


3.4 Data collection method

The data collection is done with the help of both primary and secondary data collection method. The collection of data is done with the help of Coles employees and different online sources.


3.5 Sample Size

The sample size regarding the research study is as; 10 stores employees and 10 store managers are selected for primary data collection process.

3.6 Research ethics

The completion of research study is done taking into consideration all code of conducts and rules and regulation regarding the study.

3.7 Limitation

The limitations regarding the research study are budget, limited information from Coles employee and budget.


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