dissertation topics hr   Effectiveness of Appointing and Training for an HR Executive for the Better Management of the Employees

1. Introduction

In this report the discussed topic is about the effectiveness of appointing and training of a HR executive so that they can become a better employee for the management. The objectives and the aims will also be explained in this report. The hypothesis will also be discussed with the method of appointing and training of the executives.


1.1 Aim of the Research Work

The main goal of this report is to find out the issues which are affecting the employees when they are appointed and trained for the role of HR executive.


1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

To observe the outcome of the training those are given to the employees

To resolve the matter those are raised for better training of the employees in the organization

To recommend the possible ways that will help in becoming a better employee


1.3 Hypothesis

H0: The training of the employees has the consequences on the performance of the organization

H1: The training has no relationship with the culture and the back ground of the employees


2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter of the report the literature of the research subject matter will experimented. The literature will be segregated under the following topics. The topics are- Training and development, performance check after training and development and chapter summary.


2.2. Training and Development

To make the employees a better human resource executive at first the performance of the employees will be checked and according to that the required training will be giving to the employee where they are lacking in their performance. After giving the training to the employees a performance test is taken and then it is checked that the performance gap has been covered or not (Zakarevičius, and Župerkienė, 2015).


2.3 Performance check after the training session

After the training session is completed the employee’s also have to go through the performance check so that the organization can understand that the training session which they have given to their employees was worth or not and if the employees overcome the performance gap then the organization will be giving new responsibilities which the employees will be able to handle and if still the employees is lacking with their performance then certain steps will be taken by the organization which will help the employees in overcoming those gaps (Oh,and Kim, 2015).


2.4 Chapter Summary:

.In this chapter the theory dealt is the training and development plan which was made for the employees so that their performance gap is overcome and along with that what more methods then can introduce in their training session which will bring the employee’s interest in the training session (Birken, and Schaefer, 2013).


3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

The survey design used for this research work is very expensive. Interview session and questionnaire were made which will help in collecting the data so that the survey can be done in much better way. For a better survey primary research is the most important thing which will be giving genuine and appropriate results (Aswathappa, 2013).


3.2 Research Philosophy

The researchers have mainly focused in the positive side of the research side. The main focus is given in the training and development given by an organization to their organizations for the betterment of the employee’s performance.


3.3 Data Collection Method

The collected data for this research study is in the form of questionnaire and interviews. Interviews are taken from the trainees, trainers and also form the organization heads and a feedback form is made which is helping in the questionnaire form (Kinemo, and Andrea, 2015).


3.4 Sample size

The sample size for this research study is in the cluster from. Interviews are taken from all the trainees who belong from different department and their individual views are being taken which will help in the research study. So, the sample size for each group is around 50 employees and the decision will be taken on the views which are given y them(Kinemo, and Andrea, 2015).


3.5 Research Ethics:

The whole research study need to be done by totally maintaining the ethics so that no illegal steps are taken while doing the research work. In this study will also employ the higher and senior authorities of the organization (Boella, and Goss-Turner, 2013).


3.6 Limitation:

The whole research study is a total success and for that some important point used a constraint. Some important points discussed by the researchers are:

In the hypothesis it has been told that the performance of an employee is also related on the training given to the employee has been established (Iles, and Baruch, 2012).

If the performance of the employee is not up to the mark then the performance of the employee in the training period will also checked.

The training given to the employee need to be worth otherwise there will be no use of giving the training if the employee is unable to us the learning in their work then the training session was a failure for that particular employee.