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Role of Information Technology in the Human Resource Management: A Case Study on IBM

1. Introduction

In this report the topic which will be discussed is the role of information system in the sector of human resource management system. The aim and objective of this researched topic will also be discussed and along with that hypothesis will also be discussed which will show the requirement of information technology in human resource.


1.1  Aim of the Research Work

The main aim and objective of this research topic is to recognize the positive side that the information system is implementing in the human resource management system which will be very beneficial for the department in maintaining all the records which will be better for the future use.


1.2  Objectives of the Research Work

  • To observe the outcome of information system in human resource department of the organization
  • To resolve all the issues regarding the storage of data
  • To recommend the best technology that will be for the betterment of the organization

1.3 Hypothesis

H0: The information system helps the employees for their better performance in the organization

H1: The performance of the employee does not have any relationship with the usage of information system in the human resource development.



2. Literature Review:

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter of this report the literature review of the chosen topic will be discussed. The required literature will be used for this report is summarized below: the IT revolution, rising requirements of IT expertise among all types of vocations and chapter summary(Davenport, 2013) .


2.2 The IT Revolution

The information technology field is one of the important revolutions that took place in the corporate sector. The work structure has becomes much easier than it was before and it has make a great impact on the human beings. The economy of the companies is growing in worldwide and it is creating a long term spirited benefit for the companies.


2.3 Rising requirements of IT expertise among all types of vocations

Mainly the employees need to know the basic of the computers and if the employees do not have any knowledge regarding the information technology then they are given vocational training from the organization itself (Ulrich, 2013).


2.3 Chapter Summary

The theories used in this report that how the informational technology is binging changes among the people and also in their wok process. Along with that it has also been discussed that how information technology is making the work easier than before.


3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

For the study of this report expensive tools need to be design which will help in deciding the sure y process for doing this research study. Accurate and existing data need to be collected which will help making a good survey report and on that basis the performance of information technology will be decided in the organization.


3.2 Research Philosophy

Mainly the positive part is used for the primary data collection of this report. Along with that the while doing the research design and data collection the feedback of the employees will matter a lot as on the feedback of the employees the organization will understand that the decision taken by them is right or not.


3.3 Data Collection Method

For this research study the data collection method chosen in the interview method and questionnaire method. Questionnaire method will be used when the feedback will be taken from the employees and the interview will mainly be taken from the senior employees and their experience about the usage of information system in their organization (Bratton, and Gold, 2012).


3.4 Sample size

The sample size chosen for this research work is in the form of cluster sample. The questionnaire will be filled mainly by the employees and the interview will be taken mainly from the senior employees and tell their experience about their usage of informational technology in their work. So, the sample size for each group is around 25 members and then the whole data collection will be done on that basis (Knowles, and Swanson, 2014).


3.5 Research Ethics

During the whole data collection process and also for the research study the researchers have to maintain the ethics which they need to maintain. While doing the data studies the researcher have to maintain the ethics or else they will be penalized for doing unethical things in their study (Snell,and Bohlander, 2015).



3.6 Limitation

The researcher has chosen certain constraints which have gained immense success in the research study.

In the hypothesis it was found that with the implementation of informational technology the work structure of employees has become much easier and it has already been proved (Griffin, and Moorhead, 2011).

But if there is any problem in the server of the information system then the whole work process will be disrupted (Dao, and Carbo, 2011).

The organization need to use updated technology which will be beneficial for their working process.