dissertation topics marketing   An Analysis of Youth’s Behavior Towards Sports Shoes: A Multiple Case Study


This research paper focuses on the behavioral approach and perspectives of the youth’s buying behavior towards sport shoes specifically the branded ones. The decision making process varies from one individual to another. This research module aims to analyze the factors that have an impact on the youth in the process of buying sports shoes and how it affects the market of branded sports shoes. In case of the youth the factors primarily involve product features, psycho-social influence, preference, price and availability (Hoyer and MacInnis, 2010). Purchasing quality products having the best affordable price is the primary and basic goal of the consumer. The analysis and evaluation of the behavioral factors of the customers is very important as it influences an individual’s buying decision which is directly linked to the revenue generation of an organization.

Objectives of the research

  • To examine the usefulness of studying the consumers buying behavior in improvement of marketing strategies
  • To explain the concept of consumer behavior in the buying process
  • To study the popularity of sports shoes among the youth
  • To examine whether the consumer is satisfied more brand inclined or is satisfied with the sports shoes offered by local stores. 

Research Questions

  • What is the significance of a brand name in a youth’s decision making process while buying a sports shoe?
  • What are the steps and approaches of explaining the concept of Consumer Behavior?
  • What is the popularity of branded sports shoes within the youth?
  • How does the satisfaction level of the consumers vary in case of branded and locally available sports shoes?
  • What is the contribution of consumer behavior in improving the marketing strategy of a company?
  • How to enable repeat purchase?

 Literature Review

Consumer Behavior is the study of the perception, attitudes, and the decision making process of a consumer for a particular product. Behavior occurs either on an individual level or an organizational level (Amin and Amin, 2013). The benefits and usage of a product is relevant and acts as an important influential factor and encourages an increase in consumption. It involves services and ideas.

Consumer Behavior not just has relevance with its impact on the society but, it also helps in improving the market strategies adopted by different marketers. The varied theories of consumer behavior mainly focus on the preference based on the budget of the consumer and the process of decision making. The buyers decide to reach the maximum satisfaction level. According to various theories, consumers are inclines towards spending less but intend on getting best quality.

Marketers have to decide how the will direct their promotional offers to the targeted customer. Understanding of the consumer behavior leads to the prediction of the consumer’s reaction to the offers and marketing strategies that the marketers intend to implement. The basic steps to consumer behavior are recognition of needs, researching information, alternative evaluation, purchase decisions as well as post purchase behavior (Ranjbarian, Mahmoodi and Shahin, 2010). Marketers can accordingly decide on planning effective promotional programs. Buying behavior decisions are of three type’s namely complex buying tendency, dissonance and variety based decision.

The major applications of consumer behavior involves marketing strategy i.e making better campaigns and social marketing which deals with communicating the idea of the product to the customer rather than selling something.

There are certain eminent factors that have a major impact on the consumer behavior. They are cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. When it comes down to the understanding of the behavior and necessities of an individual, consideration of his or her culture becomes vital. This happens due to the influence of family, cultural background, friends on an individual. Disparities in social cultures also impact the behavioral pattern.

Social pressures involving conforming to a particular trend affect the individual decision. Personal factors include the age of the individual, his lifestyle, personality and perspective. Psychological factors involve facets like motivation, perception, attitudes and general beliefs. 


The tools and techniques that a researcher generally adopts to get appropriate results out of the research is referred to as Research Methodology. To complete a research on time and effectively is a challenge to a researcher (Solomon, 2012). Therein comes the requirement of different techniques and strategies for research that includes primary and secondary methods of data collection. The researcher puts these techniques to use for efficient completion of the research. Probability method of sampling has also been adopted b the researcher. 

Conclusion and Recommendation

This research paper mainly tackles the behavioral patterns of a youth in relation to the purchase of branded shoes. The study concludes that the brand consciousness among youngsters is particularly high. Thus, they aim to buy branded shoes at the best affordable price which is a consequence of peer influence. Therefore consumer behavior holds strong in affecting the market of a product. 

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