dissertation topics marketing   Consumer's response on Online Marketing Schemes: A Case Study on EBay


In this research topic the response of the consumers on online marketing schemes will be discussed. As it is seen that the consumers are more into online marketing than offline marketing so, companies are bringing new marketing schemes which will attract the customers with their new schemes. The hypothesis method has been used for the satisfaction of the customers. There are both positive and negative impacts on the response of the customers. 

1.1 Aim of the Research Work

The main aim of the researcher in this research study is to get a good response on the as it will also give the online retails companies an idea that how the customers are taking their schemes as other online sites are also trying similar types of activities to attract the customers towards them. 

1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

The main objective of this research work is to design all their marketing schemes in such a way that the online companies will make for their company so that the customers give s dood response to their new marketing schemes. 

To observe the reaction of the customers on the new online schemes of the online companies

To critically access the reaction of the customers on the new schemes

To react on the feedback of the customers accordingly 

1.3 Hypothesis

The hypothesis is mainly done on the literature review of the research study

H0: Response of the customers on the marketing schemes.

H1: Satisfaction of the customers 

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter of the research study the connected models and theories related to the research topic used. In a brief the detail structure of the concept has been monitored. This chapter mainly deals with the evolution of marketing schemes that the online companies are adopting and also their relationship with their customers related to the new schemes. The topic dealt in this chapter is the response of customers and evolution of marketing schemes and chapter summary (Verlegh, and Feick, 2013). 

2.2 Response of Customers

To get the response from the customers the online companies goes for different types of market research which gives them a slight idea that how the customers are taking or adopting their new marketing schemes and also gets the idea that if they need to change anything in their marketing schemes or not (Robertson, and Kandampully,2012). 

2.3 Evolution of marketing schemes

The companies has changed themselves a lot by brining different types of schemes in the market through their product which will attract their customers towards them .Along with that the companies has started learning the likings of their customers (Jiang, and Jun, 2013). 

2.4 Chapter Summary

In the theories described in the literature review with appropriate theories which will support the topics which will relate with the topics discussed in the literature review. The main aim is to satisfy the customers with their wants. 

3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

For this research topic the research design used for collecting the data is mainly in the form of questions. After collecting the data the researchers can make the design of the survey and then they can give a total review of the whole research study (Cobb, and Cobb, 2013). 

3.2 Research Philosophy

The researcher has given the main focus on the positive side of the research project. The study has mainly focused on main two parts i.e. the response of the customers on the marketing schemes adopted by the online companies and the other one is the satisfaction level of the customers. 

3.3 Data Collection Method

The data collection method for this type of research study in mainly in the form of questions. But the questions can be asked both in the form of questionnaire and also by taking interviews from the customers who are very much aware with the marketing schemes adopted by the online marketing companies. 

3.4 Sample size

The sample size chosen for this type of research study is in the form cluster sample. As then there will be no specification of groups and then the interview can be taken from both types of people who are aware of the online marketing approach also from those people who mainly refers offline marketing (Line, and Runyan, 2012).  

3.5 Research Ethics:

Throughout the whole data collection method the researchers has maintain the ethics as in this research topic the main points is the response of the customers also about the satisfaction the customers are getting from online marketing and this is online marketing the customer has to tally rely on the companies of the online market (Brasel, and Hagtvedt, 2015). 

3.6 Limitation:

The quantitative data technique has been chosen for collecting the data and questionnaire has been arranged so that the data collection can be easy. As the study is mainly on online companies so, the shopping behavior will also matter to the online companies (Stoeckl, and Luedicke, 2015).