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Effects of marketing strategy and performance on globalization: Intel

1. Introduction

In this report the chosen topic is the effects of marketing strategy of Intel and their performance that is impacting on the globalization. In this report the aims and objective will be discussed and along with that the hypothesis method will tell the strategies adopted by the companies were well adjusted by the company in the global market or not.


1.1  Aim of the Research Work

The main aim of this research study is to how the company is implementing the strategies in their international market and they are able to cope up with the new marketing strategies which they have adopted for their global expansion.


1.2  Objectives of the Research Work

The main objective of this research work is to see the strategies that the company has adopted so that they can fit themselves well in the international market

To specify the strategy which will be require for global expansion

To analyze the strategies that they it will best be fit for the company

To recommend the best strategy to implement in the organizational structure


1.3 Hypothesis

H0: the satisfaction level of the companies in the international market

H1: A good cordial relationship need to be maintained with the suppliers and dealers of international market



2. Literature Review:

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter of the report the main points will be discussed about the adopting of the strategies which is best for global expansion. Along with that the main topics discussed in this section is the marketing and the globalization cooperation, internationalization and supportive   arrangements among the firms and chapter summary.


2.2 Marketing and globalization cooperation

Whenever a company goes for globalization then they adopt certain marketing strategies which the company will be required when they will be expanding themselves in the new market. When the company will be importing raw materials from the international market and for that the company has to make a cordial relationship with the suppliers so that they supply the best product to them (Santos-Vijande, and Trespalacios, 2012).


2.3 Internationalization and supportive arrangements among the firms:

When the company goes for internationalization then they have to think about the new market where they will be launching their new products and for that they have to keep a good relationship with the dealers of the host country so that they can get support from all sides and they will also guide them about approaching the customers.


2.4 Chapter Summary

In the literature division of the research study the topics which has been discussed is mainly about the cordial relationship of the suppliers and also with the dealers and along with that marketing and globalization adopted by the company (Leonidou, and Zeriti, 2013).


3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

For the research design the process chosen in the question method with the help of which the whole research will be done and the conclusion will also be approached.


3.2 Research Philosophy

The researchers has mainly focused in the positive part of the research topic as they have mainly focused on the marketing and global cooperation by the company when they go for global expansion and along with that the supports they are getting from the global market (Hitt, and Hoskisson, 2012).


3.3 Data Collection Method

The data collection method chosen for this research study is the questionnaire method along with that an interview session has also been arranged with the help of which it will be known that how the companies has adopted themselves in the new market. So for these types of approach the interview session and the questionnaire method is the best way for data collection. After the collection of the data then the research study will be done to see the result (Fang, and Beamish, 2013).


3.4 Sample size

The sample size chosen for this research study is in the form of cluster method. For each sample group there are 20 people and accordingly the whole research study has been done. Each group will be answering the questionnaire and then the interview session will be taken from the higher authorities who have made the strategies and also have implemented after they have gone for international marketing (Gabrielsson, and Seppälä, 2012).



3.5 Research Ethics:

Throughout the whole research study the researcher has to maintain the ethics so that there is no problem regarding the illegal issues that has been approached while doing the whole research study. So, it is mandatory for following the ethics to maintain correct path (Morgan, and Vorhies, 2012).


3.6 Limitation:

For this research study the main focus is given on the questionnaire method and also on the interview session which has been collected during the data collection method. So, it might seem that the data collected is not enough then the researcher has to search for more data which will be suitable for the study (Hagen, and De Giovanni, 2012).



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