dissertation topics marketing   The Influence of Social Network on Online Purchasing Behavior of Consumers


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The Influence of Social Network on Online Purchasing Behavior of Consumers


In the present scenario almost everyone is engaged with the social networking sites. In this research the researcher discuss about the online buying system of the customers. There are some negative impact and positive impact of social network on online purchasing behavior of consumers.



1.1 Aims of Research

In the research study, the researcher will aim to understand the influence of social network on online purchasing behavior of consumers. This study will give the information about the purchasing behavior of the customers by using internet, which is online purchasing.


1.2 Objectives of Research

The objectives of the research will give the idea about the online purchasing system of the customers.

  • To observe the influence of social network in the online buying system of the customers.
  • To critically evaluate the situation when the customers use the online networking sites for buying their goods.


1.3 Hypothesis

H0: Using of excess social networking site.

H1: No using of social networking site.



Literature Review

The related theories and models of the research are discuss in this chapter, which will help the researcher to obtain the real information about the theoretical and models. This chapter will help the researcher to find the various standpoints of every theory and models.

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter the researcher will discuss about the related theories and models, so that a brief study and detail structure of the related concepts can be observes. This will help the researcher to get the quality of the research.

2.2 Effect of social networking on consumers behavior:

In today’s world everyone is using social networking site to get in touch with the other’s people. Online social networking includes; Face book, twitter, MySpace etc. people use this site in day-to-day life for maintaining the relationship with others (FISCHER, 2011). Consumers use online shopping site for buying the products and it also gives various types of choice to the consumer. It is easy for the consumers to buy the products in online without going to the market, because the consumers get huge range of products with different types and qualities (Koren, Kaminer and Raban, 2014).


2.3 Importance of social networking on e-shopping.

In when people use Social networking sites, in some parts there is always some advertisement which blinks. These advertisements are very attractive to the customers and it easily catches the mind of the customers. Some of the customers use to buy products if they like the products in social networking sites (Makhitha, 2014).

2.4 Summary

In this research the researcher discuss about the effect on consumers behavior and also the importance of social networking site. This research will give us the idea about the consumer’s behavior when they use social networking site for buying the products.



Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction:

According to the (Thomson, 2014), for doing any type of research the most important part is research methodology, by which we can get help about the data collection process. It is also important to analyze the data after collecting the data.

3.1 Research approach:

The approach to conduct a research is of two types - inductive and deductive. In this context, the research will follow the deductive approach as deducing the theory of contemporary topic of the research and will come at conclusion thereafter (Mowbray, 2014).

3.3 Data Collection Methods

In context to this (Bill, 2014) stated, the data collection is done with the help of primary and the secondary data collection method. In primary data is collected with the help of different customers in the market and the secondary data is collected with the help of different websites, books and articles.

3.4 Sample Size:

The researcher takes 100 customers randomly from the different types of markets. Every customer is given a set of questionnaire and from these questionnaires the collection of data is done.

3.5 Research Ethics.

In this research study, the researcher follows the research ethics which is very helpful for the researcher to increase the quality of the research process. The research ethics also help the researcher to limit the research items within the educational purpose only (Nielsen, 2014).

3.6 Limitation

In this research study there are some limitation, some of the main limitations are: the budgets of the research and the time limit of the research.


3.7. Summary

In the chapter, the researcher discusses about the research approach and the data collection method was done. The analysis of the collected data is also done. The purpose of the study is achieved with taking the limitation into consideration.




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