dissertation topics marketing   Internet marketing (A Case study on Google)


In the year 1995 two persons named Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the Google Company. For the internet using people Google works as a search engine, the customers or the people can search many things in the Google search engine. Apart from that Google Company also offers many products to the customers like; Motorola Mobile, Cloud computing, Google Translate etc. The customers can only use the products when they connected with the internet, so the company focuses on the internet marketing 

Aims of the Research:

The aim of the research is to know about the marketing policies of the Google Company, which the company is doing through internet marketing. This will help the researcher to collect the information about the Google Internet marketing strategies. 

Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the research are:

  • To evaluate the marketing strategies of the Google Company.
  • To analyze the decision making process of the Google Company 


H0: The negative uses of the internet

H1: The positive uses of the internet. 

Literature Review

In this chapter, the researcher will discuss about the marketing strategies of the Google Company, which the company is using for internet marketing. This study will give the ideas about the techniques and policies that are uses by the Google Company to attract the customers or to convince the customers for the use of internet (Maireder, 2014). 


In today’s world almost everyone is using internet by somehow. The customers or the peoples who are using internet at least one time they go through the Google Page. The Google Company is doing its business in the global market. Now days it is very common for the general people to buy the product online by using internet facility. This study will clearly define the marketing strategy of the Google Company. 

Theories and models:

Google Company uses various marketing strategies to capture the market in the internet world. The strategies like; SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Five Force Model

SWOT Analysis of the Google Company: The Strength of the Google Company is that almost everyone who is using internet knows about the Google Company; as a result the numbers of customers for the Google Company is huge (Masrom and Rahimli, 2015).

The weakness of the Google Company is that the income of the company is not from one source, so the company fails to diversify the income source.

Opportunities of the Google Company are that the company can buy small business enterprises to their portfolio (Vandeviver, 2014).

The Threat of the Google Company is that another search engine call Yahoo enters into the market as a competitors.

Other than that the other marketing strategies used by the Google Company is PEST analysis and the Five Force Model. 


The case study help the researcher to identify the Marketing strategies used by the Google Company in the form of internet marketing, which also help the Google Company to increase the numbers of customers. 

Research Methodology

Research Approach

Research approach is considered to the most important part for doing the research study. In research approach the researcher relates the theories and the models of the research. The inductive method approach and the deductive method approach can be use in the research study (Peppin, 2014).

Research Design

Research design is the blueprint of the research study, which is the necessary for the successful completion of the research. It is important to create the research design in a correct manner so that the research work can be complete successfully (James, 2014).

Research Philosophy

The research philosophy helps the researcher to get the proper idea about research work and also provide the details of the study in systematic manner. The research philosophy also helps the researcher to get the idea and position in the direction of the research work, that is useful for the researcher in superior perspective and evaluate of the research topic. In this research, the researcher try to get the idea about the internet marketing of the Google Company, with the help of different techniques used by the Google Company (Barker, 2015).

Data Collection

Data collection provides the practical understanding of the particular research topic. Data collection process can be done in two different ways; one is primary data collection method in which the researcher take the help from the local people or the customers; another is secondary data collection method, in which the researcher take help from the websites (Peters, 2014).

Sample Size

Sample size is the most important part of the research, because it reflects the whole idea of the research study. In this study the researcher take the sample of 100 people.

Ethical consideration

Ethical consideration helps the research to increase the quality and raise the standard of the research.


The main limitation of research is time and money. 


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