dissertation topics marketing   Creative Marketing Communication Tools of Facilitating the Buying Behavior of Vodafone UK


In the present market Vodafone is the second biggest cell phone company. Vodafone UK provides the telecommunication services in the United Kingdom. In order to capture the market the Vodafone UK is coming up with the new and creative ideas in the UK market. The new creative and advance ideas will create the great impression in the customer’s mind, which will help the company to sell its products in the UK market.


1.1 Aims of the Research

The aim of the study is to make the creativity in the advertisement of Vodafone UK which make difference in the buying behavior of the customers in the UK market.

1.2 Objectives of the Research

  • To realize the function of creativity in the marketing communication that can affect the buying behavior of the customers.
  • To know how marking communication can build the brand image and brand value in the UK market

1.3 Hypothesis

H0: The negative effect of marketing communication to the customers

H1: The positive effect of marketing communication to the customers

2. Literature Review

In this chapter the related models and the theories will be evaluate in order to obtain the real information about the marketing communication of Vodafone in the UK market

2.1 Introduction

In the UK market the Vodafone UK provides the telecommunication services to the customers. Vodafone UK is trying to make the Creative marketing communication with the customers in the UK market, which will facilitate the buying behavior of the customers

2.2 Theories and models

Communication Model:

In the communication model there are six parts they are: sender, encoding, message, decoding, receiver and the feedback process. If the feedback is not there then it will be an incomplete communication process. The Vodafone UK tries to make this communication process more creative so that they can satisfy the customers in the UK market (Weiser and Weigel, 2014).

Theories of Marketing

The Vodafone UK can also use some marketing theories and related those theories in the communication model, which can facilitate the buying behavior of the customers. Creativity in the marketing communication can help the Vodafone UK to increase the customers (Tomse and Snoj, 2014). Vodafone UK also introduce Vodafone VIP rewards system and communicate it in the UK market, this help the Vodafone UK to facilitate the buying behavior of the customers (Machado and Chung, 2015).

2.3 Summary

In the context the researcher discuss about the connected theories and the marketing communication models about the Vodafone UK, which helped the company to retain or to facilitate the buying behavior of the customers’ in the UK market


3. Research Methodology

3.1 Research Approach

According to (Peppin, 2014) research approach is the main part of the study, which stated the original connection between the theories and the models of the study. The two types of research approach can be use in the study. In this research work the researcher use the deductive approach.

3.2 Research Design

It can be referred to as the design of the research work which is important for the successful accomplishment of the research work. In this research work the expressive research design for evaluating and successful completion of the research work is taken into consideration.

3.3 Research Philosophy

It is concerned about the acquiring proper knowledge which is implying for the successful completion of the research work. In this research, the researcher implies the interpretive research design which is helpful for the researcher to make the difference between the acquired knowledge (Tucker, 2015).

3.4 Data Collection

For the research study, the data collection method is the most important part, as this will prove the sample and also give the idea about the perception of the customers. There are two types of data collection methods, the primary data collection method and the secondary data collection method. In primary data collection method the researcher uses direct approach to different types of customers. The researcher uses the primary data collection method, in which the company gave questionnaire to the different customers in the market (Thomas, 2015).

3.5 Sample Size

Sample size is also important for the research work as it shows how the research has been done. The sample size is 80 different customers from the UK market and 50 students from different collages from UK.

3.6 Ethical Consideration

It is important to follow some ethics in order to maintain the successful completion of the research (Selinger, 2013).

3.7 Limitation

In this research the limitation like; time and budget create difficulties for the researcher to complete the research.


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