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Definition of Financial economics

Financial economics is known as a sub-discipline of economics that concentrated on monetary activities. The usage and distribution of resources in the market are analyzed in this branch of economics when uncertain situation appears. The theories of financial economics are implemented to review how time, risk and opportunity, information and cost can cause of incentive and disincentives for a certain decision.

Books on Financial Economics

Book 1:

Principles of Financial Economics By Stephen F. LeRoy, Jan Werner (published by Cambridge University Press, 2001)

Book 2:

Quantitative Financial Economics: Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange By Keith Cuthbertson, Dirk Nitzsche (published by John Wiley & Sons, 2005) 

How financial economics works?

Financial economics evolves sophisticated models to examine the economic variables affecting certain decision-making process, in most of the cases the assumption of these models indicates that individual and institutions are making decisions rationally, but it is not necessarily the case. Irrational behavior pattern is study matter of financial economics as potential risk factor.

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