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Industrial organization is the branch of Economics that deals with regulatory policies of a firm, strategic behaviors, market competition, antitrust policies and the likes. It goes without saying that this particular branch of study is undeniably an important aspect to be considered while studying Economics. Composing assignments related to the same is even more critical. But, it can be equally rewarding for the individual, provided the student manages to excel in the task.

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  • Ways in which different practitioners of various organizations function?
  • A critical analysis of the relationship between financial market and innovation in any particular country
  • The fundamentals of innovation theory and models of innovation
  • Critically evaluate the concept of game theory application in industrial Economics
  • What do you understand by the terms product differentiation and price discrimination – explain with real life examples
  • Critically analyze the impact of health, innovation and equity on industrial Economics
  • Evaluate and explain the empirical analysis of industries with market power
  • Critically analyze the interface between Finance and IO
  • Competition and regulation in the network industries
  • Examine and explain the fundamentals of vertical relations and foreclosures

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