economics   Industrial organization

Definition of Industrial organization

In the field of economics, industrial organization is a discipline which is built on the theory of the firm by evaluating the structure of firms and markets, regulatory policy, market competition and antitrust policy. The application industrial organization is implemented as economic theory that is related to price model to industries with the intent to improve industries’ contribution to economics and government policy.

Books on Industrial organization

Book 1:

The Theory of Industrial Organization By Jean Tirole (published by MIT Press, 1988)

Book 2:

Pioneers of Industrial Organization By H. W. de Jong, William G. Shepherd (published by Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007)

How industrial organization works?

In various approaches towards the subject of industrial organization, one of them provides the overview of industrial organization, for example, measurement of competition and the size-concentration of firms in the industry. The second approach applies microeconomic models to explain internal firm organization and market strategy that involves internal research and development.

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