economics   Managerial economics

Definition of Managerial economics

The purpose of managerial economics is to implement the economic fundamentals and economics analysis on the problems that arise in rational management decision making. The concept is the bridge between the economics theories and economics practice.

Managerial economics is considered to be sub-discipline of social science, is proved to be useful for every manager in taking rational decisions on various obstacles, faced by individual firms.

Books on Managerial Economics:

Book 1:

Managerial Economics By Arun Kumar, Rachana Sharma (published by Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 1998)

Book 2:

Managerial Economics And Financial Analysis By Aryasri (published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education)

How Managerial economics works?

For example, we all desire for an exciting and adventurous life, but the reality shows us we don’t have the resources to lead an exciting life. As a result, we have to allocate scarce resources in more effective way. For a body economics, principles and concepts are evolved to explain the ways of people reaction during these situations.

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