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Definition of Transport economics

Transport economics is recognized as a sub-discipline of economics (also has a strong link with civil engineering), deals with the reasons and answers which are directly related to the allocation of resources within the transport sector. The purpose of this concept is to designate transportation resources in a perfect manner that it can meet the needs of society.

Books on Transport Economics

Book 1:

Transport Economics By K. Button (published by Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010)

Book 2:

Applied Transport Economics: Policy, Management & Decision Making By Stuart Cole (published by Kogan Page Publishers, 2005)

How Transport Economics Works?

Suppose, there are two factors, A and B, where the increases in A leads to increases in B and vice versa. If increases in traffic demand is A, causes increment in Gas Tax Revenue B, which leads to road building, which is the reason behind the accretion of traffic demand.

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