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Industrial laws and employment laws are a part of labour laws and differ from one country to another. Students of industrial laws need to stay abreast of the latest developments in such laws in order to write credible employment law essays and essays. While employment laws deal with the relationship between the employer and employee, industrial laws deal with industrial and trade policies of the government. provides industrial law assignment help and employment law assignment help on various topics on industrial law and employment law. For the best industrial law assignment help, trust

Employment laws

Students needing industrial law assignment help can highly benefit from this article. The basic feature of labour laws in any country is employment relationship or the relationship between the employer and the employee. This relationship is clearly spelt out in an employment contract. An employment contract is a legal document which specifies the terms of the contract according to the employment laws of the country. It deals with the following issues: 

  1. Minimum wage: This is an important topic for students needing industrial law assignment help. A minimum wage is the least amount of monetary compensation that a worker must be paid in exchange for the labour that he puts in. In free market economy, wages are usually determined by forces of demand and supply. However, the problem with the market forces is that during times of emergency, minimum wages can drastically fall down while prices might shoot up. This may lead to underemployment, resulting in low quality of life. As such many developed economies like Australia, UK, USA, Belgium, France and Canada have provisions for minimum wages. A minimum wage is determined in terms of hours. A worker must be paid according to the minimum wage laws. The US has very strict minimum wages laws. For more on employment law assignment help, log on to
  1. Living wage: Another interesting area for employment law assignment is living wage. A living wage is the minimum wage that a worker must be paid in order to support himself and his family. The difference between a minimum wage and a living wage is that while minimum wage should ideally maintain a basic standard of living, a living wage should maintain a decent standard of living which includes housing, food, utilities, transport, health care and recreation. Not all countries have living wages law. Countries like United Kingdom, Australia and United States of America have some provisions of living wages laws. Much more on employment law assignment can be found on
  1. Work hours: Work and recreation remain two of the most important pillars of a person’s life, along with sleep. Students requiring employment law assignment help need to be well aware of work hours. A healthy adult must equally engage in all the three spheres to have a quality life. During the industrial revolution, long working hours were common. A labour movement called ‘8 hour day movement’ or ‘40 hour week movement’ emerged in England which drastically reduced the working hours in countries like England and France. Many countries have 8 hours a day laws. However, effective implementation is still lacking. For employment law essay help and employment law courses, log on to where students can find all the help they need on employment law assignment.
  1. Worker’s health and safety: This is perhaps the most controversial area for employment law assignment help. There are some occupations which are not only physically demanding but downright dangerous. Some of the most dangerous occupations are construction, industrial farming, mining, firework manufacturing, chemical industry etc. On the other hand, white-collared corporate jobs in the service sector have also led to a number of other health problems such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases etc. Occupational Health and Safety is that area of employment laws which takes care of such issues. Companies typically provide medical facilities for treatment of such workers. On the other hand, adequate monetary compensation is also provided when accidents take place in the workplace. Much more on worker’s safety can be found in the sample employment law assignments on
  1. Promotion and dismissal: An important part of employment law courses is to follow certain ethical codes of conduct. They must be followed by both the employers and the employees. While an employee must come on time, do his or job properly, not damage or sabotage the company or its assets; the company too must treat the employee fairly. Dismissals and promotion should be fair and objective and should not incorporate any bias. makes this concept clear in sample employment law essays uploaded on its website.
  1. Discrimination in the workplace: This topic has attracted great amount of scholarly attention in employment law courses. Employment ethics also deals with discrimination in the workplace. Such laws entail that no employees should be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation. These laws differ from one organization to another although there might be some sort of overarching laws governing these issues in some countries. For sample employment law courses, log on to
Fig 1: Employment rules at a glance

Areas of employment laws

Laws relating to wages

Laws relating time period

Laws relating to working conditions

Laws relating to employment ethics

·         Minimum wages


·         Living wages

·         Eight hours a day

·         Recreation

Occupational Health and Safety

·         Dismissal

·         Promotion

·         Child labour


Industrial Laws

Industrial laws relate to those laws which govern industrial enterprises, industrial policies of the government, trade and commerce, environmental issues, workers’ rights and obligations, safety etc. Some of the major areas of industrial law assignment help are the following:

  1. Employment issues: We have already discussed employment issues in some details in our previous discussion on employment law assignment help. Industrial laws guide all the major employment laws of the country. So if a country is, say, more socialist then it is likely to introduce several pro-worker laws. On the other hand, if a country is pro-capitalist then it is likely to introduce laws which favor the management. If you have any difficulty on industrial assignment help, log on to our website.
  1. Occupational health & safety issues: Health benefits of the employee and his or her family is another important area of industrial law. Industrial accidents and accident-related compensation is also related to this issue. It is estimated that two out of every 1000 workers lose their life every year from accident-related injuries. As such personal injury laws form a major part of industrial law practice.
  1. Environmental issues: Industrial assignment help is equally concerned with environment. Environment is an important area of concern for industry. Whenever a new factory comes up, surrounding environment gets affected. Environmental laws maintain a balance between environmental concerns and developmental goals. We have a wonderful article on environmental laws which you can find in our industrial assignment help

These were the major areas of practice for lawyers practicing industrial law and employment law. If you are law student, you need to keep in mind some of these issues. Employment law assignment help and industrial assignment help and essay typically deal with disputes relating to these issues: disputes between employers and employees relating to working hours, conditions, wages and compensation; disputes between industrialists and environmentalists; disputes between management and trade unions etc. Law assignment help students should take care to study these themes since many of them are burning issues of contemporary significance.

How can help law students to achieve high grades?

Industrial assignment online and employment law assignment help and essays are complex, vast and address overlapping issues. Some of the major problems students face are the following:

  1. Industrial laws and employments laws often contain overlapping issues. Laws relating to employment and industry are often overlapping thereby adding to much confusion. can take even the most confusing of such assignments. We have a team of 3000 law assignment help writers who can tackle complex, confusing and overlapping themes.
  2. Employment Law assignments have very short deadlines. Students often have difficulty to conduct research, write and submit within time. Law Assignment help writers of have solutions for this too. We have never missed a deadline. We produce quality work in the shortest possible time which is error-free and perfectly written.
  3. Finally, legal case studies form another tricky area. Industrial law disputes and employment disputes involve contract law principles which are quite profound and difficult to comprehend. Our special service case study help is there to help you out with law disputes. is Australia’s No 1 law assignment help service provider. We provide law assignment help online on all the law subjects. They include common law, customary law, civil law, contract law, business law, consumer law, competition law, corporate law etc. Employment law and industrial law are equally important.

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