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Analytical Essay is the essay in which the writer explains a topic with facts and then further explains those facts to ensure that the readers understand the topic completely. It is an assessment of a pre-existing idea or work or a new idea that is in the hypothesis stage and needs justification to materialize. One difference between analytical essay writing and other essays is that others have a theme of explaining a central idea with facts, while in analytical essay writing, the facts that support an argument have to be analyzed and assessed and then explained further. This comprehensive explanation of the facts ensures that the argument of the topic is proved beyond any doubt, hence, validating the premise of the essay. Given below is an analytical essay example that shows the purpose and need of analytical essay help.

An analytical essay example

The following is an analytical essay example that provides suitable analytical essay help by analyzing the vulnerability of Death in John Donne’s poem, “Death Be Not Proud”
Title: ‘Death Be Not Proud’ Introduces Us to the Weaknesses of Death
John Donne was an Anglican Minister who wrote poems based on the metaphysical aspect of life. In his poem ‘Death Be Not Proud,’ John Donne has used his metaphysical poetry to do what most of us mortals always desire – speak to Death. And he does not only speak to Death, but he also exposes the glaring weaknesses that Death has, and those should be the reasons for Death to swallow its pride.
Donne is in a ‘David and Goliath’ situation where he is summoning the powers of Death and telling it that there is no need for Death to be proud because of the following reasons –

• Death is often seen as a mighty force that lays the bones of people to rest and delivers their souls to the Creator, but, Death is not the tyrant that it thinks itself to be.
• In direct contrast to Death being a tyrant, it is actually a slave to the whims of monarchs who order battles to be fought in their name.
• It is a slave to desperate men who kill to rob people so that their stomachs remain full.
• It is a slave to fate that can take anyone’s life anywhere and at any time.
“Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings and desperate men”
• Death is mostly associated with poison, war and sickness. These are easy and despicable ways to weaken people and make them succumb to these weapons of death.
• Donne concludes his assault on Death’s pride by saying that drugs like opium along with magical charms (synonymous with hypnosis or anesthetics in the 1572-1631 A.D. timeline) can induce a much better sleep and provide much better rest than Death’s vice-like grip.
“And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
And better than thy stroke; why swell'st thou then?”
• In the final couplet of the poem, Donne lays Death to rest by saying that people wake up from Death as if after a short sleep and enter the afterlife. So, Death is not the eternal rest provider as it is often touted to be. The poem ends by Donne announcing the imminent death of Death.
“One short sleep past, we wake eternally,
And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.”
These reasons may be considered as Death’s death in terms of a mighty force that strikes fear into the hearts of mortals. The weaknesses of Death are laid bare for all to realize and stop fearing it as they do because it is not as powerful as it thinks itself to be.”
(Citations and References follow….)

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Ideal structure of an analytical essay

The above analytical essay example clearly shows the structure that is to be followed according to analytical essay help. It shows how analytical essay writing is different from a descriptive essay or an essay that is written to summarize a piece of work. The facts that are presented in the essay are further explained as an analysis of the reasons why Death is considered to be weak by the poet.
 The structure that is to be followed while writing this essay is given below –

• The Introduction

The introduction of the essay should contain background information related to the topic. Then, it should contain a ‘hook’ statement that catches the attention of the readers.
For example, in the above analytical essay example, the hook statement is – “John Donne has used his metaphysical poetry to do what most of us mortals always desire – speak to Death.” This statement has not yet revealed the basic premise of the essay but has just given a preview of the premise in a way that will interest the kind of audience for whom the writer has written this essay. The words ‘mortal,’ ‘desire,’ ‘metaphysical,’ and ‘speak to Death’ have the potential to grab the attention of the readers.
Then, the thesis statement should follow. In the above example, it is, “And he does not only speak to Death, but he also exposes the glaring weaknesses that Death has, and those should be the reasons for Death to swallow its pride.” Note that it is written with the flow of the previous sentence and not as a separate sentence.
The thesis statement introduces the readers to what this essay is going to be about – the weaknesses of Death as exposed by the poet.

• The Body

The body of this essay should contain a continuation of the introductory paragraph and should further explain the thesis statement. Then, the bulk of the essay follows which is comprised of the facts that justify the topic and an explanation of these facts using direct evidence.
In the above analytical essay example, students can clearly read the explanation of the facts that have been given to support the idea of Death’s weakness. Then, they are further explained and supported by lines from the original poem to exhibit a clear image of the causes for Death’s weaknesses according to the poet.

• The Conclusion

The essay's concluding paragraph should be a repetition of the thesis statement that was given in the introductory paragraph. It can also have a summarization of the facts to make a conclusive statement that justifies the thesis statement. This paragraph cannot be lengthy and too descriptive as the above analytical essay example shows.

• References and Citations

Students should not forget to provide citations and references for the sources of information that they utilized in their analytical essay writing. Experts advise that the citations and references should be written as soon as ideas are taken from the source of information and these citations should be written on a different or section.

Some topic suggestions

The above analytical essay example discusses one type of analytical essay writing. There are more types and some questions that are based on them are –
• Why do humans have short-term and long-term memory?
• In colder climates, is ‘larger size’ an advantage for animals?
• Why is the transmission of diseases higher in the African continent than in the rest of the world?
• What is causing such economic turmoil in European countries?
• Is religion a viable premise for wars?
• How did the ‘Telephone Conversation’ written by Wole Soyinka show the harsh reality of racial prejudice in USA?
• Analyze the independence referendum that failed in Scotland.

Analytical essay help: Tips to write better

Students should follow these analytical essay help tips to write better:
• They should enquire of themselves about the point that they are trying to prove while writing the essay. The answer to this enquiry should be in the thesis statement. If it is not there, modify the essay accordingly.
• If the students are writing a formal analysis or a critique, then they should avoid using colloquial language. Even though the usage of informal language may seem attractive in the paper, students should not risk weakening their argument by distorting it with verbal slang.
• Students should avoid vagueness in their essay. Vagueness allows the possibility of misinterpretation. In analytical essay writing, the possibility of misinterpretation decreases the effectiveness of the argument.
• The writers are required to avoid writing in the second person while stating their points of view.
• The organization of statements should be valid and must follow a defined structure. The most important arguments must precede the least important ones to render their arguments effective.
• Each paragraph should not seem as if it is cut off from the previous or the succeeding one. It should be connected in some form even if words like ‘therefore,’ ‘thus,’ ‘furthermore,’ ‘in addition to,’ ‘moreover,’ etc. are not used.
• The facts must be supported by further explanation or analysis to justify the premise of analytical essay writing.

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