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A Sample Essay Outline Format

You may have been told several times that you need to have an buy essay outline before starting the writing part. You mostly ignore it and produce an essay that lacks depth and fresh ideas. But when you have a plan in the form of essay outline, you can organize and structure your ideas in such an effective way that they communicate live with your readers. Sometimes you merely record your ideas in chorological order or sometimes you may be required to develop a more formal essay outline format with numbered and lettered headings and sub-headings. For essay outline help, here we demonstrate few practical ways to make an essay outline without wasting much time.

How to create an essay outline?

It is very easy to create an essay outline format only if you know the steps of essay outline writing. By following three steps, you can create an essay outline format that makes you understand the relation between your ideas, facts and information. With that you can create your essay content without losing much energy and time.

1. Determine the purpose of essay

It is only for your references. When you are certain about the purpose of your essay writing, it becomes easier for you to take the right approach towards essay writing or creating essay outline format.

2. Determine the audience you are writing for

If you see it technically, your tutor or professor is the target audience. But you do not only write for your tutor, your peers and classmates too can be your audience. So keep that in mind and create an essay outline after developing your ideas.

3. Develop your thesis statement

When writing an essay, you need to follow certain process that starts with creating relevant thesis statement. A thesis statement denotes your original ideas and your approach towards essay writing. guides you in essay outline writing

A successful essay should have the vital elements of essay writing. Your task is to bind those elements together by using an essay outline. An essay outline format will help you to keep your thoughts organized and get your essay underway. So you can imagine how important it is to prepare an essay outline format before jumping into the writing part. But you can breathe easy as you have the support of with you. Our essay outline makers will provide you great support. was founded with the purpose of helping students in their needed moments. This is why we have flourished and our franchises are there in many countries like Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE and New Zealand. So students from all corners can avail expert help at pocket-friendly prices from us. We at have tailored our services in such a way that the students can avail them according to their needs. For example, you are assigned an essay, and you need to complete it within two days. You intend to create an essay outline for your essay, but you are running out of time. In this case,’s experts will offer you a helping hand in completing the task. 
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Sample essay outline format

Here is a sample essay outline displayed for essay outline help so that you can implement these ideas in your essay writing.

1. Introduction

• General info about topic, the hook to attract readers, context, etc
• Thesis statement

2. Body

I. Topic sentence 1: Make a claim that explains what the paragraph is about
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Detail/example/data/explanation
b) Detail/example/etc
c) Detail/example/etc
B. Analysis: Analyze how the evidence supports your claim and how it proves your thesis statement.
II. Topic sentence 2: Make a claim that explains what the paragraph is about
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Detail/example/data/explanation
b) Detail/example/etc
c) Detail/example/etc
B. Analysis: Analyze how the evidence supports your claim and how it proves your thesis statement.
III. Topic sentence 3: Make a claim that explains what the paragraph is about
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Detail/example/data/explanation
b) Detail/example/etc
c) Detail/example/etc
B. Analysis: Analyze how the evidence supports your claim and how it proves your thesis statement.

3. Conclusion

• Re-state you thesis
• Summary of main points
• Re-state the general context
• Wrap up the essay with your final words.
This is only an example of essay outline format. For further essay outline help, you may need to do something concrete to relate to like a sample essay outline based on practical subject. Here we provide one. The subject is “hazards of movie going”. Imagine you are writing an essay on the same subject, your essay outline format would be like the following.

A sample essay outline

Topic: Hazards of movie going

1. Introduction

• Introduction statement: The problems of watching movie in the theatre, the theatre itself and the behavior of some patrons that make me drop movie plans and wait for a movie to show up on TV.
Thesis statement: I love watching movies, but I prefer watching them at home rather in theatre.

2. Body

I. Topic sentence 1: Just getting to the theatre presents many ideas
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Bad weather: Humid, cold and rainy nights
b) Long drive and limited parking space: Congested highway followed by the hassle of looking for a parking space
c) Long waiting to buy ticket: Long queues, worrying about getting tickets
B. Analysis: Whether you will get seats together, whether people sneak in the line ahead of you and you will get tickets at last
II. Topic sentence 2: Facing the problems of theatre itself
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Old theatre’s problems: Smelly carpets, worn-out seats etc.
b) New theatre problems: Small in size, noise from next movie theatre etc.
c) Both theatres’ type problems: Rubber like dirty floor that is uncomfortable to walk
B. Analysis: By end of the movie, shoes almost have to be pried off the floor because of deadly compound of soda that spilled from hands, hardening bubble gum and many other things.
III. Topic sentence 3: Some of the patrons are annoying disturbing
A. Support: Evidence that supports/explains the claim
a) Bad behavior: Running, talking loud, etc
b) Human noise and disturbance: Crinkle candy, drop popcorn tubs or cups of crushed ice on the floor
B. Analysis: Noises like coughing, burping, squirming make it difficult for you to concentrate on the movie.

3. Conclusion:

Closing statement: I was tired of the problems involved in getting to the movies and dealing with theatre itself and some of the patrons.
Re-state thesis: I like to watch movies at home because it is comfortable, clean and safe.
This is it, if you reach this stage (outlining your essay), you just have to fill the gaps. You just have to expand those points you have mentioned in your essay outline format. And you have a complete essay in your hand. Now you must have understood the importance of essay outline in essay writing and will not go straightaway for writing.

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