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Research essay is a unique genre that needs extensive evidence to support a focused thesis. The best way to write an effective research essay is to gather sources that comprehensively address an appropriately focused topic. Later in research essay writing, you synthesize the information to present a strong argument supported by a clear and focused thesis. If you are assigned to write a research essay, read this article with care. You will understand what the essentials of writing a research essay are. Invest your time and get to know the A-Z of research essay writing.

The style of research essay writing

Research essay is a common assignment in college and university academia. The research essay formats appear like any other essay format:
• Introduction
• Main Body
• Conclusion
The process of research essay writing is also similar to other essay formats:
• Choose a topic
• Conduct a research on the topic
• Build the essay around your views and opinions.
The interesting part, however, is: it is not simple at all. But do not get disappointed if you are unable to write a good quality research essay. Try to implement these suggestions in your writing.

• Review recent incidents

To get the best understanding of the style of research essay writing, you need to scan the latest issues centering the topic you are handling.

• Referencing

Research essays are always supported by references. So use footnotes or in-text references if required. Involve all kinds of citations in your research essay writing.

Ideal research essay structure


The introduction serves two purposes; one is to provide a brief to your readers and the other to state your research thesis (thesis statement) in research essay writing.


It is generally broken down in paragraphs depending on the topic. Answer these questions before starting to write a research essay,
• What topics I must cover in order to answer the research question?
• What issues are there to include in this topic?
• What already has been discussed before regarding your topic?


The conclusion summarizes the key points and presents a conclusion in your words. Here also, you mention the thesis statement but in a different way.

Research essay structure samples

Here are few research essay structure examples to make you understand what is important in research essay structure,

Research essay structure sample 1

Research question: Did the Asian Financial Crisis of the late 1990s bring them harm or did it bring benefits to the automobile industry in Korea?
• Introduction
• Initial effect on the automobile industry
• Latest effect on the automobile industry
• Was the effect positive or negative?
• Conclusion.

Research essay structure sample 2

Research question: Was the religious conversion of Constantine genuine or only a political act?
• Introduction
• Arguments that support the conversion was genuine
• Arguments that support the conversion was only a political act
• Conclusion.

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Steps to write a research essay

Step 1# Topic selection

It is possible that you will select one broad topic, but it is difficult to deal with a broad topic in research essay writing. Instead, choose a narrow topic which will deal with one part of the broader topic. For example, if you choose to write about history of the industrialization in Korea, you can analyze a part like one particular period or one industry to narrow your focus. Say for instance, The effect of Asian Financial Crisis of the late 1990s on automobile manufacturing in Korea

Step 2# Getting started

Your first task is to determine the aspects and points you want to present in your research essay writing. Take some time to brainstorm how you are going to approach your topic. If you are not sure how to start your research essay, do some preliminary research to understand the sense of the topic. Read background information from encyclopedia and search for similar concepts from specialized dictionary.

Step 3# Developing clear research question

Generate clear research question (tentative research question) after analyzing the aspects of the topic. This will help you to research more efficiently because you will gain focused perspective on your topic for research essay writing.

Step 4# Gathering research material

Develop a strategy while gathering sources for your research essay. Determine what terms and concepts influence your topics. Keep a track of the searches while researching on your topic. When you are conducting a research in the library, keep your thesis statement with you so that you can understand the relevancy of the sources. If you cannot see the connection, leave out the source.

Step 5# Analyzing your sources

Read thoroughly the sources you have collected so far for research essay writing, evaluate them critically and understand what authors are saying and why. Focus on identifying the main conclusions and the strategies that the authors have used to reach the conclusion in the articles or books. Write down the brief of the whole reading material in your words with pertinent details. After you have gathered your reading material, try to evaluate whether or not the evidence answers your research question or supports the thesis statement of your research essay. If necessary, revise your tentative thesis statement and research question to check that they fully account for the information your research has uncovered.

Step 6# Draft your paper

Once you have gathered all your research data for research essay writing, you can draw a detailed outline or start writing straightaway. The preferred of style of work depends on the approach you choose for your topic. Are you comfortable drawing an outline before starting to write a research essay? If so, invest some time to map out your points. Get your ideas on the paper.

Experts suggested research essay topics for you

Choosing research essay topics is a challenging task. To help you with this task, we have created a list of research essay topics. Refer to these research essay topics to generate similar topics for research essay writing.
• Effectiveness of abstinence programs
• Wars in Africa: Are there any solutions?
• Who is responsible for Airplane accidents and should victims’ families get compensation?
• Should the Government lower drinking age to 18?
• Should government forbid the use of animals for entertainment and sports?

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