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Ethics law and justice are three inter-related concepts which are essential not only for academic study but also for practical application in life. Ethics, law, and justice assignment essay help is important for all students, especially for legal students needing ethics law and justice assignment essay help. For legal students, they are crucial areas of law assignment help. On the other hand, they are equally relevant for common people for application. Application of medical law and ethics in real life can be taken as an example. Although the concepts of ethics law assignment help are interrelated, there are, however, fine threads of distinction. tries to decode the various threads ethics, law and justice assignment essay help.

Understanding Ethics, Law and Justice Assignment Essay Help

Ethics, law and justice assignment and essay help require an understanding of the norms and rules which create an obligation for human beings to achieve justice in the world.


It remains an elusive concept in ethics law assignment help. In its broadest sense, it means the principle which is applied to attain righteousness, equitability, and fairness. It has a broad scope and has been defined by different philosophers differently:

  • The Greeks had an interesting understanding of justice. They understood it to be the harmonious relationship between the city-state and the person. Further, they believed that only a philosopher king could ensure a just relationship between the state and the individual.
  • This idea was replaced by the idea of natural law during the age of enlightenment. According to Enlightenment scholars like Mill, Locke, and Rousseau, justice is derived from a kind of a mutual agreement (a social contract).
  • The Utilitarian philosophers argued that justice is the greatest good for the greatest number. This means that justice should ensure fairness for the maximum number of people.
  • Distributive justice theory, on the other hand, gives more importance to the allocation and distribution of justice rather than the philosophical concept of justice.
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Types of Justice

The following types of justice for justice assignment help are recognized. They are also required for ethics law assignment help material:

  • Commutative justice: Commutative justice refers to that state which results from the free and fair exchange.
  • Distributive justice: Distributive justice as mentioned before refers to the socially just allocation of goods.
  • Divine justice: The justice which is ensured by God is called divine justice.
  • Interactional justice: The justice which emerges from the interaction between two people of seemingly unequal status. This type of justice is especially seen in the office atmosphere between supervisor/subordinate where the supervisor treats his or her subordinate with kindness.
  • Natural justice: Natural justice is a technical terminology which means rule against bias and the right to a fair hearing.
  • Organizational justice: Organizational justice refers to justice within a business organization. Corporate Social Responsibility is a kind of organizational justice.
  • Restorative justice: Justice that is concerned about the victims and the offenders is called restorative justice. It focuses on what is the best way to address crime and criminality in society.
  • Retributive justice: Like restorative justice, it is also concerned about crime but it is more concerned about the effective way to punish rather than the crime itself.
  • Social justice: It refers to the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in societies.
  • Transformative justice: Transformative justice is not a principle per say but it is a philosophical strategy that addresses conflicts and focuses on resolutions.
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According to our ethics, law and justice assignment and essay help, ethics is the systematic study of the concepts of right and wrong. It is a definite branch of moral philosophy and involves the systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong for ethics law assignment help.

There are three major areas of ethics law assignment help:

  • Meta-ethics: Meta-ethics is a sub-branch of ethics law assignment help that seeks to understand the very nature of ethical properties, statements, attitudes, and judgments. It is concerned about the very nature of what is right and wrong. It asks questions such as what is right and what is wrong? What sets right apart from wrong? There are various theories to explain meta-ethics. They are semantic theories, substantial theories, and justification theories, etc. Semantic theories explain the meaning of moral terms and judgments. Substantial theories try to answer the nature of moral judgments. Finally, the justification theories attempt to answer questions like why should we be moral?
  • Normative ethics: It is the study of ethical action in ethics law assignment help. If meta-ethics is concerned about what we should we do, normative ethics is concerned about how we should do it. There are three main approaches to it in as described by our ethics law assignment help experts:
  • Virtue ethics: Virtue ethics as advocated by the Greeks focuses on the personality rather than his or her action.
  • Deontological ethics: Deontology focuses on one’s duties and other’s rights. Modern philosophers like Kant and John Rawls are all deontologists.
  • Consequentialism: It believes that the validity of action should depend on its outcome or how it affects other people.  
  • Applied ethics: Applied ethics in the area of ethics law assignment help is concerned with the application of moral principles to real life situations in areas of private and public importance. For instance,
  • It takes on important issues of the day
  • Is global warming good for the environment?
  • Should euthanasia be allowed?
  • Should corporate be allowed to make a profit?

There are broadly 5 domains where applied ethics is used as explained by our ethics assignment help experts:

  • Decision ethics or ethical theories and ethical decision processes
  • Professional ethics or ethics applied to the professional field
  • Clinical ethics or ethics related to medicine, health, and sanitation.
  • Business ethics or ethics which is applied to practices of business organization
  • Social ethics or ethics among nations and one global unit.

Like the normative ethics in ethics law assignment help, there are also three main approaches:

  • Utilitarian: It examines the practical aspects of public policies and decides on the basis of the principle - “greatest good of the greatest number”.
  • Deontological: It examines whether an ethical decision is according to the rules or not.
  • Virtue Ethics: It is based on the Aristotelian codes and harps on the personal virtues of the decision maker. It believes that the right person will make the right decision.
  • Law: How does law fit into the picture? If justice is the goal and ethics is the principle of achieving this goal, the law is the means through which the goal should be achieved. It is the manifestation of ethics. For a complete discussion on ethics, law and justice assignment and essay help, log on to

How does Law Combine Ethics and Justice?

There are several ways through which justice is aimed for in ethicslaw, and justice assignment essay help. They are:

  • Rule of law is the principle through which justice is enforced. In all democratic countries, the law is the supreme sovereign authority. No one is above law. Not even the lawmakers.
  • Equality before the law means that everybody is equal before the law and must receive an impartial treatment.
  • Institutions of justice are the main pillars of maintaining justice in a world where people disagree more than they agree. Institutions of justice such as law courts etc. are needed in order to instantiate justice. The judiciary acts as an impartial institution which oversees the distribution and maintenance of justice. The question of institutional justice often raises issues such as legitimacy, codification, and interpretation by the philosophers of law.
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A few words on injustice are needed to complete our discussion on ethics, law assignment essay help. Injustice means unfairness or discrimination. However, it does not mean that injustice is necessarily an absence or failure of justice. This is because injustices can take place within the very institutions of justice.

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How Help you to Write Ethics, Law and Justice Assignments and Essays?

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