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  • Published: 20 Dec 2021
  • 5 Pages, 1444 Words
NURS 8400 Evidence Based Practice

Task: For this Discussion, you develop a framework for completing a needs assessment for your program. To do this effectively, it is essential to begin with the program and the population you have identified and then develop an appropriate approach for conducting a needs assessment. This also leads to consideration of the types of data needed and the data collection methods to be used. To prepare:• Consider aspects of your problem and population as you review the information on needs as...

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  • Published: 22 Dec 2021
  • 8 Pages, 2079 Words
PSY 213 Introduction To Child Development

Task Unit 9 Learning Objective   1. Give examples of the basic pattern of motor-skill development, and discuss variations in biosocial development during the first two years. 2. Summarize key aspects of cognitive development during the first two years, especially language development during this time. 3. Discuss psychosocial development during the first two years, focusing on the concepts of temperament and attachment and their influence on the developing child. 4. Discuss Erik Erikson’...

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  • Published: 22 Dec 2021
  • 22 Pages, 5580 Words
HIMT 2300 Healthcare Management

Task Please read the Real world case and answer the questions. Real-World Case Bright Hospital is a 270-bed, not-for-profit community hospital. Its largest percentage of patients consists of mothers and newborns, followed by a mix of cardiovascular-related admissions. It has an emergency department staffed by hospital employees. Bright’s fiscal year follows the calendar year, ending December 31.   In August, Bright began its year-end budget process by establishing its financial as...

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  • Published: 23 Dec 2021
  • 4 Pages, 1219 Words
REL110 World Religions

Question: Almost all religions have some kind of prayer or worship experience. What do you believe is the purpose of prayer? Is it to try to change God's mind?  Or is it to try to change us? Is it to build community? Or is there no purpose at all? While the answer is not obvious, do not be afraid to consider the pros and cons of a particular answer. 150 words There is a saying that "the purpose of religion is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." What do you believe thi...

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  • Published: 27 Dec 2021
  • 35 Pages, 8909 Words
GH 101 Introduction To Global Health

Questions: Learning Outcome Selects global health problem from the text and discusses history of the problem. 15 pts Meets Expectations:   • Introduction of global health problem clearly stated and   • Topic selected related to area of study in the course and   • History of problem is clearly discussed. 8 pts Below Expectations   • Introduction of global health problem clearly not stated and/or   • History of problem is not clearly dis...

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  • Published: 28 Dec 2021
  • 16 Pages, 4037 Words
PHAR4204 Clinical Leadership In Health Care

Task Please submit an outline for your final assignment here.   Your outline should be in bullet points and should address all the required sections. Objectives To describe and apply leadership theories to one's healthcare leadership practice To identify and consider solutions for current healthcare management issues To recognize and use APA 7th formatting and referencing Description The final assignment concerns one's healthcare leadership practice.   The assignment must includ...

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  • Published: 30 Dec 2021
  • 16 Pages, 4196 Words
NRNP6541 Primary Care Of Adolescents And Children

Questions: I-Human Note TemplatePatient Information: Initials, Age, Sex, Race Subjective:CC (chief complaint) HPI: This is the symptom analysis section of your note. Thorough documentation in this section is essential for patient care, coding, and billing analysis. Paint a picture of what is wrong with the patient. This is for subjective findings. Use LOCATES or OLDCARTS mnemonic to complete your HPI. You need to start EVERY HPI with age, race, and gender (e.g., 4-year-old AA male). You mus...

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  • Published: 31 Dec 2021
  • 12 Pages, 3005 Words
NURS 8100 Healthcare Policy And Advocacy

Question: Discussion: Unintended Consequences of HealthCare Reform The PPACA of 2010 fostered new provisions for health care and the structure of health care delivery. The individual mandate to obtain insurance is one provocative provision. While this provision attempts to increase access to health care, it raises questions on how the existing system could sustain the potentially large influx of newly insured individuals. Another provision calls for new models of health care provider o...

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  • Published: 10 Jan 2022
  • 12 Pages, 3081 Words
NURS8310 Epidemiology And Population Health

Task: As introduced in the first few weeks of this course, investigators use various epidemiological study designs to study health problems and the effects of health interventions. You have examined several study designs, including descriptive designs (in Week 2) and analytic study designs that are observational (in Week 3) or experimental (this week). As a DNP student, you should be able to determine which study design would be most suitable for addressing a health problem of interest to you...

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2022
  • 14 Pages, 3721 Words
NR283 Pathophysiology

Task Purpose To integrate and build on basic concepts in support of critical thinking. Course outcomes: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO 1: Correlate lifestyle, environmental, and other influences with changes in levels of wellness. (POs 1 and 7) CO 2: Explain the pathophysiologic processes of select health conditions. (PO 1) CO 3: Predict clinical manifestations and complications for select disease processes. (POs 1 and 8) Total points possib...

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