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  • Published: 18 Dec 2021
  • 14 Pages, 3659 Words
ECON 255 Understanding Globalization

Questions: Film Response Paper About This Assignment: For this assignment, you will watch the documentary film, Invisible Hands: Investigating Modern Slavery of Children by Corporations (2018) and respond to four questions (see below). The documentary film shows how child labour is used within the supply chains of the world's biggest multi-national corporations. • Answer each question in a clear and organized paragraph. You may use more than one paragraph if necessary. • Be sure...

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2021
  • 8 Pages, 2221 Words
ENG106 Writing Strategies

Task: Students are expected to complete their exams in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy's commitment to honesty, fairness, trust, respect, responsibility, and courage. Cheating, Collusion, Plagiarism, and other violations of the policy are offences that will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee.Your exam will be graded on the following criteria:• Critical analysis and reading comprehension skills• Authentic engagement with the course concepts and material•...

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2021
  • 19 Pages, 4846 Words
ENGL108B Global English Literatures

Questions: Who am I writing this for? Who is my audience (reader)?Try to make your audience real and personal who would, or should, read this piece? Maybe you’re writing for a friend, a teacher, or someone in the public. Whoever your reader is, you must have one. As you write, think about how THEY will respond to your writing. What effect am I trying to create? What is my purpose?Once you have a reader in mind, think about the purpose of your writing for that reader. What do you want t...

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  • Published: 23 Dec 2021
  • 27 Pages, 6932 Words
COMP1113 Principles Of E Business

Questions: Situation One – Personal Claim Email Write a personal claim in the form of an email.  This should be based on a personal experience that you have had with a product or service, or something else that you want rectified.  For example, if you have made a purchase online and were overcharged, or if you received damaged merchandise, or if you paid for a service and the work was not completed or not done correctly, then you could use that situation as the basis for this personal cl...

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  • Published: 23 Dec 2021
  • 19 Pages, 4958 Words
CMNS 112 Professional Writing

Task: Assignment : Job Search and Cover Letter Job applicants often work hard on their résumés but treat application or cover letters as an after thought, or don’t write one at all. It’s important to distinguish your application with a persuasive cover letter, even if the job posting doesn’t ask applicants to include one. The cover letter has three purposes: (1) Introducing and contextualizing the information in the resume   (2) Highlighting your stre...

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  • Published: 28 Dec 2021
  • 5 Pages, 1251 Words
INTD3021-International Relations

Strategic ideas about communications, not to provide afull summary of each article/video. Focusing on the strategic ideas should also help to keep the entries more concise. There are 5readings/Videos and for Each set of reading should be included as abullet point(s) that clearly and concisely explain in 3-5 lines the important strategic considerations related to communications. These points may range from ‘how to’ideas for effective communications to critical questions to ask rela...

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  • Published: 30 Dec 2021
  • 24 Pages, 6073 Words
PHIL1145 Critical Thinking

Task Sources:• Excerpts from Good Reasoning Matters (on Moodle) – for questions 1 and 3• “The Daily Show’s Exposé of Political Rhetoric” (on Moodle) for questions 1 and 3• “The Idea of Human Dignity” (on Moodle) for questions 2 and 3• Any online sources used for advertisements and examples   Answer all of the following questions:   1) Choice 1 advertisement from the list at the end of this document – whether or n...

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  • Published: 04 Jan 2022
  • 20 Pages, 5220 Words
ENGL1123 Introduction To Academic Writing

Questions: General InstructionsWrite a rhetorical analysis of and response to “The Case against Reparations for Slavery” by Richard A. Epstein, which is copied below. There are five parts to this assignment, plus a works cited page, and you must complete all parts.   Word Count: All parts should add up to a total of approximately 650-750 words (not including the works cited page). Please put a total word count in square brackets at the end of Part 5.   Part 1: EthosIdentify and anal...

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  • Published: 10 Jan 2022
  • 231 Pages, 57837 Words
COMM 10337 Communicating Negative News Assignment

Task This assignment must be submitted before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 29. Assignments sent after that time will not be read and will automatically receive a grade of ZERO. Please revise and proofread your letter carefully before submission. Type your letter in an MS Word document and submit it by clicking on the "Submit Assignment" button in the top right corner of your screen. Follow the prompts to upload your Word document. NOTE: Turnitin software will be applied to this software to ensure ...

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2022
  • 22 Pages, 5552 Words
LEC0101 Effective Writing

Question: Critical analysis Fraser River is deeply connected with the history of Canada which since its discovery by the first residents, the River has contributed greatly to the development of the communities developed along its banks. This not only includes the first residents, but also the later settler dating to the present time.  In spite of continued human intervention, the Fraser River maintains its role as a community developer despite the continued human intervention over the y...

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