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  • Published: 2014, 7 Oct
  • 112 Pages, 28216 Words
Psychology Research Report On Speed Reading

The research report will be based on an experiment that will be conducted in a tutorial on speed reading. It will be composed of an abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion section. I have already attempted to write some sections of the report but am not confident with this psychology subject so need your help to gain the best possible mark in order for me to pass this subject overall.Evaluation of Speed Reading Application – Spritz Background As there are never enough hour...

  • Published: 2014, 21 Oct
  • 9 Pages, 2476 Words
Econometrics Analysis

Estimate Model 1 and summarise your estimation results. Whatsignwouldyouexpectfor the variables Inc, Gp, Pnc, Puc and Ppt. Do the signs of these variables agree with your expectations? (Note: a summary regression report should contain regression equation followed by standard errors,  test statistics, the number of observations, goodness of fit statistic and the F value. See example  below.) . Pi = 74.9 − 0.06QTi + 0.45QLi Se (...?...) (...?..) ( .?..) t (..?...) (...?......

  • Published: 2015, 3 Jan
  • 19 Pages, 4783 Words
Analysing An Ethical Dilemma

Part 2 is a new piece of work that should not include material from Part 1. As before, it is a written analysis (3410ICT 3500 words; 7101ICT 4500 words) of a complex ethical problem similar to that which you might encounter in the IT industry. This scenario is a continuation of the scenario used in Part 1. In the same way as in Part 1, use the Ethical Decision Model to analyse the situation and arrive at a rationally supported course of action. Your reasoning should be made clear (show how you a...

  • Published: 2015, 10 Mar
  • 259 Pages, 64845 Words
Kinetic Energy Of The Mass

1. A horizontal force of 80 N acts on a mass of 6 kg resting on a horizontal surface. The mass is initially at rest and covers a distance of 5 m in 0.92 sunder the action of the force. Assuming there are no energy losses due to air resistance and therefore that the acceleration is constant:   (a) Calculate the total energy expended in the acceleration. (b) Plot a graph of the kinetic energy of the mass against time. (c) Plot a graph of the kinetic energy of the mass against distance. (d) C...

  • Published: 2015, 18 Mar
  • 11 Pages, 2891 Words
IE 672 Industrial Quality Control

1. The following data was collected randomly from a production process of medical pouches.  The following Burst Strength (in H2O) data were recorded.   26.7 24 25.8 29.2 28.6 23.1 27.7 26.6 28.9 30.7 29 27.2 24.6 28.5 27.8 28 24 30.9 31.7 24.2 23.1 29.8 30.3 22.2 27.1   A. Display the data graphically by constructing i. Stem and Leaf Plot (2 points) ii. Boxplot (2 points) iii. Histogram of the data (2 points) 2. Data was collected from a textile finishing process. &nbs...

  • Published: 2015, 20 Mar
  • 10 Pages, 2503 Words
Boolean Expression

(a) Using DeMorgan's theorem determine the negative equivalent gate for the AND gate and the NOR gate. Illustrate your answers with diagrams and De Morgan's theorem. 2. Write down the B|oolean expression which satisfies the following statement and construct the logic circuit it defines: "The output is true if A OR B is true, AND if A AND B are NOT true". Suggest a possible single gate that might perform the same operation carried out by this circuit.   3. (i) Using sum of products...

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