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Definition of Investment Performance

The rerun on an investment portfolio is defined as Investment performance, in the investment portfolio single asset, and multiple assets can be included. The calculations of Investment performance are deliberated with the help of a particular currency over a period. Investor can gain different types of returns, and one can be categorized as the between the total return and the price return, where total return counts on account income, but price return is based on the account capital appreciation.

To create performance presentation the investment manager follows a few ethical standards to ensure perfect representation and full disclosure of investment performance results. The creators of Global Investment Professional Standards are Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and governed by the GIPS Executive Committee. These standard guidelines describe the competence to make profits for the investor by an investment firm. 

Books on Investment performance

Book 1:

Investment Performance Attribution: A Guide to what it Is, how to Calculate It, and how to Use it By David Spaulding (published by McGraw Hill Professional, 2003)

Book 2:

Investment Performance Measurement: Evaluating and Presenting Results By Philip Lawton, CIPM, Todd Jankowski, CFA (published by John Wiley & Sons, 2009)

How Investment performance works?

  • Once the investment portfolio is made, there are minimal things that one can do to later it, the main job is rest on investor and advisor to monitor the changes to ensure that it is performing as it was designed to perform. A proper monitoring can take place when the manager would be terminated or given more money. If the portfolio is performing well and acting imperfect depending on the targets strategy, some points should be taken account like whether tactical moves might be productive, whether the overall portfolio design needs to be revisited, and so on.
  • Investment performance can be defined by net and gross, but these two have their distinction, as the net is calculated on the investor’s net return of all expenses, fees and taxes, but gross return is the return before all fees, expenses, and taxes. For example, suppose a person wants to measure the ability of manager to add value, then the return net of transaction expenses, but the appropriate way to look at the gross of expenses, other fees and taxes because taxes, fees and expenses than other transaction expenses are often not in control of the investor manager.

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