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All You Need to Know about Time Horizon

The length of time through which an investment reaches liquidation is named time horizon. A crucial concept in finance and accounting, time horizon deals with asset allocation. Analysing how an investor can get the most out of their investment over time, time horizon cuts out short-term losses and enhances long-term gains. Read this blog to find out more.

What is Time Horizon Research?

A time horizon research is a methodology used by the marketers to fulfil the purpose of effective research design. A useful research methodology is a combination of the physical, social, and cultural site comprising the research study. For qualitative research, marketers are primarily concerned about a substantive and accurate approach to the study. Also, this allows the researchers to study the participants in their natural environment achieving a better understanding of the research.

Thus, to help the researchers get a better understanding of the subject, time horizon can be categorised in the following two categories.

  • Longitudinal Study: It follows the concept of interviewing the same sample of people over time repeatedly due to its longitudinal nature.
  • Cross-Sectional Study: As the name indicates, it studies a fresh sample of people every time they carry out this research. A study once completed is never repeated; instead, it emphasises on using a new sample every time.

Thus, the concept of time horizon research revolves around the significance of these two productive approaches to prepare an unmatched market strategy.

Time Horizon: A Concept for Management

In the study of management, you may come across the term time horizon numerous times. But have you ever considered the true meaning of this term? If not, then you are in the right place. Time horizon refers to the total length of time that the investor can hold security or collateral. It is the investor's call to either release or liquidates the security depending on the capability of the lender.

Moreover, a time horizon has a wide range varying from seconds to decades in the case of a buy-and-hold investor. So, an investor who is willing to invest in his retirement plan is also covered under time horizon. Therefore, before deciding a time horizon for any investment, it first needs to fulfil the demands and aims of the investor. To do so effectively, the time horizon can broadly be classified into two types, i.e., Short Term and Long Term.

  • Long Term Horizon

Among the two, the method of long term investment has managed to gain more popularity among the traders. This is because traders can spare more time in their portfolio invested and enjoy the profits they earn. Thus, a long term investment has a comforting reputation allowing the investors to take riskier investment decisions and sustain in the market.

  • Short Term Horizon

In the case of a short term horizon, it is imperative for the investors to be careful while avoiding risky investments. Also, it is crucial to monitor the stakes, especially the one close to maturity, to prevent any losses.

Thus, a time horizon is also known as a planning horizon as it acts as a fixed point of time. This fixed point of time is responsible for the evaluation of specific processes in the future at the end where it can be evaluated. Thus, it is imperative for an accounting risk management realm to act under the guidelines of a fixed horizon. It provides them with alternatives that can be evaluated to monitor the performance over that particular period.

The Importance of Time Horizons for Investing

Time horizon plays a crucial role in the evaluation of market risk and provides you with accurate data to sustain in the market. Thus, as a standard rule, shorter time horizons are considered to be more critical than the longer time horizons.

3 Key Features to Plan Time Horizons Effectively

  • Long-term investment: The reason why long-term investments are more popular over short-term investments is averaging. It is because you need to accumulate multiple data points to identify the average, tending the outliers to offset each other. So, to achieve the desired result, you need to collect as much data points as possible.
  • Increase your chances of success: The most significant blow here is that to maximise the opportunities for your success, you need to synchronise the time horizon of your goals with that of your strategy. To achieve this, you need to prioritise your goals when your time horizon begins to get shorter, specifically below ten It is crucial to prevent your goals from becoming vulnerable to maximise your chances of success.
  • Minimising risk: The real-world market is highly unpredictable contributing to the growing threat in the world of capital marketing. It is next to impossible to estimate the exact figures being traded in the market per day. So, marketers need to work on a specific assumption which can prove to be beneficial for the business. Thus, it is crucial for you to understand the significance of this kind of analysis to achieve success in your business.

3 Types of Investment Horizons

  • Short-term investment horizon

A short-term investment horizon has a negative impression in the market for the maximum risk of occurrence of any losses. In the case of a short term horizon, it is imperative for the investors to be careful while avoiding risky investments. Also, it is crucial to monitor the stakes, especially the one close to maturity, to prevent any losses.

  • Medium-term investment horizon

A medium-term investment horizon is intermediate regarding the period to hold an asset to prevent any losses. So, the period under the category of medium depends on the personal taste of the investors. Therefore, in the pre-defined income market, investments having a maturity of five to ten years are medium-term investments.

  • Long-term investment horizon

Among various methods of investment, long term investment has managed to gain more popularity among the traders. This is because traders can spare more time in their portfolio invested and enjoy the profits they earn. Thus, a long term investment has a comforting reputation allowing the investors to take riskier investment decisions and sustain in the market.

What Is Horizon in Mutual Funds?

While investing in mutual funds, every investor expects to retain their security or collateral for as long as possible. Therefore, the period for which they hold to grow in the market is known as the horizon in mutual funds. The horizon in mutual funds plays a crucial role in deciding the risk exposures, and income needs contributing to the selection of securities. Thus, horizon plays an essential role in determining the direction of a business when it comes to investing in mutual funds.

What Is the Relation Between the Investment Horizon and Returns?

In the capital market, equities play a significant role in posing a higher risk-adjusted return as compared to income securities. These income securities are of fixed nature or cash due to which they possess a less risk-adjusted return. Therefore, in short-investment horizons, equities are known to possess higher risk as an asset due to it's a higher level of volatility.

How Investment Time Horizon Affects Asset Allocation

Among numerous methods known in the market for the diversification of investments, Asset Allocation has emerged as one of the most effective ways to achieve it. According to this method, you need to divide your investment capital into various assets like stocks, bonds, cash, etc. It is proved by research conducted worldwide the way you allocate your money among numerous asset can predict the growth of your investments. Thus, asset allocation helps you to successfully tackle the risks and returns of your investments to achieve the desired goal.

Textbooks On Time Horizon

Book 1

Strategic Planning and Management Control: Systems for Survival and Success

Published by Lexington Books in 1986

By John C. Camillus (Author)


Book 2

Measuring Market Risk with Value at Risk

Published by John Wiley & Sons in 2001

By Pietro Penza, Vipul K. Bansal (Authors)

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Time Horizon

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