Geometry Assignment Help Online

Geometry Assignment Help Online

Geometry is one of the most brain cuddling subjects that often become puzzling for students like you. Is geometry troubling you a lot? Can’t you figure how to apply the basic concepts of geometry in your assignments? Then relax you have just landed on the best geometry assignment help online service.

Basic Concept About Geometry

Geometry comes from the Greek words - “geo” (earth) and “metron” (measure) which cumulatively mean “earth measurement”. Geometry is a wing of mathematics that concentrates on configuration of geometric objects such as the most basic objects like point, lines and circle. Geometry is the study of pattern, shapes, sizes and positions. Geometry is the oldest science that has intrigued many mathematicians over the centuries. The understanding of geometry requires analytical skills and critical thinking. Thus, mathematics and geometry is taught since a very early age. However, it is noticed that the understanding of the subject does not come to everybody. There are theories and concepts in geometry which require extensive guidance to understand. In such a scenario, students who pursue geometry face problems in completing their assignment and often seek geometry assignment help.

Why Study Geometry?

Learning geometry is very essential as the world is surrounded by various shapes and spaces. Geometry helps in understanding the relationship of space. Geometry helps in expanding the comprehension and creates clear perception of space and position. Geometry is helpful in building the understanding of various shapes, solid, surface, lines and angles that are available all around us.

Do you know that Geometry helps in aligning both the sides of the brain? Yes, it is true. Our brain is divided into two halves - right and left. The right side of the brain is creative and artistic and on the other hand, the left side is logical – it drives and supports the technical understanding. With the help of geometry, both the sides of the brain can be combined to create a perfect symmetry.

There are many other aspects that drives the need to study geometry and it helps in attaining enlightenment with the concept that are prevalent around us. However, we have limited knowledge about them.

Why Students Require Help in Geometry Assignment?

There are various aspects of geometry where students need geometry assignment help as they fail to understand how to apply the theorems and postulates in their assignments. Geometry is an intricate subject which requires concentration and understanding of the application of the theorems and postulates in accordance to the exercise or the assignment. The geometry assignment help becomes necessary for students when they have to deal with high level geometric concepts and theorems. The application of geometric theorems is a very complex matter and students often struggle to complete their geometry assignments. Thus, they hire geometry assignment writing help in order to complete their assignments.

Theorems and Postulates That Compel the Students to Take Geometry Assignment Help Online

The logical understanding of geometry comes from the comprehension of primary mathematical properties and the application of the theorems and postulate. The postulate is basically a proposition that is “considered” true on the grounds of mathematical reasoning, however is yet to be proven. Theorems on the contrary are the statements that are “proven” true on the foundation of other statements and theorems. Majority of the students face trouble during the application of these properties, postulate and theorems and the compulsion to seek geometry assignment help becomes urgent.

Lines and Angles in Geometry

The basic understanding of lines and angles is very crucial in the study of geometry. An angle is the result of the formation when two rays meet at a vantage point or vertex.

Properties of Angles

  1. Reflexive Property of Equality

Here, a quantity is equal to itself.

  1. Symmetric Property Of Equality

According to this property if x=y, then y=x.

  1. Transitive Property Of Equality

Here x=y, if y=z and then z=x .

  1. Addition Property Of Equality

This property states that if x=y, then x+z=y+z

Angle Postulates

1. Angle Addition Postulate

When a point falls on the interior part of an angle, the sum of two smaller angles with the legs that go through the given point is always equal to the angle.

According to the figure drawn below, the point ‘T’ falls on the interior of the â–³QRS. According to this postulate, we have ∠QRT + ∠TRS = â–³QRS.

2. Corresponding Angle Postulate

When a pair of parallel lines is intersected by a transversal, the pairs of corresponding angles are considered as congruent.

The converse also holds true, i.e. when two lines are intersected by a transversal, the corresponding angles become congruent and the lines parallel.

3. Parallel Postulate

If a line is drawn and a point is given, but the point does not fall on the line, then there is a unique line that exists and passes through the point that is perpendicular to the given line.

The parallel postulate is the factor that differentiates Euclidean geometry from non-Euclidean geometry.

In the below figure, there are can be an infinite amount of lines that can intersect through point E, but there will be a one separate line in red that would be parallel to the given CD line. Other than the red line, all other lines that are passing through point E would eventually intersect the CD line.

Angle Theorem

1. Alternate Exterior Angles Theorem

If two parallel lines intersect a transversal, the pairs of alternate exterior angles are always congruent to each other.

The converse is also true: If two parallel lines intersect a transversal and the alternate exterior angles are congruent, the lines will be parallel to each other.

In the below figure: the alternate exterior angles have identical degrees because the lines are parallel to each other.

2. Congruent Complements Theorem

When two angles are complementary to the same angle or of congruent angles, then the both the angles are considered as congruent.

    3. Congruent Supplements Theorem

When two angles are supplementary to the same angle or of congruent angles, then the both the angles are considered as congruent.

4. Right Angles Theorem

All the rights angles are always congruent to each other.

5. Same-Side Interior Angle Theorem

When two parallel lines intersect a transversal, the pair of interior angles is always supplementary to each other.

The converse is also true when two lines intersect a transversal so that the consecutive interior angles become supplementary and the lines become parallel.

The sum total of the degree measures of the consecutive interior angle is 180o.


6. Vertical Angle Theorem

When two angles are vertical angles, then they are always congruent.

Triangles in Geometry

    1. Side-Side-Side (SSS) Triangle Postulates Congruence

If the three sides of a triangle are congruent to all the three sides of the other triangle, then both the triangles are considered as congruent.

    2. Side- Angle- Side (SAS) Triangle Postulates Congruence

If two of the sides and the included angle of a triangle are congruent to the corresponding parts of the other triangle, both the triangles are considered as congruent.

    3. Angle- Side- Angle (ASA) Triangle Postulates Congruence

If two of the angles and the included side of a triangle are congruent to the corresponding parts of the other triangle, both the triangles are considered as congruent.

    4. Angle – Angle- Side (AAS) Triangle Postulates Congruence

If two of the angles and the non-included side of a triangle are congruent to the corresponding parts of the other triangle, both the triangles are considered as congruent.


Parallelogram is a kind of geometric figure that consists of four sides and four angles. The total of all the angles is equal to 360o.

• Both the pairs on the opposite sides of the parallelogram are equal. This implies that side AD = BC and side AB = DC.

• Similarly, both the pairs of opposite angles are always equal too. Thus, ∠A = ∠C and ∠D = ∠B.

• The diagonals in a parallelogram always bisect each other.

• Each of these diagonal forms a pair of congruent triangles each.

 â–³ ADC and â–³ ABC are formed by Diagonal AC

â–³ DBC and â–³ DAB are formed by Diagonal DB

• The formula to find the area of Parallelogram is:

Line AB * height or Line DC * height



Green’s theorem and area of polygons

There is a commonly used method that helps in finding out the area of a polygon. According to the method the polygon is broken into smaller parts of derive the area of the whole polygon.

When this composite shape is broken into smaller shapes then the area that comes in hand is:

A1 = bh = 5.2 = 10

A2 = A3 =  =  = 1

Atotal = A1 + A2 + A3 = 12

However this approach is difficult to handle for students who are using this approach when the polygon is physically not present in front of the student. There are cases when the polygons are mentioned in form of list of various vertices.

Formula for simple polygon

There is a formula that helps in the calculation of area of any simple polygon that requires the understanding of the coordinates of each of the vertex. The formula is:

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