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Law Research Paper Topic Ideas

Law Research Paper Topics to Write About

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What are Law Research Paper Topics?

A Law research paper topic concerns the various segments incorporated within a state or country's general law and order. There are multiple scriptures that get covered under these topics. Thus giving the learners a way to learn something new and come up with solutions to real-world problems otherwise. When choosing a particular topic in law, remember to find out about the significance it has and how relevant the topic is to your area of study. We understand that it gets hard to deal with so much at once. That is why we have dedicated experts in law, offering real-time assistance with your research paper topics and other relatable.

What are Law Research Paper Topics?

How to structure a Law Research Paper paper?

Each law school has their own instructions for the students to follow, and we at understand the same. You can share with us the instruction sheet, and our experts will abide by the same, making you stand out from the rest.

Till then, here is a general structure of a Law research paper which you can go through for easy ideas:

  • Select a topic of choice.
  • Now proceed with the introduction part. You can also include an abstract prior to this if necessary.
  • Moving forward, have a definite research methodology planned, and have your research content set accordingly.
  • Now it's time to write the conclusion and end your research paper with adequate referencing.

 How to structure a Law Research Paper paper?

100+ Law Research Paper Topics

Here is the list of 100+ Law research paper topics:

  1. Constitutional Validity of Capital Punishment
  2. Importance of the Juvenile Justice System
  3. Why is the capacity to contract essential?
  4. How to prevent Child labour: from an educational output
  5. The root cause of domestic violence
  6. Importance of Cyber Law in Cybersecurity
  7. Exceptions to the law of copyright
  8. Plea Bargaining: Overview
  9. Trademark and copyright: Difference
  10. What do you mean by patent rights in the legal system?
  11. Trademark Infringement: Overview
  12. Women's rights in the workplace throughout the globe
  13. Role of the legal system in protecting gender equality
  14. Constitutional provisions and human rights for gender equality and equity
  15. Importance of Fundamental rights
  16. Difference between Abduction and Kidnapping by law
  17. The Law of Torts
  18. Basics of The Right to Equality
  19. Importance of the Consumer Protection Act to protect the Rights of Consumers
  20. Offences Against Public Tranquility: Overview
  21. Offences relating to marriage: An analysis
  22. Dowry Death in India: A detailed study
  23. Outraging the Modesty of Women: A criminal offence
  24. Maintenance of wives, children, and Parents: A case study
  25. Right to Equality: Analysis
  26. The United States: Goals of the Constitution
  27. Evolution of the Roman Law: Overview
  28. 'The Prohibition' and its counter effect
  29. The United States Constitution and its Fourth Amendment
  30. Controversial Points in the Bill of Rights
  31. The Need for a Uniform Civil Code
  32. The Birmingham Prison Riot of 2016 and its key triggers
  33. Politicians in Disguise - Justices of the Supreme Court
  34. United States Constitution and its paths
  35. The American Constitution and its Non-Democratic Aspects
  36. The Justice System and its injustices
  37. Racial Discrimination and Judicial System  
  38. How to protect Intellectual Property
  39. Social Changes in America and its scale in the 1920s
  40. The Amendment Process: US constitution
  41. Gender and Race interaction in the Prison System America
  42. Pros and Cons of Having Guns: Second Amendment to the Constitution of the US
  43. Transforming US Constitution
  44. What Makes America Great: Reflections
  45. Ancient crimes and Law Codes
  46. Partisan Election of Judges: Pros and Cons
  47. Juvenile Justice Cases: Critical Analysis
  48. Intellectual Property Protection: Relevance
  49. Existence of Second Amendment
  50. Rules in Today's Society: Reflections
  51. Prison Justice Reform Act: Analysis
  52. The preamble of the United States Constitution
  53. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialists in the Prison System
  54. Costco's Business the Affect of Power and Political Factors
  55. Relevance of Law
  56. American Constitution
  57. Roman Law
  58. Prohibition
  59. Justice
  60. Court Processes
  61. Business Law Topics: Research Overview
  62. Common Law and Conventions: Legislation 
  63. Business Contracts And Agreements: Basics
  64. Sources Of Business Law: UK
  65. Legal Environment of Business Law: Constitution and the Bill of Rights Analysis
  66. Importance of constitution for the creation of business law
  67. Parliament and the Business laws  
  68. Business regulations in Islam: The formulation
  69. African business laws
  70. Business law: Equity and the doctrines
  71. US Constitution and Racial Discrimination: 14th Amendment
  72. The United States Constitution Analysis of the 27th Amendment
  73. End Life Tenure of Supreme Court Judges: Importance
  74. Australian Constitution: Functions
  75. The Magna Carta And The Constitution: A Nation Of Compromise
  76. British Constitution: History
  77. British Constitution: The Colonial Prerequisites
  78. Scots Criminal Law: Diminished Responsibility
  79. Civil Law and Criminal Law: Comparative Analysis
  80. Argumentation of the Need to Amend Article 54 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1898
  81. Failure Of The Criminal Law To Fairly And Effectively Address Juvenile Crime
  82. Case Study of Verbal Abuse: Criminal Law Formative Essay
  83. Criminal Defense Lawyers: Their secrets
  84. Feminist Criminology: A new branch on the rise
  85. The roots of criminologists
  86. Different types of education, crime, and intelligence
  87. Security, Cyber Crime & Human Psychology: Literacy on Cyber Crime and Security,  Internet Addiction
  88. Emergence of Need for Policies & Legislations for Safeguarding Women Against Cyber Crime
  89. Cybercrime Prosecution and Impact of Jurisdiction
  90. Cyberterrorism and Cybercrime
  91. Cyberterrorism: The role of government
  92. Cyber laws: Main points
  93. Skills of an excellent cyber lawyer
  94. Cybersecurity - awareness
  95. Cybercrime: penalties
  96. Is it the government’s job to analyze network traffic flow?
  97. Body Cameras: Pros and Cons
  98. Coloureds: System of Violence
  99. Police Brutality and Riots in Los Angeles
  100. Social Problems in Bangladesh: The Broken Windows Theory
  101. Islamic World: George Walker Bush's Radical Decisions
  102. Police Officers using Body cameras
  103. Reduce Gun Violence: Solutions
  104. The importance of Toughest Gun Laws in America
  105. Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?
  106. Prime Example of Police Brutality: Rodney King Case
  107. Natural Law v/s Public International Law: Analytical Essay
  108. Ban on Drones by International Law
  109. Organized Crime and Its Development: The influence
  110. The Infringement Of Political Climate and International Law and Its Impact On Muslim Women
  111. Foreign Surrogacy: Personal and Family Law in Europe
  112. Does the law regulate the refusal of medical treatment in the same way across countries?
  113. Why should people respect - International law?
  114. Issues in Traditional justification
  115. Why do diplomats protect International morality?
  116. International relations and Ethical systems
  117. Harmfulness of Drunk Driving Behavior: A Critical Analysis  
  118. Consequences and Effect of Drunk Driving: Analytical Essay
  119. Drunk Driving: Analytical Essay
  120. Arguments against Drunk Driving
  121. Problems with Drunk Driving, severity and Ways to Solve Them: Analytical Essay
  122. Potential Impact of Company, Employment and Contract Law on a Business: Analytical Essay
  123. Case Study of Kellogg: Micro and Macro Environment, Strategic Management Plan
  124. Stakeholders In Sustainable Business Transformation
  125. Will the Uber industry impact the ecology in America?
  126. The current environmental regulations in the United States

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than one good legal research topics that you can take up and proceed with. Here is the list:

  • Business law and its true nature
  • Parliament and business law
  • Business law and Islam
  • Federalism's pros and cons
  • Domestic violence and the real truth

Here are the five stages of legal research:

  • Start by selecting a topic of choice and justify the purpose and relevance of the same.
  • Design research questions
  • Form a hypothesis with a literature review attached
  • The outline and content body are a must, with a conclusion at the end.
  • Do not forget to add the reference section.

A good research paper in law has an introduction, the right methodology, a literature review and, finally, a conclusion. As a student, you need to be careful with the research part and proceed with the sources offering appropriate evidence that you can refer to. Also, you can get in touch with our in-house experts and share the necessary instructions that your teacher wants you to abide by.

Here is how you shall write a good research paper in law. Include the following:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Declaration
  • Contents
  • Scope/Limitations
  • Literature review
  • Research questions
  • Methodology
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Here are the five types of research in law:

  • Descriptive legal research
  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative legal research
  • Analytical legal research
  • Applied legal research

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