marketing   Marketing Warfare Strategies : Killer Instinct in Businesses


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Marketing Warfare Strategies : Killer Instinct in Businesses

Definition of Marketing Warfare Strategies

Marketing Welfare Strategies can be defined as particular strategies in marketing that try to compare business with warfare, further going to apply military strategies to business or marketing solutions. Here, competing companies are compared to military rivals and market share can be compared to a territory that is being fought upon. Some marketing experts believe that in mature markets where real GDP is low, businesses operate as Zero-sum games. Here, one brand’s gain is possible only at the expense of its rival.

Textbooks on Marketing Warfare Strategies

If marketers need to survive the cut-throat competition in marketing then, they need to sharpen their skills in marketing warfare strategies. Hence, here are some details of textbooks written on the topic of marketing warfare strategies as follows:


  • Marketing Management: Text & Cases by Chandrasekar (Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education).
  • Marketing Warfare: 20th Anniversary Edition: Authors' Annotated Edition by Al Ries and Jack Trout (Published by McGraw Hill Professional – Year 2005).

Examples of Marketing Warfare Strategies

Example 1: An interesting example of Marketing Warfare Strategies can be Offensive marketing warfare strategies. These strategies are utilized in order to secure competitive advantages. Firms utilizing these strategies usually attack market leaders or struggling competitors to boost their marketing skills.

Example 2: Another interesting example of Marketing Warfare Strategies can be Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies. As per this strategy, firms attack, retreat and then repeatedly attack till the time comes when its competitor moves to other markets.

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