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C/C++/C# Programming Assignment Help

C is the general purpose high-level computer programming language. C programming language is designed to map the typical machine instructions, formerly coded in assembly language to construct operating application software. All essential UNIX application programs such as compiler and UNIX operation systems are written in C programming language. Get C and C# assignment help from!

Facts about C language

Unlike the interpreted language such as GNU shell or BASIC, the C compiler language is different in great way. A ‘C’ program can be created in two significant stages, as stated in our C and C# assignment help material.

  • The C programming is written in a number of text files by the use of screen editors. This form of programming is referred as a source program. Moreover, such a kind of file cannot be executed in direct attempt. C# assignment help service is at your doorstep!
  • Once the source file is complete, it is passed on to the compiler. Compiler is used to translate the machine code of the source text in order to generate a new file. The compiler file is thus referred as the executable file or object file. C# assignment help services are available 24*7!
  • Compiler language or C programming language does not contain their own editors nor does it have applications like ‘RUN’ to execute the finished program. Rather screen editors are used to create and run the compiled form of executable files. Go through our C# assignment help sample!

C data types

In C programming language, data types are considered as the extensive systems used to declare functions or variables of different types and are included in our C# assignment help material.


Data Types


Basic types

These are arithmetic data types and classified as I) Integer types II) Floating-point types

Enumerated Types

These are again arithmetic data types, but used to define significant variables of discrete integer values throughout the program


The void specification indicates that none of the value is available

Derived data types

Derived types data include the following

a)    Array types

b)    Pointer types

c)    Union

d)     Function

e)    Structure


C variables

The C variables determine how much space is utilized by the data types during storage and how the stored bit pattern is interpreted. C# assignment help draws attention to it!

 Let’s focus on the basic variables types in C programming:

Variable types



Char in C programming language is a data type with the size of one byte


It is an integer data type that ranges between -32767 to 32767


It is a single precisions floating point value


It is a double precision floating point value


It represents the absence of data types


Difference between C++ and C# Programming

C programming has influenced newer versions such as C ++ and C#.  We throw light on the various aspects of C++ and C# by differentiating between the two, also depicted in our C# assignment help material.

 C++ Programming

C# Programming

C++ is a low level and neutral programming language

It is a high-level multipurpose computer programming language

C++ codes are automatically converted into assembly language on compilation

C# codes are converted into Intermediate language code on compilation

The test variable cannot be a string in C++ switch statement

The test variable can be a string in C# switch statement

The access modifiers in C++ are protected, private and public but does not contain internal or protected internal access modifiers

The access modifiers in C # are Public, private, protected and protected internal

C++ includes variable, functions, constructors, operators, overloads and destructors as the class member. On the other hand, delegates, properties and events are not specified as class members

Besides the variables, functions, destructors, constructors and operators, C# programming also includes events, properties and delegates as their class member

C++ strut has the default access to public instead  of private

C# struts are sealed and contain only value types with no default argument constructor

The ends of class description on C++ consist of a closing brace only.

The ends of class description in C# types consist of closing braces followed by a semicolon.


Problems faced by students while preparing their C programming assignments

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Usefulness of C

C was initially used for system development work, particularly in programs that construct operating systems. As fact, C programming generates significant codes that run as fast as codes written in assembly language (highlighted in C# assignment help). C# assignment helps point up applications written in C language:

  • Operating systems
  • Assemblers
  • Print spoolers
  • Language compilers
  • Databases
  • Network drivers
  • Language interpreters
  • Modern programs
  • Text Editors.