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This article can offer some assignment writing help in the form of writing tips and ideas for students so that they can deal with writing related to topics and subjects of this academic genre.

Marking Guidelines in Totality for First Class Work in Arts and Humanities

There are two types of Markings for First Class Work – Upper First Class Work and First Class Standard Work. Have a look at some common criteria to achieve one of these two levels:-

Upper First Class Work

If an Arts and Humanities Essay gets this mark then it signifies that the student has a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts related to the concerned subject. Such an essay reflects positive things like:-

1. Strong opinions based on taking positions.

2. Concrete Argument backed by strong evidence.

3. Extensive Research is carried out.

Technically, such an essay is well structured and free of errors in Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings.

First Class Standard Work

An essay may get this grade instead of the Upper First due to the following possible reasons:-

I. Minute errors in logic or flow structure.

II. Argument may not have been comprehensive enough.

III. Grammar and Spellings may not have been fluent enough.

IV. Explanation of the subject may not have been clear enough.


Tips for Research and Writing regarding First Class Work in Arts and Humanities

Here are some tips related to research and writing that are directed at Arts and Humanities:-

1. Humanities and Arts have been directed towards questions that have been focused upon by artists and reputed thinkers. Thus, it becomes hard to find facts in things involving fiction or in subjective topics like films. The best way out is to create an argument backed by concrete research without claiming it to be factual like it is done with a scientific topic.

2. In an Arts and Humanities Essay topic, the focus has to remain on Textual Evidence. This evidence can be collected through extensive research and reading.

3. Even if the reader has not read any textual evidence, he should be able to understand it clearly if proper explanation of the claims behind the argument is done within the essay.

4. Usage of Longer Sentences and Paragraphs within such essays is preferred if the teacher allows the student to go ahead. This helps in visualizing complex thoughts.

5. The preferred referencing format within the Main Body and Bibliography of an Arts and Humanities Essay is MLA or Harvard.

First Class Tips to work on Specific Arts and Humanities Subjects

The tips for First Class Work that cover numerous topics within Arts and Humanities are as follows:-

I. Literature: A claim needs to be made in relation to the literature essay topic, followed by concrete evidence. The quotes involved within the evidence should be fully referenced with proper page numbers of the source text.

II. Film: The third person language needs to be applied while writing a Film Essay. Evidence can be based on editing, film ideologies or cultural studies.

III. Art: Creation of a thesis with key points is important in an Art Essay. Visual Images can be incorporated within the paper’s argument to connect with the thesis.

IV. History: Dates and Specific Events matter a lot in evidence of History Essay. Even Political, Social or Historical Factors need to be included in order to substantiate the evidence.

V. Music: Building evidence within a Music Essay may be tough as it consists of Music Analysis and Reviews apart from just listing instruments and notes.

These are some ideas that may help students into various essay topics when it comes to Arts and Humanities Course. The method is not tough; it is only about extreme hard work.

A First Class Work is Required in other types of Projects too Apart from Essay Writing

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