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Assessing Learning Outcomes: Individual Assignments in Finance and Accounting

Assignment One: UK Healthcare Sector Company Financial Position

To assess the learning outcomes and prepare students for broader studies into the world of business


Individual Assignment (AS1) weighting 50% of the marks (LO3-LO4)

You must select a company from the U.K Healthcare Sector. Access online the accounting statements of your chosen company for two years and undertake the following:
1.Identify the main elements of working capital and explain how the business model of the company is reflected in the working capital and the company's balance sheet (50% of marks) 

2.Prepare a statement of key ratios covering profitability, efficiency, and liquidity for two years. Discuss the financial position and company performance (50% of marks) 

Word Limit: The assessment should be limited to 2,000 words (+/- 10%). If you end up with more than 2,200 words or less than 1,800 words, you must revise the text judiciously to deliver work within the stated limits.

Style requirements: Except for the Titles and subtitles, you are not allowed to highlight text, which will be in Arial size 11 and without indentations. The main title is highlighted in size 16, and the subtitles are highlighted in size 14. The margins should be justified, not aligned to the left. Additionally, the space between lines should be single, and the space between paragraphs should be double. The work will be in Report form and not the Essay form requiring an introduction, the main body with subtitles and a conclusion.

2.2 Individual Assignment (AS2) weighting 50 % of the marks (LO1 - LO3)

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have created an alternative assessment to ensure you properly understand your learning objectives. The aim is to help you to continue with your studies with as little disruption as possible. 

You must prepare a report setting out ITM Power financial situation (see Annex). The report will address their various concerns and should be set out as in the question requirements. 
You have been provided in the Annex with a web link with access to ITM Power financial statements and company business descriptions. There is no word limit, but this report is expected to end with more than 500 words.

Assignment Two: Analyzing ITM Power's Two-Year Growth and Profitability


You are required to do the following (see annexes for data):

1.Interpretation of the three financial statements, Profit or Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. Use the case study information to analyze and comment and use relevant ratios on ITM Power's growth and profitability over the last two years (50% of marks)

2.Explain how ITM Power raises the funding and liquidity required to run its business. You must analyze the balance sheet structure, solvency, and liquidity of the company and explore its external sources of funding (50% of marks)

3. Sources

The Reference List for the Individual Assignment (AS1) is expected to contain between five and ten sources. As a MINIMUM, the Reference List should include one refereed academic journal and three academic books.                                                                                                                                                                
a)Identify the main elements of working capital (25/100 marks) and discuss the factors (25/100 marks) considered when managing the working capital. Total 50/100 of marks 

b)Prepare a statement of key ratios (20/100 marks) covering two years' profitability, efficiency, and liquidity. Discuss the financial position (30/100 marks) and company performance. 

You must prepare a report setting out the ITM Power's financial situation and concerns, considering a briefing of the company's activity, financial figures and significant decisions taken by the board of the company. (See Annex with company link)

You are required to:

1. Interpret (25/100) the three financial statements of the company using the information provided. Analyze and comment (25/100) on ITM Power's growth and profitability during the last two years. Total 50/100 of marks

2. You must provide the correct understanding of how the company raise the funding (25/100) required to run its business, including an analysis of the balance sheet structure and cash flow (25/100). Explain the primary sources of funding and your opinion.

5. Assessment Submission AS1 and AS2

Your assignment must be Word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. 

The Assignment report should have a Front Sheet showing your name, student number, the module name, the module number, the assignment title, the module tutor's name, the date and the word count.  

All assignments will be submitted and graded electronically via TURNITIN. Several submissions will be permitted before the hand-in date to enable you to refine the content in your report.

Please go to the 'Submit your work' area of the Module Moodle site to submit your work. You must submit your work to the correct module Moodle site and submit it on time. 

The AS2 has been provided with samples in the same Tasks that facilitate fulfilling the related Task. You must answer all tasks in one single document (you will not submit more than one document).

Feedback on assignments, in general, will be provided to the whole group when marked assignments are returned. In addition, feedback on assignments for everyone will be delivered electronically via TURNITIN.  

A student may obtain an individual appointment to discuss feedback with the tutor.

6. Assessment Guidance

The quality of your presentation and academic referencing is very important. So, please, use the Harvard Referencing System.

Your tutor will be looking for content that addresses the key elements of the assignment brief within your assignment.

Try not to overcomplicate your answers by choosing a company that you know little about. Instead, keep to simple processes that you know well.


These are individual assignments. Amity University [IN] London policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism, or any other methods that students have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage.

The learning outcomes being addressed through these assignments are:

LO 1 – Explain the basic concepts and methodologies used in finance and accounting.

LO 2 – Explain the methods used by companies and individuals to raise capital and identify how financial markets and institutions are structured.

LO 3– Explain a company's financial performance through the interpretation of its accounting results.

LO 4 – Identify and gather relevant information from various sources and explain qualitative and quantitative data with analysis, argument and commentary.

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