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Case Study Report on the Lifecycle Development of Jacob Moore

Purpose of the Report

Using the case study notes on the Moore family you should explain the purpose of your report. You will give the reader a brief outline of the issues that the report will address.

Points to consider

· Inclusion of in text citation using the Harvard referencing system

· Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Task 1. Discuss the different stages of the lifecycle Using the case study notes for the Moore family identify and discuss the different stages of Jacob’s lifecycle

Assessment criteria

· Knowledge and understanding of the different stages of the life cycle

· Application of relevant theories used to explain lifecycle development Points to consider

· Definitions for lifecycle development

· Identify and discuss each stage of Jacob’s lifecycle including his social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development within each of his life stages of development

· Explain the concept of nature and nurture in relation to Jacob and his siblings’ development

Task 2. Analyse different needs at different points of the lifecycle (40marks) Analyse Jacob’s needs at this stage of his lifecycle

Assessment criteria

· Knowledge and understanding of individual needs and how need can influence development

· Ability to analyse how the dynamics of race/ ethnicity/ disability may impact or influence development.

· Ability to analyse the needs at different stages of the lifecycle using a wide range of resources. Points to consider

· Definitions of needs

· Identify and discuss theories of needs e.g. Maslow or Bradshaw’s Taxonomy of needs

· Outline theories concerning identity including race/ culture or disability

· Discuss Jacob’s needs, why it is a need and the consequences of his needs not being met

· Analyse how Jacob’s needs are interrelated and how these needs relate to his future development.

· Discuss the socio- economic status of the family and how this may impact on their needs

Task 3 Apply theories of lifecycle development (25 marks) Choose one theory that is relevant to explain the dynamics of the Moore family focusing on Jacob. Outline and assess how this theory helps inform the professionals’ discussion for the Strategy meeting.

Assessment criteria

· Knowledge and understanding of one lifecycle development theory

· Ability to apply the relevant theory to Jacob’s lifecycle.

· Ability to consider possible limitations to the lifecycle theory Points to consider

It is Important to select one lifecycle development theory that is relevant toJacob’s development. There are numerous theories that can be applied. Any one of the following can be discussed and applied to Barry’s development.

· Bowlby

· Piaget

· Vygotsky

· Maslow

Page 5 of 6

· Bandura

· Erickson

· Freud

· Klein

How does the theory explain what has happened to the Moore family and Jacob in particular?

What are the flaws/ drawbacks with your chosen theory?

Does the theory consider all aspects of Jacob’s development?

Discuss how the theory may or may not help professionals at the Strategic meeting in coming to a decision on the future of Jacob and the Moore children.

You are expected to provide a conclusion and make at least one recommendation within your report for the Strategy meeting.

Your conclusions are the inferences you have drawn or points that you have made in your discussion.

The recommendations are the steps that you think should be taken based on your discussion. Your recommendations should be written in the ‘should’ or ‘should be’ style.

· The structure of the report is followed

· Inclusion of in text citation using the Harvard referencing system

· Attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar

· Comprehensive reference list including the course textbook is provided

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