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Disadvantages of Government Protectionism in International Business Environment

Main Objective of the Assessment

- To demonstrate an understanding of political & economic concepts and principles and their basic applications to the international business environment.

- To develop ability to search, evaluate and analyse relevant, accurate, and timely literature and/or secondary data to assist the development of a critical essay.

- To develop ability to write an essay in a professional format.

We live in a world where many firms of all national origins increasingly depend on globally dispersed production systems for their competitive advantage. Such systems are the result of freer trade. You are expected to write an individual report of no more than 1500 words in length (not including references, appendices and coversheet) in which critically discuss the disadvantages of government protectionism as it relates to competitive advantage.

- I have heard that 10% ‘extra’ on the word limit is allowed for coursework. Is this true?

I have no idea where on earth students got the idea of "10% extra" from, as this has never been, and never will be, something which I shall include in MG1054, and it is also not a School policy, either. If you go over (or under) the word limit, the ‘penalty’ for doing so is set out in the marking scheme. So, check the marking scheme for the correct information.

- I'm just really stuck and feel as though I’ve come to a dead end. Can you help?

This is often the way with writing, as you will likely know from past experience. The 'solution'? To work through it; this 'writer's block' will pass (as it always does). You have all the resources that you need; you now just need to work through the 'writer's block' (a common occurrence to us all, unfortunately). Have faith, and confidence; the 'block' will pass.

I submitted the coursework but have realised that I forgot to reference [cite] exactly where I got the material/quote/whatever from. However, I have fully referenced everything that I used at the end, in the References section. Will this be OK, because I have put in a lot of effort and would hate to be marked down for this mistake.

Whether or not the work will be "marked down" is apparent from the marking scheme, so you need to go back to this. You seem to think that it is just a "mistake" but it is, in fact, a serious case of inappropriate citing/referencing that, in fact, could be regarded as plagiarism. If you are unsure about this absolutely vital aspect of academic work, you will need to do some further reading it. Where? In/from the Library (any university library). In/from the College Student Handbook.

- The brief states for an A grade there should be "several appropriate references" whereas for a B grade there should be "some appropriate references". Is there a numerical difference between these? e.g. 3 for a B and 4 or more for an A?

It is essential to provide references for ALL source material that you used in your essay, using the Harvard format. This includes citing sources in the text and providing full references in the Reference list at the end of the essay. Providing material from several (appropriately selected and diverse) references can be an indication of your critical and thorough understanding of the topic. I am afraid there are no exact numbers here and you may do an evaluation yourself based on e.g. the nature of your essay and different perspectives and concepts used in the essay.

- What should be included in the appendix?

Appendix can be normally used only for supporting material (usually very detailed information). You don't have to include appendix. If your tables and figures are directly related to your arguments they should be placed in the main body.

- Is it necessary to purchase the 2017 edition of the textbook?

The main reference for the material for this module is the latest edition (2017) of the textbook. Further, the cases that you will use for the seminars are not available in previous editions of the book. So, yes I recommend to preferably using the 2017 edition. Brunel students will receive a discount. Information about this will be available in BBL (folder textbook).

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