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The University has introduced the requirement to anonymously mark all assessment work. However, it recognises that, for some forms of assessment, anonymous marking is neither possible nor appropriate. Following prior consultation between students and staff, it has been agreed that this assessment will be marked anonymously.

The learning outcomes (LOs) that are assessed by this coursework are:

LO3: Drawing upon appropriate theoretical and professional literature, to critically evaluate and demonstrate systematic understanding of, a suitable development approach for a BI system.

Late submission of coursework policy: Late submissions will be processed in accordance with current University regulations which state:

“the time period during which a student may submit a piece of work late without authorisation and have the work capped at 40% [50% at PG level] if passed is 14 calendar days. Work submitted unauthorised more than 14 calendar days after the original submission date will receive a mark of 0%.  These regulations apply to a student’s first attempt at coursework. Work submitted late without authorisation which constitutes reassessment of a previously failed piece of coursework will always receive a mark of 0%.”

Submit SIX1 completed learning log entries (template for this is given on the next two pages) from your reflective learning log. The six you submit MUST include:

·At least ONE of the DWS1, DWS2 or DWS3 learning log entries.

·At least ONE of the DW4 or DWS5 learning log entries.

·At least ONE of the DW6 or DWS8 learning log entries.

·At least ONE of the DWS7, DWS9 or DWS10 learning log entries.


There is one formal deliverable1; a word document which comprises six completed learning log entries from your reflective learning log.

A copy of the marksheet for summative assessment 2, completed with your self-evaluations on the criteria listed (please use percentages), should be submitted with your summative assessment work.

1 NOTE that if you submit MORE than six learning log entries, I will only mark the first SIX submitted that satisfy the above requirements.

1 You may also be asked to attend a short viva with one or more tutors. You may be selected for a viva for a variety of reasons; for instance, to verify that the work you have submitted is understood/written by you or to clarify aspects of the work to aid marking. Your mark may go up or down as a result of a viva.  Failure to attend a viva regarding a summative assessment component, when you have been asked to do so, may result in you obtaining zero marks for that summative assessment component.

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Development Workshop Session No:

Instructions for Students:

This learning log entry template requires you to:

·provide a summary record of the tasks that you performed within a specific Development Workshop Session (DWS),

·consider why you think you were asked to do the tasks,

·evaluate what you have learnt from the tasks and how this learning would impact on future BI system development work (and specifically any development work associated with the BI system you proposed in summative assessment 1).  Learning could relate uniquely to BI system development, but it could also relate to more generic development issues such as team-working, effective communication, about decision making, leadership and management, etc..

The completed learning log entry, together with those for the other DWSs, comprise your BI system development reflective learning log (some of which will be submitted for assessment – see the summative assessment 2 brief for exact instructions).  It needs completing effectively to provide quality evidence. Please be concise yet specific in your descriptions. Ensure your learning is exemplified by your understanding/knowledge/skills possessed before the DWS versus those possessed after: statements such as ‘I did not appreciate X before….but I do now because of Y….’, or ‘I did Z in class, which made me realise the significance of A. As a consequence I am more likely now to do B…’ should be evident. Referencing to source texts and/or to previous experiences to confirm or otherwise statements made is expected. It is strongly recommended that you complete the learning log entry template as soon as possible after a DWS has taken place.

Description of the Tasks:

Provide a concise summary, in your own words, of the tasks undertaken within the DWS. Please do not include solutions to any tasks.


Explain in your own words why you think you were asked to do the DWS tasks.

What do you think you have learnt from undertaking the DWS tasks? List each aspect of learning you have encountered when doing one of more of the tasks, clearly stating the evidence of that learning (e.g., what has changed due to this learning, what you understand/can do after learning and didn’t understand/couldn’t do before learning, any impacts this change will have on your future actions..). Cover both learning about BI systems development and learning of a more general nature. Ensure to consider and include information on any impact of this learning on your approach to developing the BI system you proposed within Summative Assessment 1.

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