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Changes in the Management of Patients having Radical Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer during the First W

Main Research

Changes in the Management of Patients having Radical Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the UK

Brief time line, explain advances/milestones, controversies or public perception. Subheadings of your choice (topic dependent) The work must have figures, graphs, tables to help explain concepts and summarize information.

Part A: Group Research Review. Topic to be chosen by the group (Self-elected 2-4 students). The mark will be for the whole group

Part B: Presentation of the research work by Poster and an oral presentation.

Students will be mark individually.

The final mark of assessment the mark will be the product between 2 marks. Or just the average

Assessment of your work will consider

  1. Content and the quality of your scientific writing.

You have an opportunity to apply the subject knowledge that you have acquired and reinforced during this semester.

This will be assessed according to the following strands (see the marking criteria at the end of the document):

  1. Research

Systematic identification and use of academic and relevant resources 

  1. Subject Knowledge

Understanding and application of subject knowledge. Contribution to subject debate by updated research 

  1. Critical Analysis

Analysis and interpretation of sources, literature and/or results. Structuring of issues/debates.

  1. The quality of your scientific writing

Structure, quality and clarity of argument, coherence, use of evidential support and referencing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

This will be assessed according to the following strands:

  1. Communication and Presentation

Clear intention in communication.  Audience needs are predicted and met.

Presentation format is used skillfully. Work is well structured.

  1. Academic Integrity

Acknowledges and gives credit to the work of others follows the conventions and practices of the discipline including appropriate use of referencing standards for discipline.

  1. Collaborative and independent Working

Demonstration of behavior appropriate to discipline, including individual contribution to team or working with others in teams

This assessment will fully or partially assess the following learning outcomes for this module.

Knowledge and Understanding

Develop understanding of advanced concepts in cellular and developmental biology. Current and potential uses of stem cells in therapy

Intellectual Skills

Explain the fundamental principles, techniques and applications of stem cell research

Transferable Skills

Develop skills in research and critical scientific writing and oral communication

Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a team, assuming responsibilities.

How to get help

We will discuss this Assessment Brief in class. However, if you have related questions, please contact me [name and email] as soon as possible.


  1. Part A: Research Review: Moodle site and Tutorials (Moodle)
  1. Part B:  Presentation: Poster and oral, both in Moodle and Tutorials
  1. The historic context of the Stem Cell discoveries
  2. Organs in dish/ on a chip
  1. Use of Stem Cell in transplantation
  2. Genetic manipulation and Stem Cell research
  3. Stem Cell and iPS as a disease model.
  1. Can stem cell therapy be applied in neurodegenerative disorders?
  2. Ethical and legal issues in Stem cell research and therapy
  3. Stem cell research and therapy as in the work market
  4. The biggest challenges of Stem cell therapy
  5. The biggest challenges of iPS research and therapy
  6. Cardiac Regenerative therapy
  7. Stem cell Fake news
  1. Stem cell therapy for Diabetes
  1. How do I explain stem cell research and therapy to my granny or children in primary school?
  2. Stem cell therapy for macular degeneration
  3. Stem cell therapy for inherited disorders
  4. Cancer stem cells
  5. iPS why are they important
  6. How is it possible that a cell de-differentiate?

LSBU marking criteria have been developed to help tutors give you clear and helpful feedback on your work. They will be applied to your work to help you understand what you have accomplished, how any mark given was arrived at, and how you can improve your work in future.

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