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Food Product Manufacturing and Factory Design

Developing and Launching a new Product

You have recently been contracted by a bakery company, specifically at the “special breads and other products” section. Your first task is developing and launching a new product: a walnut and pecan cake with whipped cream and different fillings. It will be your responsibility to ensure the product safety: from ingredient sourcing to retailer.

1. Your customer specifications/requirements:

- ?6-8 weeks shelf life

- ?High moisture feeling

- ?Gluten-free

2. Information provided by the company: Original Mrs. Emilie’s recipe (ingredients shown in no particular order)

1. Gluten-free self-rising flour (mix of maize flour and rice flour)

2. Gluten-free baking powder

3. Walnuts, pecans and almonds, roughly chopped

4. Dry coconut powder

5. Vegan and gluten-free cream cheese

6. Brown sugar

7. Cardamom (ground)

8. Olive or rapeseed oil

9. ? Filling ? (see list below)

Cake filling: Red berries compote


Write a scientific report for your company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the company Executive Board including:

From your list of ingredients


•  Identify and discuss whether there is any relationship between the presence of the ingredients and any aspect of food safety.

• ?In the cases where there is a risk, and considering potential investment by the Executive Board, what procedures/techniques would you implement in the company production methods to mitigate the risk?

Note?: Consider food safety criteria studied in the lectures and also please consider different types of hazards. The recipe as mentioned above, as it is, allows a shelf-life of one week. Based on the experience you have gained during this module

• ?Please add a section in your report where you identify extra ingredients and/or storage conditions to meet your client requirements. Please discuss your selections and offer options to the Executive Board.

Note?: To get the highest score, the selections have to be fully supported in terms of concentrations to add (e.g., legislation, toxicity) and the expected activity of the ingredients. Please do not forget the cake should be tasty. Design a label compliant with the legislation that includes all the information required to sell the product in the EU market.


In the final section, please suggest which of the certifications studied during the lectures could be useful for that industry and explain why. General Note ? Please be creative as the report should look like a highly professional report addressed to the company board. The provided section separation is just for clarity and marking purposes, but you can develop your own provided all aspects appear in the final version.


You are very lucky and rich! Your MSc has finished, and you have the funding needed to create your own company specialised in food product manufacturing. Obviously, you want to be involved in every aspect of your company and thus you have decided to manage the
design of your factory.


Please develop a “simple design” of a food production factory for a specific product. Please create the industry floor plan, including the different production areas for a company producing


Group 2. Chicken Tikka Masala meal with chapati bread Apart from the common areas related to your specific production process, your company has to include:

• ? Cleaning material storage

• ? Visitors reception

• ? Offices area

• ? Storage and expedition area

• ? Raw materials reception area

• ? Doors (please clearly mark the opening direction)

• ? Windows (please clearly mark the opening direction)

• ? Toilets

• ? Restauration facilities for employees and visitors


• ? Create the most adequate layout for your company.

• ? Identify the cardinal directions in your plan.

• ? Briefly explain why you have chosen the location of each of the areas using the knowledge acquired in the module


• Mark on the floor plans the different areas, considering the hygiene level that is needed for each part of the process.


• ?Identify product and staff flows using arrows from different colours. In both, briefly explain your decisions and choices. Having in mind the HACCP methodology:

• ?Identify in the floor plan the main 5 potential risks

• ?Mention the control systems that you will implement in order to move people or materials from one area of the company to another. ? Briefly explain your decisions and choices.

Indicate in your floor plan and explain briefly in which points (locations) you would establish the most important ? quality ? control points and briefly explain why. From all points identified, please choose five and explain your decisions .

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