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The Role of Information Technology in the Service Sector

Literature Review

Information technology (IT) and its applications to businesses in the modern world is an essential requirement to survive and succeed. IT plays a crucial role in all aspects of modern life. IT increases productivity of a company with efficiency saving effort, time and money.

Select an organisation in the service sector, for example insurance companies or banks, and conduct desk and/or Internet research on the organisation, together with an analysis of relevant academic books and journals in order to: 
• identify the role of IT in the success or failure of your chosen organisation,
• find ethical and social issues that pertain to running businesses,
• identify and differentiate between different types of networking technologies,
• discuss the importance of Intranet and Internet in your business,

list and explain the different stage of system development life cycle. Please note this may not be revenant to the selected business, however, you must provide a generic answer.

Support your analysis with a discussion of the potential benefits and drawbacks of your chosen company investing in Information Technology.

This assessment addresses:

LO1 - Understand and use frequently used Computing terminologies
LO2 - Understand ethical and social issues associated with Technology
LO3 - Differentiate between types of networks
LO4 - Appreciate the growth in ICT and use of the Internet and its effects on business
LO5 - Understand the role of Information Technology in Management
LO6 - Understand the different stages of systems development

Further points:
• It is expected that you use current peer-reviewed journals and articles to ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of your topic particularly for the Literature Review.

• There must be sufficient linkage between theory and practice.
Harvard style of references should be used. 

Ensure that the report has the following structure and contains the details outlined:
• Title Page
• Abstract
• Table of contents
• Introduction
• Literature review
• Analysis and discussion
• Conclusion
• Reference List

Formatting and Report
Please note the following when completing your written assignment:
1.Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
2.Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
3.Length: 2000 - 3000 words. 
4.Formatting: Typed in Times New Roman or Garamond font 12 and pages numbered.
5.Document format: Report
6.Ensure a clear title, course, and Student ID number is on a cover sheet and a references list using Harvard referencing style throughout is also provided.

Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. At least SIX references must be provided.

Indicative Performance Indicators

An outstanding Distinction

90 - 100

Work which fulfils all the criteria of the grade below, but at an exceptional standard.

A very strong distinction

80 - 89

Work of distinguished quality which is based on a rigorous and broad knowledge base, and demonstrating sustained ability to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and interpret concepts, principles and data within field of study, using defined principles, techniques and/or standard formats and applications.  This will form the basis for the development of sound arguments and judgements appropriate to the field of study/ assessment task.  There will be strong evidence of competence across a range of specialised skills, using them to plan, develop and evaluate problem solving strategies, and of the capability to operate autonomously and self-evaluate with guidance in varied structured contexts. Outputs will be communicated effectively, accurately and reliably.

A clear Distinction

71 - 79

Work of very good quality which displays most but not all of the criteria for the grade above.

A Distinction


Work of highly commendable quality which clearly fulfils the criteria for the grade below, but shows a greater degree of capability in relevant intellectual/subject/key skills.

A very strong Merit

67 - 69

Work of commendable quality based on a strong factual/conceptual knowledge base for the field of study, including an assured grasp of concepts and principles, together with effective deployment of skills relevant to the discipline and assessment task.  There will be clear evidence of analysis, synthesis, evaluation and application, and the ability to work effectively within defined guidelines to meet defined objectives.  There will be consistent evidence of capability in all relevant subject based and key skills, including the ability to self-evaluate and work autonomously under guidance and to use effectively specified standard techniques in appropriate contexts.

A strong merit

64 - 66

Work of good quality which contains most, but not all of the characteristics of the grade above.

A clear Merit

61 - 63

Work which clearly fulfils all the criteria of the grade below, but shows a greater degree of capability in relevant intellectual/subject/key skills.



Work of sound quality based on a firm factual/ conceptual knowledge base for the field of study, demonstrating a good grasp of relevant principles/concepts, together with the ability to organise and communicate effectively.  The work may be rather standard, but will be mostly accurate and provide some evidence of the ability to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply standard methods/techniques, under guidance. There will be no serious omissions or inaccuracies.  There will be good evidence of ability to take responsibility for own learning, to operate with limited autonomy in predictable defined contexts, selecting and using relevant techniques, and to demonstrate competence in relevant key skills.

A very strong Pass

55 - 59

Work of capable quality which contains some of the characteristics of grade above.

A strong Pass

50 - 54

Work of satisfactory quality demonstrating a reliable knowledge base and evidence of developed key skills and/or subject based skills, but containing limited evidence of analysis, synthesis, evaluation or application.

A Pass

41 - 49

Work of broadly satisfactory quality covering adequately the factual and/or conceptual knowledge base of the field of study and appropriately presented and organised, but is primarily descriptive or derivative, with only occasional evidence of analysis, synthesis, evaluation or application.  There may be some misunderstanding of key concepts/principles and limitations in the ability to select relevant material or techniques and/or in communication or other relevant skills, so that the work may include some errors, omissions or irrelevancies.  There will be evidence of ability to operate with limited autonomy in predictable defined contexts, using standard techniques, and to meet threshold standards in relevant key skills.

A bare Pass


Work of bare pass standard demonstrating some familiarity with and grasp of a factual/conceptual knowledge base for the field of study, together with evidence of some ability to employ specialist skills to solve problems within area of study, but only just meeting threshold standards in e.g. evaluation and interpretation of data and information, reasoning and soundness of judgment, communication, application, or quality of outputs. Work may be characterised by some significant errors, omissions or problems, but there will be sufficient evidence of development and competence to operate in specified contexts taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.

A marginal Fail

30 - 39

Work which indicates some evidence of engagement with area of study in relation to acquisition of knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles, and of specialist skills, but which is essentially misinterpreted, and misapplied and/or contains some significant omission or misunderstanding, or otherwise just fails to meet threshold standards in e.g. communication, application or quality of outputs.

A Fail

20 - 29

Work that falls well short of the threshold standards in relation to one or more area of knowledge, intellectual, subject based or key skills. It may address the assessment task to some extent, or include evidence of successful engagement with some of the subject matter, but such satisfactory characteristics will be clearly outweighed by major deficiencies across remaining areas.

A comprehensive Fail

0 - 19

Work of poor quality which is based on only minimal understanding, application or effort. It will offer only very limited evidence of familiarity with knowledge or skills appropriate to the field of study or task and/or demonstrate inadequate capability in key skills essential to the task concerned.

Non-submission/Nil attempt


Nothing, or nothing of merit, presented.

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