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10 Fabulous Techniques to Overcome Your Fear of Writing Assignments

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Does fear rise up your throat at the very mention of assignments? Do you shudder when you think of all the unfinished papers lying about in your dorm that you need to turn in a few days? Well, you are not alone. With unending lectures to attend and mounds of assignments to course through while juggling part-time jobs or soccer practices, many students come to fear the prospect of having to write assignments all by themselves. The high academic standards, strict professors and scholastic guidelines keep adding insult and make students fear assignments even more.

Hitting the writers’ block or abandoning the tasks is quite common among students when they feel they have reached the end of the line with their patience and potential in college. With just a few simple hacks, they can quickly turn the situation around! This post explains the 10 amazing hacks that every student should follow if they want to overcome the fear of writing assignments like a pro!

10 tricks to help you overcome the fear of writing assignments

Of all the things that stand in your way of composing marvellous assignments to floor your professors, the constant and unflinching fear of not being able to go through with the task is perhaps the one that reigns supreme. Here are 10 tips to overcome your issues and become a pro at writing.

  1. Be clear about your writing goals

Know what lies at the end of the line when you finish the piece that you are writing. It might be that much coveted top grade you had set your eyes upon, or the beaming smile of the editor of your college magazine. Try to visualize the goal in your mind before you begin to write. This will help you to keep what matters in sight, and push you towards writing better.

  1. Use mind maps for tricky concepts

Whenever you encounter a concept or topic that seems difficult to comprehend, try the mind mapping technique. Creating mind maps are fun, and in a way it relieves loads of stress. Use coloured pens or highlighters to draw a mind map so that you can retain the concepts easily. You will find plenty of mind mapping techniques and samples online to help you with the process of creating one. Choose one that suits your cognitive inclination and master complex topics in no time at all!

  1. Plan what you want to write

Proceeding without a proper plan of what you want to write will only complicate the whole process. Additionally, it won’t do much to help with overcoming your fear of writing in the first place. Hence, it is best to tackle the tasks with a proper plan. Enlist the separate sections you want in your assignments along with a few brief pointers about what goes in which section. This can serve as the basic structure to your assignment that you can later fill in when composing your first draft.

  1. Take a break from your computer

When you are puzzled about where to start, try going the offline way. Write a few sentences on the topic by hand, and you will gradually get a footing around the topic. Build around those initial ideas to form the rest of your assignment. Take a break from your computer screens and go the old-school way whenever you are clueless about writing the assignments to perfection.

  1. Dump stress factors in a journal

No amount of planning or mind mapping is going to help you if you do not know what exactly is keeping you from mastering the art of composing assignments. Keep a stress/fear journal that you take out only in times of severe crisis and use it as a platform to vent your anger, worries, doubts, fears and frustration. Jot down the issues that are keeping you from completing the assignments. The moment you face the fears and issues is the moment that you take a step towards coming out of its clutches.

  1. Go ballistics for the first few minutes

When you keep looking inside your head to find the right words but none come out, give it a rest. Instead, open a Word document on your computer and type away anything that comes to mind. It might range from the lyrics of your favourite ABBA song to just a few onomatopoeic words strung together to form a limerick. Just pull out the random thoughts from your head and onto that document for about the first fifteen minutes. When you have cleared out that clutter from your mind, things will look much easier and you can get on with the task at hand with a fresh approach.

  1. Consider each piece as a draft

Another way to get over the gripping fear of writing assignments is to consider each one as just a draft (and nothing final). This way, you can relieve a lot of pressure to compose a perfect assignment on the first go. Once you allow room for tiny mistakes or botch-ups in your assignments, the fear will start to melt away gradually, allowing you to course through the task with relative ease.

  1. Try the Pomodoro style of writing

The Pomodoro technique is super-effective when you have a tight deadline to finish pending assignments. If you are running late for the submission of a particularly difficult assignment, then go the Pomodoro way to speed up the task. For thirty minutes, keep everything at bay while you concentrate on a single task. That means no checking your phone, no going for a quick walk, and no answering the door for those thirty minutes that you write. Use the Pomodoro technique in brief spurts throughout the day, and you will make great progress on your assignments.

  1. Speak aloud when you write

See it like this: you have to explain your assignment to the study lamp on your table. Reading aloud what you write as you progress through the assignment is a great way to rid yourself of the fear of not being able to compose one. In fact, reading aloud while writing also brings minor mistakes to light, which you might have overlooked otherwise. Once you tackle assignments this way, a lot of your fear will vanish in a poof!

  1. Edit and proofread for better results

Finally, if you genuinely want to get rid of all fears of writing assignments, then make editing and proofreading your new best friend. You’ll see that there is always room for improvement in an assignment. Once you have made the necessary changes, you will be even more confident about writing the next one. No matter how bad you screw up with the writing bit, there’s nothing that a bit of thorough editing cannot fix.

Summing up

Create mind maps to elucidate difficult concepts. Ditch that first draft and start over. Yell at your pillow when stress gets the better of you. If you go by the 10 tips discussed above, then hitting writers’ blocks will surely be a thing of the past. Choose the techniques that work for you, and gradually incorporate them into your study routine to get ahead of the tasks way before time. You will watch your anxiety levels go down like never before as you come out of the fear of writing assignments. College seems way more enjoyable when you do not have that niggling fear of having to turn in elaborate assignments within tight deadlines. So, learn a thing or two from the techniques in this post and rid yourself of all fears and self-doubt. Compose impressive assignments like a pro!

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