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50+ Creative Writing Prompts You Must Know

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Creative writing is probably the best way to spur the art of storytelling in the students of high school and middle school. Writing a creative piece becomes interesting only when you have the right ideas. Check out the amazing 50+ creative writing prompts to start with your content.

The quality of your creative essay depends on how well you have understood the prompt. Check out the tips to make the most of the creative writing prompts for high school.

creative writing prompts

Figure 1: Creative Writing For School Students 

50+ Creative Writing Prompts you must know

Many students lose valuable marks because they fail to understand their writing prompts. The creative writing prompts for adults can help you create a strong outline of the essay. Hence, you can put your write-up more productively. Ask these following questions to understand your writing prompt better.

  • Which form of writing is best suited for writing prompts for high school or middle school?
  • Which details should I include in this prompt?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are the creative writing challenges that I can encounter while writing the paper?
  • What is the most impressive quality of your creative writing topic?
creative writing prompts-1

Figure 2: Questions to ask before writing a creative content

Identify the writing form that best suits your prompt . Make sure the purpose of the topic is clear through the style, that you choose to embrace. Check out the most popular writing formats in the image below. Check out this link to get an in-depth idea about all the writing formats.


Figure 3: Different writing formats

Top 5 Tips for Amazing Creative Writing Topics

You have a list of creative writing prompts before you. You know exactly which one to choose and how to use it in your write-up. Now, it is time to start with the writing. Check out the tips to nail your creative essay like a pro.

  • Use the right technique

You must know what to write about in your creative writing task. Use ‘the channels’ as shown below to produce an impeccable content.

  • Feeling: Use emotional response to the topics you have been assigned. Try to get an image in your mind after reading a specific topic on the basis of your feelings.
  • Observing: This is the most objective channel that you can use to write the creative piece. You can write the piece in a purely physical sense devoid of any emotions or feelings.
  • Thinking: You can write the creative content from a logical or philosophical perspective. This lets you cast an introspective look at the topic while writing the content.
Concrete Experience Feeling

Figure 4: Feel, observe and think

Take your time to decide the ‘channel’ you want to use to write the creative task. Each channel will produce a unique aspect of the topic. For instance, writing about a tree through the feeling channel will produce something entirely different from the observational channel.

  • Pick a book of collected stories or a book of poems

Read a lot to gather as many ideas as you want to include in the creative piece. Pick a few opening lines and ending lines that you find to be attractive.

What made you feel attracted to these lines? Think about it. Implement the same techniques in your creative writing.

Remember that a creative essay or poem is supposed to draw your reader in your content. Use intriguing action and make sure your write-up evokes a powerful image in your reader’s mind.

  • Build towards a specific “moment.”

A creative write-up is stronger and more focused when it imparts a special effect on readers, at the end. You want your readers to remember your piece, don’t you?

Make it interesting or use sarcasm at the right place to attract your reader’s attention.

Check out this example:

Narrative Closure

Figure 5: Make your creative writing interesting

The moment this piece builds towards is Fabian’s death. Death is a surprise, yet it has been regarded as an irony. Fabian’s guardian angel is ultimately responsible for Fabian’s death. Notice the use of words such as ‘intrigued’ instead of ‘fearful’ to make the piece more effective.

Now that you are ready to start writing an unmatched quality of creative content, here are 50+ high school writing prompts to boost your imagination.

List of 50+ Creative Writing Prompts

The following prompts can help the high school and middle school students when they appear for standardised tests such as SAT and ACT. Use these creative writing prompts to hone your imaginative skills.

Creative Writing Ideas for School Students

  1. Dancing frees the mind and soul. Who is dancing? Why is he/she dancing?
  2. Choose an animal that you like and write about it
  3. Describe your bonding with your best friend
  4. What did you dream about last night? Write about it
  5. You are on a ship that can take you to any part of the world. Where do you want it to take you and why?
  6. Imagine you have a dragon friend. Describe your friendship with it.
  7. Write a short story that starts with “hello.”
  8. Select a few words from your favourite part of a novel. Now write a poem on those words.
  9. Whom do you admire the most and why?
  10. Your close friend lost her/his pet. Write a short story or poem describing what that person is going through
  11. Choose a word from the dictionary randomly. What does the word mean to you?
  12. Imagine a rocket ship talking you off to Moon today. Write about your experience.
  13. Write a poem about meeting someone important in your life
  14. Look out the window. What do you think is happening outside?
  15. What gives you good vibes?
  16. Describe what you expect to be behind a closed door
  17. What scares you the most?
  18. Describe the things that you dread doing the most
  19. Write about your favourite piece of jewellery
  20. Write about a puzzle you have been trying to solve recently

Fun Writing Prompts for High & Middle School Students

  1. Describe the fun in hanging out with yourself after school
  2. Write about a problem you would want to end in the world
  3. Create your own holiday. Who will you invite? What will you celebrate?
  4. How does it feel like to be wrong?
  5. Why will you ever be a vegetarian?
  6. How does being a feminist feel like?
  7. Write a poem about your favourite activity
  8. What are the three values that are most important to your family?
  9. Why will you never go for scuba diving?
  10. What do you like the most about your favourite TV show?
  11. How do you think your best friend will describe you?
  12. How will a book about you look like?
  13. Write about your favourite vacation
  14. How does it feel to be helped by someone you hate?
  15. Which video game you want to be a part of?
  16. How would you want to celebrate your pet’s birthday?
  17. Write about a rule at school you don’t like
  18. Write about a goal you achieved recently
  19. Things you could do being invisible
  20. Describe your favourite character in Powerpuff Girls

Journal Writing Formats for High & Middle School Students

  1. Describe a world ruled by children
  2. Oh no, it snowed and…
  3. I helped someone to…
  4. The house feels silent because…
  5. Write about a place with no automobiles
  6. What if everyone lived under water?
  7. What if you found gold in your backyard?
  8. Whom would you like to meet from history and why?
  9. If you win a jackpot of 1 million, what would you do with it?
  10. What if animals could talk?
  11. What would you do if you’re in the middle of the lake and the boat springs a leak?
  12. If I were a speck of dust, I would….
  13. What would you do if you could turn back time?
  14. Write about something that makes you feel sorry
  15. Describe your favourite month
  16. If I could fly, I would
  17. What would happen in a world with no rules?
  18. Which Olympic event would you like to participate in?
  19. I want to live in a log cabin because….
  20. I want to be famous for….

You can use these writing prompts for short stories as well. Take ideas and produce impressive content prior to the deadline. Practise is the only mantra you need to deliver a flawless creative piece. Don’t give up. Keep practising every day to be an expert in creative writing.

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