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A Raging Change in the Field of Education After COVID-19

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The government had to take the huge step of closing down all the educational institutions temporarily to contain the situation created by the rapid spread of COVID-19. The nationwide closures impact around 70% of the world’s student populations. The uncertainty of the situation has shaken up the whole world, mostly the young minds who are out of schools, colleges, and universities. Their chain of goals in terms of taking courses, academic programs, intern-ships have put in halt and they are clueless of what exactly the future has in store for them.

The educators, as well as the fellow students, are facing the ripple effect of the pandemic coronavirus and they all have one question in mind “When will all these end?”. We doubt that even a single person has the answer to the question. We are chained to follow the rules till the number of COVID positive cases becomes zero.

At present, there is not much to do. Our fate holds on to the brave nurses and doctors who are working day and night to recover from this horrid nightmare. Till then, the students and educators have to work together so that this time does not go in complete waste. While one gate is shut, it’s time to open another gate, i.e., adopting e-learning. Owing to the stressful situation, continues on providing 24*7 assistance to students who are in dire need of academic help. Working on homework, assignments at such situation can be hard for a lot of students. You can contact our experts anytime while you take a moment to adjust to this situation.

Changes Coming in Online Education System

We can all agree to the fact that interactive learning style is way better than online learning. It’s true that with this situation, there is no other option, but online education system also has several drawbacks. These drawbacks can bring the following changes among students:

  • Widening the equity gaps

School is not just a building, but a place where students find their individuality and also learn to grow as a community. Students coming from different social backgrounds learn living as one. Unfortunately, online learning is creating a gap between these students as many do not have access to digital services, internet connection, nor they can afford them. Students naturally without such facility will start feeling left out, down or ashamed which is wrong. This will create a social barrier between students. So in order to maintain the balance, the education authority must make sure from now only that every student has access to learning resources at home.

  • Educators are feeling confused and unsupported

School closure equally impacts on the teachers and professors. They are also experiencing this strange new uncertain world. Apart from their responsibility as teachers or professors, they are also mothers, fathers, uncle, aunt, daughter, son. They are trying to take care of their kids, parents and families as well. They are trying to cope with this new change and make sure that learning continues. All they need is a little bit of support, flexibility and understanding from the board of authorities.

  • Distance learning can be boring

Instead of the interactive session, students will be asked to sit and watch videos, presentations or read documents online, which are rather dull. Only listening and not engaging in learning activities are the worst forms of learning.

  • Test score impacted by poor experiences with ed-tech learning

During the pandemic, students are asked to use ed-tech. But since they are not used to it, they have poor experiences with it. Students are not happy with their test scores and they are coming with complains that due to trying the ed-tech learning approach, their test scores are getting effected. The educational authority must take care of this and learn what actually works and what does not.

Going through a national crisis like this will only make each one of us stronger and better than before. This is surely a challenging time. The teachers and education authorities did not even have enough time to prepare themselves. They all have to experiment through various educational tools and see what works best for the students.

Future Shock: An After Effect of COVID-19 in Education

This is the generation who will see the power of working together to solve the biggest world challenge. We are pretty sure that nowadays, educators are only thinking of what they need to be preparing to face the changes. They all are thinking of alternative ways that can help the students learn in future. They are working hard to find ways to give students the same experience that they used to get in classrooms.

The pandemic coronavirus will most definitely be going to change the global outlook. It will change how the education system used to prepare young minds to face the future.

Here are a few changes we are most likely to see:

  • A dire need for technology funding

Schools, colleges or universities will need great many technology funding. It is quite understandable that students and educators both will require technology to interact, give lessons and work together. Hence, technology funding will obviously have to improve so that students have a better education.

  • Social distancing from sports

Sports are an important part and necessity for the growth of the students. Unfortunately, all the fist-bump, personal greeting, a hug will be gone for a while. Gyms, swimming, basketball, football will be put in a halt and we cannot say till when.  

  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms

Children are habituated with a way of learning. They will slowly lose the habit of waiting for their turn. The rates of domestic abuse and custody arrangements have already risen during this pandemic. This will have a huge impact on the mind of students.

  • New solutions will bring new innovations

While coming to new solutions, educators will come forth with new innovations. While trying out one or two experiments, there will be interesting innovations that may change the outlook of global education.

The rapid spread of novel coronavirus is becoming a threat worldwide.  But this also gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves about the unique skills each student have.  The educators will need to give little push or a nudge to utilise those skills in an unpredictable world like creative problem solving, informed decision making and improving adaptability. Resilience must include in the education system to sure all the special skills remain a priority.

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Mark Hales

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