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Assessing The Concept Of Employee Motivation And Its Significance In Operation Of Primark

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Background Of The Study on Employee Motivation :

The content of the study emphasizes upon the causes and consequences of employee motivation in Primark limited. The research will be discussing upon the reasons and significance of motivating the employees in the organization. Furthermore, the study is supported with certain theories focusing upon employee motivation. As motivation of the employees is very significant and beneficial for the company’s operation, the strategies chosen to implement motivation techniques in the organization must meet the objectives and aims of Primark as well. Therefore, the current research hypothesis concentrates upon various segments of employee motivation required to improve the performance capacity of the employees inclusive with all the activities carried out in the organization.

Aims And Objectives Of The Research:

The current research analysis is supported with the following aims and objectives:

  • To conduct a survey to measure the motivation level of employee in an organization
  • To analyze the existing literature upon the method used by retailing sector for the motivation of employees
  • To conduct interview concerning the managers of the organization asking about the methods used by them to encourage employee motivation
  • To estimate the contribution of employee motivation towards the satisfaction of the customers
  • To highlight the issues of motivating employees in an organization
  • To provide recommendation concerning the issues faced by the employees of an organization

Research Hypothesis

The research hypothesis highlights the variables of the research conducted by the researcher. Therefore, the hypothesis for the current research is:

H1: Positive impact of employee motivation in the operations of an organization

H2: Optimistic influence of employee motivation in the productivity of an organization

Literature Review

It has been very strong for the retailers to maintain their competition in this aggressive market and to preserve the rational profit margins. Due to economic depression and increasing opposition in the marketplace the profit margins are very much dependent relative on the market share or customer base of the corporation. Market share is very much reliant upon customer’s satisfaction and it transmits to the inspiration level of the employees. However, the employers in the retail industry are having a very rough time in enhancing the level of their staff’s enthusiasm. This cannot be ignored as well because employees take part in a very vital role at the shop. Studies put forward that motivated staff members’ continue for longer period of time with the business and are better performers than the employees who are not motivated. Therefore, the discussion upon several models and theories is analyzed and discussed in the current section of study highlighting the importance upon the need and necessity of employee motivation in an organization contributing higher productivity on both sides- organization and employee. The section also supports the use of theories and models with a conceptual framework that helps the reader to understand the application of different models and hypotheses precisely. Retail division has cooperation and stared to consider that motivation movements are very much expensive, but in real it is not the case as motivation activities at low cost improving up the confidence and motivation intensity of the team at privileged side.

Employees leave their job when they are discontented with their job and in the retail segment employee earnings even for the big brand names such as Primark have been increased and this is not an optimistic sign as high employee revenue increases the cost of the business. Companies are putting their brand status and level of customer’s satisfaction at stake by not following the motivational activities in the business. Employee become unhappy with its job if the career oriented opportunities are not there, proper training programs and methods are not followed in the organization and most common reason is less pay.


As the method applied in the current research is primary, therefore quantitative data analysis shall be performed for measuring the perception of the employees’ motivation of an organization. On the other hand, application of qualitative data analysis shall be carried in the case of interviewing the managers of an organization to peep over perception in encouraging employee motivation. Deductive approach is used for the justification of the theories and models used in the research. As the objectives and aims of the research are clearly mentioned, positivism philosophy of research is used. The research will be carried out under the descriptive design and the data collected will be restricted to privacy for ethical standard.

Jacob Thompson

Hi, my name is Jacob Thompson. I am a PhD in English Literature, I started writing and blogging from a young age, and most of my write-ups are based on real experiences. As far as my blogs are concerned, I write blogs on English writing and Literature writing. I have been working part-time as a writing expert for for 7+years now. Helping students overcome English writing hurdles and get steps closer to their academic goals makes me as happy as playing with my kitty “Alice”. Yes, I am a cat-lover if you are still wondering! 

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