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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Education System for the Better

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Education is the foundation any country is built upon. It is through education that our children can reach their full potential, both as principled, responsible citizens, and as being productive members of the country. But, how is it possible to build an education system which best develops the adults of tomorrow? It’s not an easy task to build schools which will cater to the needs of those in the fast-changing world of the 21st Century.

Education is the ability to pass knowledge. It is one of the most ancient practices which sets humans apart from all the other species in this world. It is through education, that instead of rediscovering or mastering the laws which govern the world in which we live, new generations can pick up exactly where their predecessors left off and can enhance the skills and knowledge that we possess.

Some major changes can be taken into consideration which has changed our society in the past 30 years and in what ways they have affected the way we teach today. The world of 2045 will be a very different one from the year 2015. It is of crucial importance to help students in developing a framework in which they are forced to think about future challenges. Enabling students to participate in events such as the Montessori Model United Nations program, which is the world’s only education program of its kind for children between the ages of 9 and 15 years, helps them develop new perspective and many useful skills.

The economy is changing. The service and the knowledge economy are expanding rapidly all around the world. In Abu Dhabi, the long term transition towards a much more sustainable, high value knowledge economy will see growth in the non-oil economy at an average of more than eight percent per annum.

Globalization requires for everyone to think differently. The world, now, is a smaller place than it was 50 years ago. Our children and grand children will need to be globally competent, to be able to understand other cultures and also be comfortable with cultural complexities.

The world of information has changed dramatically. The quantity of information is doubling every couple of years. So, we will have to evolve the way we manage this. The students of the future will have to learn how to discern, synthesize and aggregate information in ways we cannot yet fathom to imagine.

In the face of such tremendous change, our students will need to have various different skills. Hence, education will no longer be about just “knowing”, but will also require us to put our focus on the development of creative thinking, communication and soft skills, and flexibility. But education could easily get lost in its quest of training children for the jobs of tomorrow. As educators, we must focus on more than just professional development of the child. Educators around the world must create learning environments which provide young minds with a well-rounded, comprehensive education, which also covers culture, value development, language, and also create as well as maintain a connection to our heritage.

The learning and the teaching process are currently undergoing unprecedented transformations owing its success to ed-tech, which is a conglomeration of technologies redefining the schools, classrooms, universities as well as the entire educational system.

Artificial intelligence is in the forefront of those technologies and is often misunderstood science, which is taking the world by storm. It is helping or rather replacing humans by performing very complicated tasks in many different industries. This is how artificial intelligence is changing the world and that too, for the better.

Customized Courses And Materials

Teachers and schools, until now, were forced to use a fundamental approach, by treating all the students in a more or less similar manner in the classroom. Thanks to machine learning, now, a branch of artificial intelligence finds patterns in the data, and teachers, with the help of this data, can glean actionable insights from student’s performances, and make efficient and informed decisions to help steer them in the best direction which will suit their needs.

ML algorithms, by collecting data, can find which part a student is struggling with and assist them by providing custom material, lessons as well as exercises, which will help bridge the gaps. By analyzing the collected data from a large number of students, the ML algorithms can locate and prescribe different learning paths, and make sure the students face the least difficulties on their journey of building up their careers.

The very same algorithms can also identify different possible talents or strengths that any student may have and help them choose a major based on the areas they’re likely to perform the best in. Other different applications of artificial intelligence in content delivery can use Natural Learning Generation (NLG) as well as Deep Learning (DL) to synthesize as well as to be able to deliver customized content, written exactly as a human would have written it. Content Technologies is currently exploring this concept.

Advanced Tutoring 

Online tutoring has been present for a while now, with the help of broadband internet and the recent explosion of cloud computing services and resources. These services enable tutoring tasks to become available on online portals or platforms and are performed remotely. It is connecting people who may be thousands of miles apart, and help them learn and hone their innate skills.

Thanks to artificial intelligence now these platforms are moving forward to the next level, enabling people to connect with the right people while enhancing the tutoring experience.  Recently, a new social media platform was launched which enables millions of students to connect and solve assignments and homework. It uses a team of more than a thousand moderators who determine the quality of questions and answers being exchanged between the users.  The platforms are easing the burden of moderators using artificial intelligence algorithms by detecting and filtering spam as well as low quality question and answers, which in turn, helps the staff focus on providing quality service.

These platforms also leverage algorithms to make friend suggestions which can help the students complement each other’s skills and to get in touch with others who can answer their questions. This will prove to be a crucial step towards providing an online, personalized learning experience.

Many other platforms are working on artificial intelligence powered tutors which will be able to mimic the benefits of one-on-one tutoring.

Helping Teachers To Fill Gaps In Education 

Teachers, while dealing with a large number of students often miss out on the gaps in their educational materials or even lectures, which tend to confuse the students and in turn hampers their learning experience. Artificial intelligence can alert teachers in a timely fashion when finding those shortcomings.

An example would be an open online course provider which can inform teachers when a large number of students submit the wrong answers to the same question, while also assisting the students by providing a customized message which steers them in the correct path. By creating personalized and smart interactions with the students, the artificial intelligence assistants can provide with immediate feedback to the students, in turn helping them understand concepts, without having to wait for the teachers.

Another platform provides one-to-one online math tutoring over the internet by connecting teachers and children all around the world. With the help of an artificial intelligence engine which has been trained with the data generated from more than a few thousand lessons, this platform aims to enhance itself to be able to provide real-time feedback to teachers, on what or how their students may have misunderstood and how they can better teach any particular concept.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming classrooms as well as learning. Teachers are able to use technology in order to create customized content for specific subjects and students, but still, great teachers can never become obsolete. Teachers will need to be able to monitor and keep a track on every child’s progress.

The Future of Education

The student-teacher relation is extremely complex as well as human. A future where teachers have been replaced by robots and artificial intelligence altogether is not a very favorable one, though it is not unforeseeable.

However, thus does not mean that we cannot leverage artificial intelligence to enhance this valuable interaction to unprecedented levels. These efforts are certain to help the future generations to acquire knowledge at a much faster rate as well as propel the human race forward at a much more rapid speed.

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