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How Having Practical Knowledge Makes It Easy For Students to Write Quality Assignment?

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No matter whether you are a straight-A student or a backbencher, the moment you get a new assignment, jittery feelings kick in. A new assignment makes you enter the circle of never-ending procrastination. Time crunch and multiple assignments with clashing deadlines make things worse. You get stressed out even if you complete and submit the assignment to your professor because no matter how much research you have done and submitted the task much before the deadline, you are still worried about the marks and deep down inside, you feel that the assignment could have been done in a better way. To compile the best assignments, practical knowledge is essential.  Believe us when we say that hands-on experience can instantly make things look better.

Stages and Different Processes of Learning

Learning doesn’t get complete without three levels which are in sync with each other. The process starts with getting information, the capability of applying that information and then rounding up the process with assimilation. When a student is attending a lecture, he or she only gets exposed to the first part. But in order to complete the learning circle, the student needs to reach each of the three segmentations. For assimilation, i.e., to soak up and to take in all the acquired knowledge on a particular topic, you need to apply the obtained information.

Writing an assignment is a way of applying what you have already learnt. It‘s important because writing an assignment will help you in the transition of the acquired knowledge to skills. Implementing the knowledge to solve a problem will help you in better conceptualization.

Gaps between Different Stages of Learning Process

But when it comes to writing assignment many students procrastinate a lot.  It can be easily assumed that only after knowing some positive side of writing an assignment, you will feel the desire to complete your assignment before time. Several factors can be appealing enough to incite the required dedication in you. Before going for a detailed discussion, let’s start with why education is so important? The basic answer is known to all. Education is necessary to make us smart. So in which form an education is easily consumable?

The answer is little tricky. We all know the significance of education; we need to be educated to learn skills. As we have already explained that when you apply your acquired knowledge in solving a practical problem, your understanding towards real life situations grows. Now as having practical knowledge is highly relevant, it needs to be acquired by any means. And only attending lectures won’t help you in achieving that practical knowledge. And as we were talking about cracks between different stages of learning process, those gaps can be easily filled with proper implementation of practical knowledge.

What is Practical Knowledge?

Hands-on experience in one word is something that will let someone apply their acquired knowledge to solve an actual situation. There is a gap between acquiring knowledge and using that knowledge to resolve any practical situation. This gap can be filled with the proper conceptualization and the knowledge about how to proceed with proper implementation. This skill of applying acquired knowledge in solving issues is called practical knowledge. They say that the devil is in the detail and that’s why students generally avoid getting into in-depth researching on a particular matter. But without comprehensive knowledge, there is no shortcut that will increase your skills.

How does Practical Knowledge Work?

Suppose you start learning piano which is learning through practice; this is a perfect example of practical knowledge. At the beginning of the lesson, you will start by knowing nothing about how to play the piano. Then the knowledge about the functioning of each and every core feature will be given to you. So at the start of the lesson, theoretical knowledge is mandatory. After the theoretical knowledge, now the players know about the functioning of piano but he or she is ignorant about how to incite those functions.

In simple words, he or she doesn’t know how to play the piano, but knows how different keys function. Now if a person only has theoretical knowledge, he won’t be able to teach another person as he doesn’t know what to do to make things work. He will be able to make you understand how a piano works but in the explanation you will see the lack of in-depth knowledge. But with hands-on experience, he can be a maestro piano player. Practical knowledge completes the circle of learning.

Why is Practical Knowledge more Relevant than Bookish Knowledge?

So the above scenario makes sense right? The best aspect of practical knowledge doesn’t require you to mug up anything, it automatically flows the knowledge in you. It not only helps you with soaking up information but also retains the knowledge in your mind. It works toward forming a better understanding. Practical knowledge involves lots of practice and with practice you can see that your skills are improving. It makes more sense because it requires an application and deals with the real life situation. It’s less annoying and more exciting. Interesting factors make it easier which sparks interest and motivate you for in-depth study. Not only practical knowledge leaves you with a great deal of understanding but also interest you in teamwork. The interactive education creates a long lasting impact which will help you in acquiring in-depth understanding.

So it’s clear that one should understand the theory and learn how to apply it rather than only mugging up theory part. So with theoretical knowledge, amalgamation of the practical knowledge is important. For the complete learning, a person should give 80% weightage to practical and 20% of it to theoretical study. Theoretical and practical knowledge both are two different faces of a coin, and you won’t be able to survive in any career unless you don’t have the perfect balance between these two. You can’t afford to avoid one.

What Experts say about Writing Quality Assignment?

Writing assignment is all about proper orientation of sound research and well-referenced facts and figures. Assignments are meant to check the understanding of the student on any particular topic. Students generally fuss about getting assignments but believe it or not assignments are essential for the proper conceptualization of facts. For your better understanding, you can follow few tips on writing a top quality assignment. You may already have heard of these but quick revision is always good.

1. A Proper Structure

The first thing that you need to remember when it comes to compiling a quality assignment is following an exact structure. The exact structure works like a framework which will help you in composing a class one quality assignment.

• While you are dealing with the structure, first you need to start with reading the question correctly. Here is a tip which will help you with the topic – rephrasing the question in your word will be a great help.

• Don’t start researching right after reading the question. Give your mind sometime to draw a mental picture. Make sure that you have read all the sub-question parts correctly. After being sure that you have read the question properly, check if you have noticed the general and special guidelines of writing the assignment.

2. Citation is Important

While composing a quality assignment, always make sure that you are maintaining a list of references which you need to attach with your assignment. While writing citations or references you can either use Vancouver or Harvard format. Make sure you check all these following boxes when it comes to citation and mentioning sources.

• Citation of references is necessary, so while writing each section think carefully which authoritative source can back up your claims.

• To give a reference, you can search the internet and module resources. Gathering evidence and source names will be easy with module resources.

• While writing the reference, always write a sentence that will summarize the shreds of different evidences.

• Also, don’t forget to write two or more than two points about the limitations of these references and will also give you an idea of how that reference is related to your assignment.

• While citing references you should always remember that for tables or pie charts you need to provide references and mention sources.

3. A Proper Outline needs to be framed for a Quality Assignment

While structuring the assignment, the first thing that you need to understand is the outline of the assignment is the principal component towards the proper structure of the assignment. Before you start writing your assignment, it is a good idea to write an outline for your assignment which includes all the main points that you are going to discuss. Now why do you need a framework to start working on your assignment? An outline is mandatory because it will save your time which gets wasted in referring to what you have already written. An outline will enable you to conduct an effective search and will help you in maintaining the track of word count between different sections.

4. Proper Introduction is Mandatory to make things Interesting

The introduction part requires proper attention while forming. It’s Important to start writing assignment with a concise but clear introduction which must have the brief about the background of the assignment topic. It should also include the aim and purpose of the assignment. The assignment needs flow with the continuity of ideas after this introduction part.

Critical Thinking is behind Practical knowledge

These good assignment writing tips on forming structure are going to assist you in composing a quality assignment. Now come to the critical thinking part which actually makes your assignment look unique. Here comes the idea of practical knowledge. Practical experience helps you to acquire specific techniques which later on can become your tools of the trade. Practical knowledge promotes critical thinking ability. The practical knowledge often leads you to a deeper understanding of a concept and critical thinking helps you in gaining practical knowledge. But having practical knowledge is remarkable for the fact that hands-on experience gives you more exposure in life. Practical knowledge promotes critical thinking and critical thinking ability helps you in achieving more practical knowledge.

How is Critical thinking and Practical Knowledge Associated with Each Other?

A person with higher critical thinking ability will always pick better practical knowledge as he or she will be able to analyze every situation with more clarity. Critical thinking is a self-directed and self-disciplined state of high functional mind. It is also self-corrective and self-monitored thought process. Critical thinking makes it possible for us to bring about effective communication and to apply our knowledge in solving real life situations. Critical thinking and the practical knowledge are inter-related and interdependent.

How can Critical Thinking Help you in Writing Assignment?

Critical thinking is an important tool towards forming a meaningful and quality assignment. It is important because the accumulation of points isn’t enough and the assignment should incorporate your thinking and perceptions

Your ability to think critically depends on the simple fact of how much practical knowledge you have on this matter. The critically thinking ability is all about how you present evidence and how you process that information that you are gathering.

How Practical Knowledge can Help you in Writing Assignments?

Writing assignment is one of the main components of every undergraduate and postgraduate course. Assignments are there to test your knowledge and skills in different modules. However, when you are compiling an assignment, it can be hard for you to provide in-depth knowledge in case you don’t have practical experience. Writing assignment can always be out of the context if you don’t have proper knowledge regarding how to write the assignments. So, how does hands-on experience help you in understanding facts in better way? It helps you to mingle facts with your perception about those facts.

So, now, let’s sum up the answer that we were discussing at the initial phase of this discussion

Writing assignment is always tough for students. In short, the worries begin with scouting through various data and going through a lot of research work and ends with not getting satisfactory marks. It is extremely stressful for students. But if you acquire enough practical knowledge then soon you will be able to complete the assignment without major issues.

These are the problems that you face with writing assignment and this is how practical knowledge comes to your rescue –

1. From lack of Practical Knowledge comes Lack of Confidence

Many students go through a period of self-doubt right after submitting assignments. Students start doubting themselves about whether they will be able to score enough marks or will they be able to complete the task before the speculated time. The self-doubting fact generates from the lack of practical knowledge. Questioning yourself only make things worse for you and always stresses you out. So fight back this self-doubting phases with practical knowledge. Try to think logically and try to get exposed to some options that provide practical knowledge like attending a seminar or workshop or getting an internship. These will give you hands on experiences and you will be able to gain some in-depth knowledge on any particular facts.

2. Don’t Gulp Down more than What you can Absorb

Reading something without understanding won’t be able to help you with your assignments. If you don’t understand a concept, then don’t expect that studying for hours will make any difference and you will end up with good marks. First, you need to conceptualize a matter; then an in-depth study and research will make a huge difference. To form the concept, you can take help from youtube. Watch videos on how any particular concept have been implemented and then only you will be able to understand how an idea can actually be fruitful. These videos are likely to fill the gap between your knowing and forming a transparent concept.

3. Get rid of Procrastinating Habit

Self-doubt and lack of confidence lead to the bad habit of procrastination. Procrastination makes you leave the work for the last minute. You keep taking notes and visiting libraries in the hope that you will be able to finish the compilation of those facts before the speculated time. But in reality, those notes remain untouched, and you just complete the assignment in the last minute. Due to the lack of practical knowledge, this happens. For better conceptualization, you can go with mind mapping. Mind mapping concept will increase your critical thinking. And we already know ability to think critically enrich your practical knowledge. Mind mapping involves rembering particular aspect of a concept by relating them to some other items that generally your mind remembers. When you practice this mind mapping, your ability to think critically increases. Now to fight with procastination, you need to start working early, and you need to start with proper conceptualization and gaining practical knowledge. Then only you can think about starting your assignment.

4. Don’t Judge Yourself

Some people will already do that. You don’t need to keep judging your work. Yes, an accurate evaluation of what you are doing is necessary but stressing yourself over it can be stressful. So avoid it like plague. But sometimes students can’t restrain themselves from judging their work, and when they do it, they are actually bringing harm to themselves. Sometimes you start judging your work, and then you start reworking on that again which makes it worse for you. First, you start writing the assignment, then you start losing track and end up jumbling things up, and when you realize it, you start reworking. By gathering enough practical knowledge, you will be confident enough about being on the right track.

5. Don’t be too Harsh on Yourself

Competitiveness is the natural instinct of human, so it’s good to be little competitive. But by being over competitive, you are only inviting trouble for yourself. Unnecessarily comparing your work with others will make things worse for you. And you will eventually lose trust in yourself and on your work. Having practical knowledge will help you in making things smoother, and you will be able to make things present in a clearer way.

How help Students to Write Assignments?

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