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Everything you need to know about preparing a brochure

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Brochure is one of the best marketing tools..Hence, brochure writing is a crucial part of marketing curriculum these days. And if you don’t know exactly how to write a brochure, this blog may help you learn a few significant details about it.

A brochure is a crucial marketing tool, that is generally used by companies to quickly draw the attention of prospective customers.

A traditional company brochure is a print publication,( comma) that highlights the benefits, products and services of a particular company  to its customers. Nowadays, you may also get to see e-brochures.

how to write a brochure-3

However, for most part of the marketing history, brochures have been printed on single tri-fold sheet of thick glossy paper,(comma) and had been distributed manually.

What are the major elements of a brochure ?

An ideal brochure generally includes the following elements. Knowing these elements helps you prepare the outline of the brochure.

  1. An attractive title:

Always start your brochure with an impressive title. It increases your chances of getting read by the prospects. As a marketing student, your aim should be to create impressive titles. Take this following brochure for an example.

Attractive Title

This is the title of Chamber of Commerce of a country.

There are various customer points which you can tap to create an effective title

  1. Tapping on fear or pain or joy etc.

Couldn’t provide your wife the diamond ring due to price. See our collection….So here we are painting a sad situation where someone couldn’t gift diamond to someone loved. And explicitly mentioning the phrase “due to price” gives us direct access to those segments which wants to buy something precious for loved one but cannot.

  1. Smart/Savvy

The boring ones chose cars. The smart ones chose “Name of the brand”. Everyone likes to think they are smart, sort of common psychological trend. This title will apply more to people with strong self-identity sense (inflated or real).

  1. Improvisation of situation

It is often said that if you can create the right environment or setting to sell your product, it does.

So, it should be our effort to create such a setting through appealing titles. Like “Imagine yourself on sun drenched beach in Sydney drinking the most exotic Abraham’s pinacolada.

Every brochure is a story about a particular product and service and if the settings of the story is right and concise, it works magic on readers.

  1. Moving against the wave:

Sometimes titles need to framed against the general trends. We have all been told since our childhood to dream big, think big. Volkswagen broke the trend by using a tagline for its small car beetle Think Small. As tagline can’t reflect what the title of a brochure demands, we need to attach the value proposition to the main statement. Think. Small (The punch). Grab the deal to buy the smallest car in the world, beetle, the main title. (The value proposition).

Moving against the wave
  1. Directly stating the problems

Sometimes, you can state the problems, as a precursor to the title.

  • Less time to work on projects.
  • Less time to write content.
  • Less time to design or create
  1. Interesting details:

Include reputation claims, regarding the service you are speaking about,(comma) in the brochure. This may help to attract reader’s attention to your services. Details like “Most visited tourist spot in Venice”, “Ranked 2nd most favorite hotel for tourists in Prague”, etc. can be quite useful in grabbing the attention of the readers.

  1. Testimonials:

Put a few testimonials from the happy customers of your service.. This improves the credibility of the services.  A testimonial like this can create a different reputation alltogether“ Oh! You wouldnt believe, how they helped me. I was out of time, during return. I had to attend office the next day and it was  worker’s strike that day. They offered me a cab, booked my tickets and ensured that I reached Florida , by morning. The best part was when I was sitting in my office the next morining, they sent me a message “ Good morning. Enjoy your coffee”

  1. A Call to Action:

A call-to-action or CTA is a sentence or phrase that prompts the reader to take an action. It is used widely by marketers across the globe. You should also use this element in your brochure to initiate conversion.

For instance “Subscribe our newsletter ” can be quite useful in terms of marketing for an academic writing service.

How to write a brochure?

Writing a brochure is not just about getting the text right. You also need to work on the overall presentation of the brochure. It means you need to work on the visual elements of the content as well. There are few essentials to be considered while writing a brochure.

  • Step 1: Determine the audience:

Before you write a brochure, it is important to know who you are creating this for. Brochures are also meant for a particular target group. So, as a brochure writer, you need to identify your target audience.

Who is going to see your brochure is a big question?

It depends on various factors like

  • The age of the audience for whom the product is intended

Example: More of old people are likely to suffer from arthritis than young ones. So the audience is generally above 45+ years of age. In general , you need to cover all the age groups, with special focus on the older populace.

Determine the audience
  • The area of your preferred customers- geographic

Look at the customer base, where you are targeting your products or services. The region where you are going to sell or market your product, needs to be catered in the brochure.

For example : Mercedes Benz would have a different brochure for India as compared to America.

Customers- Geographic
  • Prospect, customer difference

Every reader of your brochure has a different need for the product.

For example , someone may be using the product, someone has just come to know of the product or someone is looking for a product which can satisfy their need, wants or desires.

For example : A Mercedes user would be looking for extra luxury features or better version of the product

Someone may just be willing to try “Mercedes” for the first time as they have come to know that it the most famous of luxury cars.

Some other may want some great luxury car and is looking for the best choice among majority of the brands. So a brochure writer needs to take the level of engagement of the customers with the product, while drafting.

  • Step 2: Identify the purpose of your brochure:

A brochure can be to persuade the readers, to inform the readers, to entertain the readers, or to serve a different purpose set by the company. Before you draft a brochure, you must identify its purpose.

In academics, however, you need to determine the purpose of your brochure by yourself, unless the professor instructs you.

  • Step 3: Follow the conventions of writing:

A brochure must be correct in grammer, capitalisation of letters, spacing. The written part must completely be  aligned to the image or model being shown. Easy, simple, crisp language with no flabs and jargons must be used. Multiple proofreading and editing must be done so as to retain only the most relevant points and evade language errors.

  • Step 4: Create a rough draft of the main text:

Writing a brochure is a lot different than drafting other types of academic paper. Since you have limited space for text in the entire brochure, you need to be very selective about the text you use on the paper. There are a few dos and don’ts you should follow:


  1. Use bulleted lists and short sentences.
  2. Leave a decent amount of white space.
  • Include fun information to gain the reader’s interest.


  1. Use limited, relevant text on the paper, since space is limited.
  2. Don’t write the content in passive voice.
  • Don’t forget to leave enough space for graphics.

Here’s an example of how your brochure outline should look

Create a rough draft

At first, you only need to create a rough draft for the text part. You may need to make some alterations on the text if the graphics don’t fit.

  • Step 4: Choose the graphics for your brochure:

Graphics play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of a brochure. So, you also need to be very careful about which image, photo, info graphic or clip art you use in the brochure. Check out this following example.

Experience the exemplary graphics on a real esate brochure.

Graphics for your brochure

The graphics should be such that the readability of the brochure increases..Adding examples and putting attractive visual elements in the brochure increases the relevance of the text

  • Step 5: Add call-to-action at the end of the brochure:

Call to action is an essential part of marketing efforts. Since brochure is also an effective marketing tool, you need to mention at least one call-to-action on it. It will instruct the readers what to do next after reading the brochure.  An example is given below.


You can use the tactic differently to fit the purpose of your brochure and your marketing objectives.

  • Step 6: Add your contact information:

Whatever you do, do not forget to add contact information in your brochure. All your efforts in brochure writing will go in vain, if you miss to include contact information in it. Make sure you place the details somewhere, the readers cannot miss. Here’s a an example of a better represented contact information.

contact information

You do not necessarily need to leave an entire panel to the contact information. Leaving just the phone number and email address is enough. If your CTA asks the readers to get in touch, you may just provide with a few more details like the website URL and postal address as well.

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Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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