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What is a Paraphrase? Examples of Paraphrasing

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Paraphrasing is the technique of rewriting the information presented in a different manner. Paraphrasing in any academic writing consists of restating, condensing, and clarifying the author’s ideas and ultimately providing the credibility of the original author’s contributions or analysis. Successful paraphrasing results in strong and evidentially purposed academic essay writing while unsuccessful paraphrasing increases the chances of unintentional plagiarism. Paraphrasing includes the successful consideration of the presented information or views or research articles in the written article while attributing the contents of the article to the author of the original source.

The paraphrasing strategy consists of various strategies which include reading the original source of information and understanding and comprehending the intention of the author. The next step is to present the content in your own words and phrases, whole evaluating what the author has been trying to say and utilizing a different vocabulary than the original source. After the writing is complete, it is necessary to cross-check what has been presented in the article with the original writing of the author. Lastly, a citation should be included at the end of the paraphrased article, be it a newspaper article, a journal, a research article, a podcast, a social media comment or a video, or any other such source of information. Paraphrasing with the proper citation of the original source of information ensures the identification and proper attribution of the resource author and adds weight to the evidence being provided.

For instance, the following sentence can be paraphrased:

‘Throughout the world, the public is being informed about the physical effects of the SARS CoV 2 infection and steps to take to prevent exposure to the coronavirus and manage symptoms of Covid 19 if they appear.’

Paraphrasing Examples to Help You Master Plagiarism-Free Writing

Want to avoid plagiarism? Paraphrasing might just be the best solution you can resort to. But don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking you’ve successfully paraphrased a section by just changing a few words. There are more techniques involved. Perhaps going through these paraphrasing examples will help you learn this art better.

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Check This Paraphrase Example

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The paraphrased sentence would be the following:

‘Across the globe, people are being updated about the various health effects of the SARS CoV 2 infection and the various strategies to be taken to reduce and nullify the exposure to the causal agent and handle the numerous Covid 19 symptoms if a person contracts the infection.’

Thus, it is clear from the above example that the presented information cannot be changed much since it is a scientific topic and the terminologies regarding the virus and the disease ought not to be altered as it will change the overall meaning of the sentence. Hence, the technique which has been utilized in this case is identifying the common words or phrases and implementing synonyms or alternate phrases instead. For instance, the word physical effects have been changed to various health effects, as it preserves the original meaning of the word and portrays the same meaning nonetheless. The presentation of the author’s information has thus to be understood and comprehended before being presented in their own words and phrases.

Another instance of paraphrasing an article published in the latest publication of the New York Magazine named The Necessity of Hope written by Rebecca Traister (June 24, 2022):

‘Today is the day that this nation sees, with eyes that are briefly clear, exactly how bad things are, and exactly how bad they will become. No clouds today where I live. Only a stark and chilling truth in a bright blue sky: Roe is overturned, and so is Casey.

The dissent, co-authored by the Supreme Court’s three liberals, is explicit: “Whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today’s decision is certain: the curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens.” They write that, in the wake of this decision, “from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has no rights to speak of. A state can force her to bring a pregnancy to term, even at the steepest personal and familial costs.”

So that, as they say, is that. Where we are. We can all see it, and so much more: Clarence Thomas, in his concurrence, openly declares that same-sex marriage and contraception are next. Gender-affirming health care, LGBTQ protections, voting rights, labor, and environmental regulations — they are all prey to this ravening court and the party of malevolent ideologues and cynical tacticians that stands behind it.’

The paraphrased content of this article would be the following text:

The article by Traister begins with a quotation from a famous personality which states that the day on which the author has presented the statement would be the perfect day for clarifying certain things, especially regarding the dire situation and the author is failing to see any clouds where he or she lives. The bright blue sky of that day has been portraying only one truth and the overturning of both Roe and Casey is to be considered. The eyes with brief clarity will be able to witness the dire state of things at present, and the worsening situation to continue. The dissent as provided by the three liberals of the Supreme Court states that the scope of the upcoming laws of the nation, would determine one stark truth and the decision taken on that very specific day is presented as united and unargued, which is the express curtailment of every right that women have as well as their possible status as equal citizens with personal freedom. The author of the dissent has been presenting the decision in light of recent matters as the primary moment when fertilization takes place, a woman does not possess any rights, personal or otherwise, according to the current decision. Abortion is no option and the nation’s laws are capable of forcing the woman to bring the pregnancy to term, even if the familial and personal costs and implications of such a decision are sky high. The next issues to receive the same treatment as the right to abortion, according to this author, are contraception and homosexual marriages. The voting rights of women, environmental as well as labor regulations, gender affirmation healthcare, and the protection of the LGBTQ community are all to receive the same treatment owing to the spiteful ideologies and the sarcastic tacticians who are supporting this decision.

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