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A Student’s Guide To Validity And Reliability In Research

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Reliability in research shows how repeatable the study is, and validity tells about how accurately a study is measured or what it is intended to measure. Through careful planning, a researcher can determine both. Reliability and validity in research are related but are also distinct at the same time. It is seen that a study can be reliable without being valid, but on the contrary, studies with high validity are always reliable.

To evaluate the methods of Reliability of research, a spilled-half method, test-retest method, checking the internet consistency, and reliability coefficient method can be used. There can be different types of validity in a research study internal validity, external validity, and ecological validity.

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What do you mean by Reliability in Research?

Reliability in Research implies how reproducible a particular study is. To put it shortly, when an investigation is repeated, and the same result is found, it is considered reliable. One needs to check if studies are reliable across time and samples.

Reliability holds a lot of importance and significance in research as it tends to measure the quality of research. True and reliable findings are always reliable in any research.

What is the difference between validity and Reliability in research?

When we compare and contrast Validity and Reliability in research. We will be able to understand the finer differences between the two.

  • Validity shows the extent to which a research instrument is being measured and what it intends to measure. But reliability is the degree of research to which a particular assessment tool produces a consistent result when we do repeated measurements.
  • Validity points to the ability and capacity of an instrument to measure, while Reliability checks the reproductivity of the results on repeated measurements.
  • Validity is focused on the proper applicability of a test or a procedure in a solution. But Reliability is the extent to which an experiment or a certain procedure produces the same result during repeated trials.
  • Validity considers accuracy, while Reliability looks at consistency.
  • Validity is based on the outcomes, but Reliability is based on consistent results.
  • In any situation, there cannot be validity without reliability. However, there can be Reliability without validity.
  • A test holds no value until the results are valid. But a test can still be of use if the results are replicated.

Reliability and validity in quantitative research must be considered equally. A study can have repetition but still offer the wrong result. So, it shows high Reliability but low validity so that no conclusions can be drawn. Any study can be reliable without being valid. On the other hand, if a study is valid, it often tends to be reliable.

So, the reliability and validity differences are well elucidated above.

What is Validity in a Research?

Validity in Research is required to assess the quality of research. It is the degree to which a result is being measured. We give a simple example when we measure a cup of rice three times and find out that the standard weight is 5 grams, then each time, the weight should be 5 grams. The accuracy needs to be the same whenever we talk about validity.

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 How to ensure validity and Reliability in research?

Any researcher will be able to ensure Reliability and Validity in research. All one needs is to apply the methods in a consistent manner and make the procedure standardized. The technique must be clearly outlined to study the research. All the conditions must be kept uniform so that there are decreased variations and better reproducibility of results.

 Having the right tools for measurement plays an important role. Any study sample must be chosen after proper research to establish a defined group. Take, for instance, a study of five people who will not eb able to help with a convincing report of 5,000 people.

Explain the different types of Reliability in Research

One can evaluate the reliability of a research study in different ways. The study sample is divided in a split-half method in two sets. Next, the measurement for each group is quantified and then compared.

We explain it using an example if the score of 100 college students is taken through the split-half method, the scores can be divided into two groups of 50 and then compared. A similar result would be expected from each of the two groups.

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