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10 Ways Veganism Can Change the World and Environment

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The big blue planet we live in is dying. Earth’s environment provides us with clean air, water, and soil to grow food. However, in return, the earthlings have only abused the plant since the beginning of the modern age. Human activities are gradually pushing the earth to the limits. People are already paying the price for their practices. The waters are getting contaminated with microplastics, oil, and household wastes.

The air we breathe in is making us sick and can lead to severe consequences if we don’t rein it in immediately. Many environmentalists and social activists advise common people to shift to a vegan diet to save the environment. But what is vegan food? Many of us get confused by the differences between a plant-based and vegan diet. In this blog, we will explain all these and how going meatless will improve our future and save the environment –

  1. Effect on Climate Change

The United Nations issued a “code red” report on their climate change report. This implies that climate change can pose a serious threat to all of humanity. Our climate is in crisis, and if we don’t do something about it quickly, it can lead to natural disasters on a global scale. With ocean levels rising and cyclones becoming frequent, millions of people are in immediate danger. Fortunately, scientists have found a solution to this problem.

Scientists have discovered that a vegan diet can help combat climate change. Eating vegan can reduce our individual impact on the environment. Many governments are also realizing the benefits of a vegan diet and are implementing various policies to facilitate a vegan lifestyle. With more people shifting from an animal-based diet, we can positively affect climate change and save the planet.

  • Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

Every human being has a specific “carbon footprint” on the environment. This carbon footprint shows us the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by our actions. The world is witnessing a huge carbon emission currently. Only in the US, the carbon footprint denotes that an average person emits 16 tons of carbon every year.

A big factor that contributes to carbon emissions is our diet. Consuming non-veg increases carbon emissions by a significant amount. However, the earth gives us energy with fruits and vegetables. In other words, the earth gives us the food that we can consume to keep our planet safe. So, people can essentially save the planet by going vegan.

  • Reduce Livestock Emissions

We hear that carbon dioxide emissions play a large role in climate change. However, recent studies have shown that methane is 80 times more fatal to the environment. It can trap more heat in our atmosphere and is a bigger reason for global warming.

The majority of methane emissions caused by us come from animal agriculture. In an animal farm, livestock waste and its digestion process cause raw methane to develop. On average, a cow can belch out about 220 pounds of methane each year. If we multiply this figure by the total number of cows, we will realize the danger animal farming is.

So, the question is not only about is being vegan or vegetarian healthy. The question isn’t about our but the plant’s health. By turning vegan, we can drastically reduce methane emissions and stop the planet from becoming a giant ball of gas.

  • Removing Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is not the most common greenhouse gas on our planet. Humans cause the emission of only 6% nitrous oxide. Yet it is such a threat to us because of its potency. It is 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. What is more concerning is that this gas remains in our atmosphere for almost 100 years before natural processes can break it down.

Animal farms generate huge amounts of bio-waste. The animal manure ultimately goes back to the soil and thus forming the nitrous oxide. So, if you are wondering how to eat vegan, being a non-vegetarian, it is no longer about your food choice only. But if humans can eliminate meat consumption, we can eventually stop farming the animals and remove nitrous oxide from our atmosphere.

  • Vegan Diet Reduces Health Risks

Many staunch vegan activists have strong opinions in the non-vegan vs plant-based diet debate. The most common point most vegans have demonstrated with proof is that veganism is good for our health. Consuming meat, especially red meat, significantly increases the chances of heart attacks and obesity. Animal meat is too fatty and leads to high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and many more.

If you check the online forums, you can find many people saying, “Going vegetarian that year has changed my entire life.” You may not experience vegan diet benefits overnight. However, practicing veganism over some time can make you fitter, leaner, and more active.

  • Veganism Reduces Energy Consumption

Animal waste is not the only way dangerous emissions happen in the meat industry. Without fossil fuel, meat industries cannot prepare and transport the products. Meat needs to be treated and processed to make it ready to eat for humans. That cannot happen without burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuel contributes to the single largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions.

So, if people can start eating vegan foods instead of eating meat, fossil fuel consumption will fall. This is one of the biggest benefits of being vegan. Vegan foods don’t require any processing. It is naturally available in nature, and people can consume them anytime without impacting the environment.

  • Helps in the Conservation of Water

Humans cannot survive without clean water. We need a continuous supply of fresh water to consume and use in various ways daily. But if we start consuming it faster than nature can replenish itself, we disrupt the water cycle leading to increased chances of drought on a global scale. So, it is crucial that we change our water consumption habits and reduce our water footprint.

When humans farm animals, tons of water get wasted every day. According to reports, 70% of global water use goes behind animal agriculture. Not only that but a huge quantity of water is also needed to prepare animal-based foods. Therefore, we can save gallons of water daily by eliminating meat from our diet.

  • Stabilizes the Ocean

Another benefit of going vegan is we can save the ocean by changing our diet. We already know how factories and animal farms can pollute the air. The animal wastes can wreak havoc on the waterbodies too. Each year, tons of animal waste gets dumped in the ocean. This increases the nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the water. This creates “dead zones” in the ocean and makes the ocean unbearable for marine life. Thus, going vegan benefits the ocean and saves marine life as well.

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